Cancer Treatment Centers Develops New Solution for the Cancer Treatment Process

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has recently teamed up with Allscripts and Nanthealth to devise a more efficient way of accessing electronic records. With this new solution, Cancer Treatment Centers of America will have what they need in order to obtain an evidence based platform consisting of treatment options for patients. This new solution will prove to be very helpful for healthcare practitioners who are treating cancer patients. The development of the solution will allow physicians and other healthcare workers to avoid interruptions in their workload. Instead, they will just need to look up an electronic records platform to gain access to the newest and most effective cancer treatment options available. As a result, they will be in position to provide the very best care for those that are looking to overcome the effects of cancer.

Over the years, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has proven to be among the very best institutions for treating cancer. The institution has been known to provide highly advanced care for those looking to fight and beat cancer. While physicians and hospitals provide cancer diagnosis and treatment, they often have limits to what they can do for their patients. However, Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers an alternative solution for individuals who are in need of more comprehensive treatment for cancer. The institution provides a number of different options that individuals can take advantage of. These include surgery, immunotherapy, radiation treatment and also chemotherapy. Cancer Treatment Centers of America also helps with caring for patients both emotionally and physically. As a result, it has established itself as one of the very best places in terms of helping improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

The company Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides care to many people throughout the United States as well as the rest of the world. It has office locations in multiple locales in the United States which provide added convenience. Individuals who are looking to receive care for cancer can visit any of the locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Tulsa. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is based in Boca Raton, Florida.
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A Few Tips from a Well Known Advertiser

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the founders of the Mullen Lowe Agency which was formerly known as Borghi Lowe. This is a media company that deals with advertisements and campaigns that are aired through different media channels. Over the years he has partnered with different individuals and companies that are involved in the media industry. This has given him a lot of experience that can be summed up to over twenty five years. He has become a household name due the different advertisements made, some of which had catchy jingles that had many people singing them. When he started his career he was put in charge of major campaigns. Most of them have become successful giving him lots of recognition. His career path was not a sure thing till the time when his sister took him to see a performance at the Castro Neves Theater. Here, there was a presentation of some commercials that were awarded at Cannes. That experience left him inspired. He went on to study advertising while at school.

Information from Jose Henrique Borghi

Mr. Borghi also writes different articles touching on topics related to the media industry. There is an article in which he discusses the use of the internet in Brazil. He states that internet access is important in the county. More so it is important for brands that want to advertise their items on social media. Such brands need to take into account the various types of media that exists and select that which can work best. Mr. Borghi on Facebook.

He noticed from a young age that nothing was going to come easy. Most of the time he had to work hard to get the results he needed. Moreover, he had to put in the work himself rather than wait on others. Such kind of work ethic is what has set him apart from the rest. Click here to watch video.

Nathaniel Ru and his three friends Run Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru is an American entrepreneur, who is most known for Sweetgreen, a business that he and his two friends Nicholas and Jonathan started. The three friends birthed the business back when they were students at Georgetown University in New York.

They had a common interest, which was to eat healthy foods. As a result, they often went out to seek healthy eating joints to no avail. They described an ideal eating joint as one that was fun, easy, and healthy. Whenever they failed to find a perfect place, they cooked in their rooms.

Nathaniel, Jonathan, and Nicholas decided to fill the gap, which was existent in the market by offering healthy foods. Being final year campus students made it hard since they lacked the necessary finances required to commence a venture. Moreover, they had neither the location nor the human resources required to run a venture.

However, they decided to start from scratch and they would find the rest of the requirements along the way. They found the location where they wanted to start their business at the Tavern on M street. They called the owner, but she was not impressed with the idea; therefore she hung the phone on Nathaniel the first day he called.

The three friends went on calling her for a period of 3 months, but she snubbed their calls. However, one day after that span, she decided to meet them so they could stop nagging her. Nathaniel and the two friends drew up a 3-page business plan and wore officially; this was the moment they had been waiting for.

They explained their desire to her, and although she could tell they lacked the required resources, she knew the enthusiasm the three friends had would take them far. Consequently, she asked them to come up with a proper business plan and locate investors, who would fund their business.

Afterward, they were also asked to look for an architect, who would help develop the tavern into a restaurant. Within three weeks, this was achieved, and the hotel development was started.

