Different Types Of Events

There are plenty of different types of events for different types of occasions. Among the different events that people often want to host are holiday events. There are also entertainment events for people that want to enjoy some of the different pieces of pop culture. For instance, there are music events for people that want to celebrate the release of a new album. There are also events for people that want to look back on another era. When it comes to events and occasions, there are almost as many occasions as there are people. However, it does take a type of creativity to make it work.

Fortunately, this kind of creativity can be supplied by event planners in NYC. One example of an event planner is 23 Layers. They are some of the most experienced and skilled event planners that take the time to make sure every aspect of the party is working. However, this company that plans events in NYC doesn’t try to make everything perfect. One thing they want to do is make sure that people are willing to participate in the party. People are not as likely to participate in the party if they fill that everything is too perfect. They would feel a lot of pressure and find themselves afraid to ruin it.

23 Layers knows how to make the most out of any event that they have going so that people will have good memories about the event. They are all about the creativity that is needed to bring forth great ideas that will help them attract a lively audience. Therefore, people will not only enjoy the events, but they will want more events from event planning companies in NYC such as 23 Layers. 23 Layers is the one company that people are learning to trust with each event.

Learn more about event planning: http://coolmompicks.com/blog/2015/09/16/easy-party-planning-tips-and-tricks/

Dick DeVos, An Entrepreneur And Charitable Person

Dick DeVos was born to be an entrepreneur. Even in his early days as a child, he was already involved with his father’s company; known as Amway. He recalls the company starting in his basement to what it has become today. DeVos began officially working with Amway in 1974, holding many positions in various parts of the corporation. He eventually became president in 1993 until 2002. He was responsible for the company’s operations in 50 countries and six continents.


In 1989, DeVos really started his charitable work with his wife by starting the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Fund. Thier goal was to help support education, arts and the community by giving to various organizations and groups. They have donated thousands and thousands of dollars. And in 2010 the power couple decided to open the very first public aviation school, due to their love of education and Dick’s love of flying. Later, DeVos would go on to donate over 20 million dollars to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management which was then renamed the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. The center offers practical training in the arts. And for all his work, DeVos was presented with an Art of Giving Award presented by the Spectrum Health Foundation at its annual philanthropy celebration.


Dick DeVos has been married to his wife Betsy for over 30 years and they currently have seven children and five grandchildren. They have donated millions of dollars throughout the years and continue to do so and make the world a more giving place.

The Start of Entrepreneurship for Adam Goldenberg

The fashion industry boasts some of the most innovative minds but the mind of Adam Goldenberg is a step up. Goldenberg is what many refer to as the innovative creative mind, and his start was very early in life. At the young age of 15, he was known for his startup, Gamers Alliance on fabletics.com. This site was for a network of gamers that would connect people from all over the world. The making of his network was genius and he was able to sell it to another company known as Intermix Media.

When Goldenberg first connected with Intermix Media he didn’t fully realize that he would be selling his business to the parent company of one of the first beloved social networks ; MySpace. Selling his first business prior to graduating high-school was quite an accomplishment for Goldenberg, not to mention that it made him one of the most accomplished teenagers in history.

The next step for Adam Goldenberg was to work in collaboration with Intermix Media as the COO (Chief Operating Officer). While working as the COO, he met who would be his new business partner, Don Ressler. Meeting Ressler was like meeting his soulmate, and eventually, the two would partner together to build a new business once Newscorp purchased Intermix Media for more than $600 million. The first company that the two founded together was Intelligent Beauty.

While the two were more focused and skilled in the technical arena, they are now the co-CEOs of the online fashion leader JustFab. The two founded the company in 2010 on vator.tv and within a few years, the company became a global leader in e-commerce. Adam Goldenberg and Ressler are showing the world of retail just how crucial e-commerce is, and the role it plays in the success or failure in your business.

While these two business partners have continued to find innovative ways to market JustFab, they also launched Fabletics, a channel of JustFab. The subscription-based fashion sites cater to two different audiences, making access to style and comfort easier than ever before to acquire. While expanding into additional countries they also purchased the shoe guru Shoe Dazzle.

The Technology of Visual Search


When it comes to visual search, it is very helpful for people to use. For one thing, people who use this technology will find it a lot easier to find the items that they want. What makes the technology of visual search such a good idea is the different ways it could be used. People could find their items by scanning the bar code or QR code. This is one of the most popular ways to find an item. They will learn necessary information about the item and they will know the stores which sells the item.