In an interview, Nathaniel Ru said that it was hard to come up with a concrete set of core values. However, with time they retained five values, which have become the source of success at Sweetgreen. These core values are win win win, sustainability, sweetness, keeping it real and impact.

The first one implies that Sweetgreen seeks to satisfy the customers, the community as well as the company in all its dealings. Consequently, all decisions made there are ethical, and this attracts the customers and serves the community.

Osteo Relief Institute Helps Managing Osteoarthritis Better

Arthritis is a common disease that is highly misunderstood. First of all, Osteo Relief Institute clarifies that arthritis should never be considered as a single disease. It refers to joint pain in general. There exist over 100 different types of joint pain. Nearly 50 million adults suffer from it, in the U.S. alone. Arthritis is more common in women than men. It is more prevalent as people age. It leads to disability in physical movement.


Osteo Relief Institute specifies that osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Its characteristics include cartilage degeneration. With the cartilage breaking down, bones rub against each other leading to pain and stiffness. Gradually, joints will become weak and pain becomes chronic. But there are several treatment options that can be used to manage joint pain and maintain the quality of life.


Besides, Osteo Relief Institute recommends managing the risk factors in order to avoid osteoarthritis. These include obesity, family history, besides age or injury of some kind. It needs to be noted that there is no cure for osteoarthritis. Besides, it is a degenerative disease too. Hence self-management is the best way to combat this condition.


Osteo Relief Institute suggests daily routine, along with exercise as well as medical treatments to manage this condition.


Doing some gentle stretching just before bedtime, helps in feeling less stiff on waking up. It is advisable to change positions frequently while working or reading or even watching TV for a long time. It is better to walk around a bit, after every half hour.


Another advice by Osteo Relief Institute is with regard to repetitive movement. It should be avoided as it can lead to joint movement due to overuse of a single joint (


It is important to manage weight and quit smoking too. This is because excess weight means excess stress on joints that are already damaged. Smoking damages the connective tissue.


Osteo Relief Institute stresses on knowing one’s abilities and not going beyond it (Edgewater). Pacing oneself is important. It is important to stretch slowly by moving a little bit every day. In this way, it becomes possible to keep arthritis away.

Boraie Development; the best of Real Estate there is

The epicenter of United States crisis of flowing real estate markets is shifting to New Jersey. This tends to threaten the reflection of housing in the heavily inhabited places in the states. Zillow recently stated that New Jersey had surpassed many states by possessing highest shares and rates of residential mortgages. The shares and rates of this residential loans are in foreclosure and rather delinquent. It is however expected in the future that the positive trends will carry on as the industry shifts its focus to determining and resolving shortages. Boraie Development may seem to be the most sought after contracting company in New Jersey despite the market being flooded by a pool of companies. The reason might be because Boraie Development utilizes the sources of capital that are mostly private to be their primary funding source. The company is specialized in working with strong contractors, architects, and financial institutions to make sure that all projects are completed within the stipulated time. Some of the services that they offer include property development, marketing and also sales. They tend to employ their vision, capitalism, and reliability to each of the projects that they handle.

According to Rutgers, Boraie Development can now boast of selling more than $150 million in both commercial and residential transactions. This makes it be a trusted company considering its division of sale integrates with its devilment and management of properties. The latest project for the company owner, Mr. Omar Boraie, was to build a deluxe, high luxury high-rise residential street in New Brunswick on Somerset Street in the middle of the city called Aspire.

Mr. Boraie had this vision almost four decades ago, but back then people thought that he had gone crazy as the idea did not seem so appealing. He gives his appreciation to the president of Johnson & Johnson for deciding to stay in New Brunswick. The 73-year-old business person says he still enjoys working on his projects to date and still possesses the enthusiasm he had when he was just beginning the projects. Unlike most aging urban area, New Brunswick began to rebound in the early 1990s slowly growing to right now is the Cambridge of New Jersey. The place is now a sophisticated city which needs upgrades as per the demands of the residents. In the coming 12 to 18 months, Omar Boraie intends to take the opportunity to focus on his third commercial site. His main interests are in appealing state-of-the-art biological and tech science companies which can profit from the nearness of the Rutgers. For more info visit



Jason Hope Stands Tall Behind the Internet of Things

It may not seem like it but technology is advancing b y leaps and bounds that is just unrivaled by any other point in history. The internet came along and changed the world, literally, and technology hasn’t slowed down since. Now it looks like there is going to be another big change and this one is going to be fueled by the internet as well — the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things refers to how all of the objects we interact with will interact and network with the internet. Think about all of the ways that the internet can help to make your life more efficient. Jason Hope, a futurist, has put his sizable reputation behind the concept.