Another more effective way to use the technology is to scan the images that are seen in magazines, newspapers or other forms of print. This allows people to find these items that they have fallen in love with when they’ve seen in the magazines. Often times, people will see a certain item other than what is being advertised that gains their curiosity. Unfortunately, finding it without visual search would be very difficult.

Then of course there are the items that people run across in the real world. Unlike advertisements, there is a wide variety of items that one is going to come across in the real world. Often times, people will see something rare that they will desire for themselves. Without visual search technology, they will have to resign to the disappointment of being without the product and the envy of the person who does have the product.

For those that are looking for a visual search product, there is Slyce. Slyce is one of the online visual search technologies that have been invented to assist the online world. People who are interested in SLyce just need to download it to their mobile device in order to take advantage. They will be able to discover some very interesting new products that they would otherwise not have access to with this product. Slyce is available for download.

How to fully protect your pucker

Having hydrated lips is crucial to get that perfect pout. Primarily in the Winter months, where the air gets drier, and you are prone to chapped lips. It is equally important to have protection from the sun to keep your lips looking fresh and smooth.

While brands like Chapstick can protect your lips from the wind and dry weather in the winter time, there are not any benefits for sun protection. The only active ingredient is white petrolatum and a lot of inactive ingredients which may be hard to identify as an average consumer.

Evolution of Smooth (commonly referred to as EOS) makes a natural lip balm made up of Vitamin E as an antioxidant, shea butter, and jojoba oil to give your lips a lightweight, smooth and soft look. Check out their products on Target supermarkets and on Ulta online.

They advertise being 95% organic and 100% natural, so you know you are not putting anything synthetic or harmful on your skin. Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms has been dermatologist tested, and they are hypoallergenic. (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html).

Like the EOS official Facebook page for more information.

Product Review: https://www.amazon.com/EOS-Organic-Lip-Balm-Pomegranate/product-reviews/B00B6A9KTU/ref=cm_cr_dp_see_all_btm?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=recent


Lovaganza Will Bring All Cultures Together In 2020

The Lovaganza announcement that has been made is all about people being able to see all the different parts of the world in a new light. There are plenty of people who do not even know about certain cultures around the world, but they might see them for the first time when they are watching Lovaganza. The Lovaganza festival was pushed back from 2015 to 2020 to make room for more technology and more acts, and that is going to bring people a lot of things to see that they can watch online or actually in the venues.

There are plenty of people who are interested in culture enough to show up and watch these things, and they will see people from all the parts of the world that could go from Greenland to the islands of the Pacific. This means that people can see something that they have never seen before, and they can see a unique look at a culture that is only available at Lovaganza on Instagram. This is a time to learn about history and culture, and it is a time for people to start learning about things around the world that they have never see.

It is going to be very easy for people to attend Lovaganza because they want to show it online where anyone will be able to watch. They want to broadcast to the world so that people can make plans to watch in 2020, and Lovaganza also want to set up venues around the world where people will want to be able to visit. The visits that people make will help them see all this art in person, and they can hear music or see dance acts in the same way.

It is very easy for people to see the cultures of the world that are incredible to watch. They want to be sure that they have chosen to see something that will intrigue them, and they also want to remember that they have a chance to see something they might never see again. Lovaganza wants to bring the whole world together with their cultural programming.

Learn more abour Lovaganza: http://celebmafia.com/marie-ange-casta-the-lovaganza-convoy-part-2-the-prophecy-set-photos-198928/

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

My Family Members And I Switched To FreedomPop

After reading a very specific FreedomPop review, I can see why my family members have chosen this company. We all used to be on another wireless network, and in fact, I was on a family plan with several of my family members, but things didn’t work out. The price of the service got higher, the customer service quality got lower, and there was never enough data to go around because we only had a certain amount to split between the four of us. I took off and went to another wireless carrier, but everyone kept telling me that I should try FreedomPop.

I never read anything about my past service provider, that’s why I decided to read up on FreedomPop because I didn’t want any surprises. The only thing that surprised me is the fact that their prices for cell phone service was much lower than what we were paying under contract with the previous company. For only $20 each month, my family gets unlimited text messages, talk time, and data, so I couldn’t pass up the offer and decided to get it for myself. I was worried about which phone I would be able to use with the company but was happy to know that I could bring my current phone with me.

I paid a lot of money for my Samsung Galaxy Note, and I can use it with FreedomPop because it is unlocked. After completing my first day on FreedomPop’s network, I knew I wouldn’t go to any other service provider. I was very pleased with the service I was getting and couldn’t believe that the service had been around for so long without me knowing about it. I’m glad that my family turned me on to FreedomPop because the other company I chose was about to have me sign a two-year contract.