Jason Hope has made a career out of being where the rest of the field isn’t all when the time is right. Hope is most well known for his work with the mobile communications company, Jawa. Jawa is now the parent company to a slew of other tech companies and it has given Hope a platform and an ability to start reaching out and developing other big ideas. Hope’s been using this platform to get the word out: the Internet of Things is here and it is going to be dramatically changing our lives.

Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things is going to bridge the gap between efficiency and affordability all while emphasizing sustainability. Hope advocates looking at the work being done at Virgin Atlantic, a prominent airline industry, in order to get an idea as to why the IoT can be so successful. Virgin Atlantic has been constructing their Boeing 787 jets with the IoT completely in mind. These jets have been wired head to toe to interface with analysts at computers, thus making sure that the plane and everyone on board is safe. Click here to watch video.

We can also look to the public transit system to see how the IoT can improve things. Hope believes that public transit systems running on internet interfacing devices can be more efficient and effective, reducing pollution and getting people where they need to be.

Us Money Reserve the Experts at Investing in Precious Metals

The experts at US Money Reserve utilize their extensive experience helping clients interested in precious metal investments. Some of the precious metals they specialize in include; gold, platinum, and silver.

The company’s experts firmly believe in the benefits of investing in precious metals. They place their focus on gold, platinum and silver coins issued in the United States. As a company focused on customer service; they use their skills helping investors select the right precious metal investment for their portfolio.

The company maintains a vault to store the precious metal coins. They also manage their shipping department and customer service center. The staff at US Money Reserve includes numismatic experts with several years of experience buying and selling rare coins.

The company has a sales verification department, to maintain compliance standards for precious metals and coins. The expert team at US Money Reserve is dedicated to providing their customers with excellent customer service and exceptional quality coins.

US Money Reserve is a renown vendor of valuable precious metal coins. The popular precious metal investment company originated in 2001 in Austin, Texas. This company is the ideal place to buy coins, for the novice or seasoned investor. All products are backed by the US Government as they are issued at a United States Mint facility. To demonstrate their commitment to customer service the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Recently US Money Reserve announced plans to conduct an emergency gold conference in Austin, Texas. Philip Diehl, president of the US Money Reserve, is the keynote speaker at this invitation only event. As a past director of the United States Mint, Philipp Diehl is a highly respected expert in precious metal investments. President Philip Diehl plans to address concerns regarding worldwide economic and political developments and their impact on investments.

Events such as economic instability, terrorism, and cyber-attacks all influence the price of rare collectible coins. Gold has an inverse relationship to the United States dollar. As the dollar loses its value, the value of gold increases. Gold provides a solid investment for investors worried about the ever-changing value of the US dollar.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:,28.htm

Jason Hope – How to Thrive in the Tech Industry

Looking for ideas to build a startup? Jason Hope, a rising entrepreneur, shares some juicy tips and key insights that can help make you the next big hit of the technology industry. Stay tuned.

Marketing your way to success:

The one big thing that technology masterminds and trail blazers have in common is their love for communication. Finding potential investors will get the ball rolling. Jason Hope stresses the importance of social media and the right networking techniques to promote a brand new company. If you want your products to hit the shelves faster, marketing expertise is essential. To learn more: click here.

Healthy Habits:

In a world where statistics and results are a priority, leaders never lose sight of what truly matters – Physical well-being. John Hope utilizes fitness trackers to incorporate healthy habits into his daily life. These effective gadgets provide the necessary motivation to keep the mind and body in good shape.

Think Big:

When people embark on the journey of translating their glorious ideas into successful business, many times they get bogged down in details. They start strong but later lose sight of their main objective. John hope encourages thinkers to focus on the bigger picture so that they can stay on top of their goals. Cross the finish line!

An Arizona native, Jason Hope certainly made a splash in the tech industry. After receiving his degree in Finance from Arizona State University, Hope went on to graduate from W.P Carey School of Business at Arizona State with a degree in MBA.