With FreedomPop, there are no contracts that I have to sign to get cell phone service. I can cancel my service with them when I want to, but I don’t see why I would because their services are great. Another big thing that got my attention is the Wi-Fi service, which comes in handy when I’m going out and need to use Wi-Fi on a tablet or other portable device. FreedomPop provides a Wi-Fi service that only costs five dollars for the month and gives me unlimited access to 4G LTE data at millions of hotspots.

Why Did Securus Technologies Start A Prison Paperwork Clearinghouse?

Securus is a breakthrough company that is helping people handle all the communications they could ever do with a prison. They started out as a company that helps people place phone calls to a prison, but they also have set up a video system that is used to help people make sure they can place calls to jails in the simplest way possible. They want to give everyone who is calling a jail a chance to reach out to their friends and family, but they are also a company that wants to help people file paperwork to the jail.

Securus has a database of forms that all people can use when they need to send them to the jail. Every state and every jail has their own forms, and that is why people like me need to go to Securus to get the forms that they need. That means that they can download the forms and send them in to the prison when it is time. I have seen people use the Securus site, and that is where I got the idea to file a couple complaints of my own. I was upset, but I did not know that I could do anything about it.

Everyone who wants to be sure that they can file their grievances against a jail needs to check Securus for help. They can also make video calls using the Securus system, and that is very important for people who need to see their loved ones. Everyone who is in jail does not want to be forgotten, and the Securus system helps them stay in touch. They can ask family to get the forms from the website, and it helps them to feel safe. Securus handles all the communications that a family must do with a local prison.

Thor Halvorssen: Emerging Leader For True Democracy

Thor Halvorssen comes from a family that thrives on leading and giving back, to their communities, to their country, and to many other parts of the world. This is exactly the motivation that led to Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). He lives near his Foundation in Venezuela. His family’s major league ancestor on one side of the tree was Cristóbal Mendoza, the country’s first President, from his Mother’s side.

It was from his Father’s side of his family that he is related to The Simón Bolívar, heroic liberator that fought against Spanish rule of Venezuela to success over 100 years ago. It is from this grounded and full family history that Thor has sprung into action in his own right, making his family quite proud. Recently, while on a trip to South Korea for a human rights conference he was presenting at, Thor Halvorssen talked about the need for true, free, socialist democracies that combine the best of basic human rights and government agencies that work well for the good of the people.

Sweden and other Scandinavian countries are examples Halvorssen uses to illustrate the right kind of representative democracies that fit his description of healthy socialist-based governments. He is so passionate about this work, not just for the betterment of his native Venezuela, but also in other places in the world, such as North Korea, that during his time at the conference in the city of Seoul, South Korea, he was texting, emailing, and calling key people in locations in the West, which were in such a different time zone that it was very late at night there.

According to Time.com, Thor Halvorssen’s whole family has often paid the price for their activism, to the brutal dictatorship that is the modern Venezuelan government. His father, Øystein Halvorssen, was a highly-placed figure in the former government, advising the king on ways to help Norway preserve their merchant marine ships during the violent conflict of World War II. He became an ambassador, but was abducted and tortured by government goons in the 1990s. Only after intense negotiations and political arm-twisting were Thor and many others able to secure Øystein’s release.

Brian Bonar Given Award For Building Business Relationships

Building business relationships is one of the best things that anyone can do as an executive, but they have to become an expert at it if they want it to make a difference. The people who do the best at this are given awards, and Brian Bonar was given an award by Who’s Who of Cambridge.

He has been shown to be very good at building relationships in business, and his company at Dalrada Financial Corporation has benefited from his abilities many times.

According to Spokeo, The business relationships that Brian Bonar creates are very simple relationships based on a handshake. He is able to find and meet people who will be able to help his business, and he wants to offer his own services to people who need it.

He believes that he can make a world of difference for anyone who is in need of financial help, and he wants all the stakeholders in his company to have a chance to make a change to the way they do business.

Brian Bonar also knows how to help other people build the relationships that they need to be successful.

He has helped a lot of people create better networking opportunities for themselves, and he has shown that he can help people who are just starting in the business world. He has a track record that proves how good he is in the networking field.

The career of Brian Bonar is one that has helped a lot of people have a chance to do well in their respective areas. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=185634&privcapId=29770

He has built relationships with people around the financial world, and he has made sure that he gives people chances to succeed in several different areas. He will meet and shake anyone’s hand, and that hand could be the one that forms his next great bond.