Imbued with a humanitarian spirit, Jason Hope has donated to welfare organizations such as Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Boys and Girls Club and many others, making him an enterprising role model. By funding “Teach for America Phoenix”, Jason shows support for children’s education

Hope contributed to the SENS Foundation’s research, which is working to combat aging diseases, by donating $500,000.

This visionary thinker has faith that technology will bridge the gap between people. He promotes top fitness IoT gadgets. Jason Hope is also funding high school and college students who bring innovative ideas to the table!

What Sets Fabletics Apart From Other Athleisure Brands?

What sets successful businesses apart from others? For Kate Hudson’s athleisure brand Fabletics, it is keen insight into the industry and consumer trends. Fabletics doesn’t rely on luck in order to find success, but actively combats detrimental trends in the fashion industry. One trend that negatively affects business is the showroom effect, where people try clothes on in store and then find something cheaper online. Fabletics was proactive and launched as a web-based brand with competitive pricing to counteract that tendency right off the bat. This reverse showrooming occurs even in Fabletics’ brick-and-mortar stores, since fashionable items are available at affordable prices. It doesn’t matter whether consumers purchase Fabletics’ gear online or in store. In fact, each customer has a personalized account that updates based on their purchases, clothes they try on in stores, and an initial questionnaire determining their tastes when they first join Fabletics.


Fabletics uses big technology to meet the needs of their customers. Hudson uses this technology to track trends closely, pulling items that are slow movers and releasing new clothing selections every month. The technology Fabletics uses can even help to predict future trends. Since it’s launch in 2013, Fabletics has kept things fresh and sought to inspire consumers to reach their fitness goals. Some changes they’ve made have included adding dresses and swimsuits, launching a men’s clothing line, and adding plus sized clothes to their line-up. They compete with other athleisure lines like Lululemon by offering trendy and desirable styles at prices that most consumers can afford without sacrificing quality.


Hudson’s partnership with Fabletics isn’t just business. She is passionate about the brand, and how it filled a major hole in the athleisure market. Millennials are health-conscious and athleisure is the product of a trend in today’s society to live a healthy lifestyle. Clothes that can be worn around town or in the gym reflects society’s desire to live healthy. Although Fabletics has several brick-and-mortar stores now, it is still primarily web-based. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be personal. Hudson displays her own outfit picks on the website, and appears in down-to-earth commercials promoting the clothing line. She even planned and shot one of the commercials herself on her iphone.


With new outfits being released constantly, there is no time like the present to check out Fabletics’ website and find out what Fabletics recommends for you. Take the Lifestyle Quiz here in order to receive recommendations based on your personality and preferences.

Meet Nabors Industries’ CEO: Tony Petrello

Those who know Anthony “Tony” Petrello may describe him as a leader in his industry. One of the most powerful respected men in the oil and gas industry. Since he joined Nabors Industries in 1991, the company has risen to extreme heights, and is now the go to for every major oil or gas drilling company in the world. Tony Petrello currently holds three major titles at Nabors: Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board and President. Nabors Industries works in every market in the world and is the top provider of oil and gas drilling equipment, offshore drilling equipment, drilling technology and the actual work force that manages the equipment and the process.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries after a successful career in law. He holds a law degree from Harvard and also obtained a bachelors and masters degree in Mathematics from Yale. His college roommate describes him as an incredibly astute man – consistently focused on his studies and incredibly driven. At Nabors, Tony Petrello success has been a skyrocket of a story. He served the company as both Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating officer for over two decades, from 1991 to 2001. This lengthy role is a testament to how driven Petrello is.

In his personal life, he is known as a philanthropist and a giver to his community. Tony Petrello married his college sweetheart Cynthia and the two had a child, Carena. Carena was born with a series neurological disease called periventricular leukomalacia or PVL. Tony and Cynthia Petrello then dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to contribute to the research and care of children that have neurological illnesses. The couple are one of the largest donors to Texas Children’s hospital’s Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, which focuses a large part of its efforts on research to help children that are born with neurological issues.

They have donated over six million dollars and also volunteer their time and talents to help Texas Children’s Institute thrive. Tony Petrello sits on the board of Texas Children’s Institute, where he utilizes his leadership skills and sharp mind for business to benefit the Institute’s goals.

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