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Edgar Sosa signed by the Hawks

The NBA season is rapidly approaching, and many fans are extremely excited about the fact that many teams are heading into training camp. One of the most exciting teams for fans across the league has got to be the Atlanta Hawks.
Last year, the Atlanta Hawks were the surprise of the league. Over the course of the last year the team went from being projected to be one of the worst teams in the league, to being a powerhouse. This team was built up by Bruce Levenson over the course of a decade, and last season they had an amazing season. This team won the East during the regular season, and in the playoffs they drove all the way to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.
The team is sure to be an extremely exciting team this year, and this year starts with the Atlanta Hawks training camp. The team recently announced that they were going to add several important names to their roster for the training camp. These names will help the Hawks as they prepare for the future of the team.
One of the biggest names to emerge out of the line up that the Hawks signed for training camp is Edgar Sosa. The Hawks signed him to a camp deal on Friday. Edgar Sosa is an extremely talented basketball player and he is sure to be an extremely talented camp player for the Hawks. Edgar played for the Louisville Cardinals for four years. He had a wonderful career, but the defining moment of his career was the NCAA tournament in 2007. During this tournament, Edgar put up 31 points during a game, which helped the Cardinals have a fantastic run in the tournament. During his time at Louisville, Edgar played with Earl Clark and Derrick Caracter, two former NBA players.
Edgar should be an extremely capable training camp body for the Atlanta Hawks. He has bounced around the NBA for years. He also had the opportunity to play for several summer league teams. During his journey, he was considered to be one of the hardest working players in the league.
Edgar should help build a winner for the Hawks this year. The Hawks are sure to be a contender just as they were during the past year. This team was extremely successful, because it was put together by one of the smartest owners in the league. Bruce Levenson of was able to transform the Hawks from a perennial loser into one of the best teams in the league. He did this by hiring some of the best front office staff in the league. While Levenson was always extremely proud of his franchise, last year he decided it was time to sell. He received $700 million for the franchise, and he left behind a wonderful legacy.


Looking at this beautiful, young lady you see a face of serenity and peace, yet the scars she holds are deep inside. At 21 years old, Yeonmi Park has faced tragedy, personal loss, physical assault, and defection from her birth country.

She grew up in North Korea as a child of privilege to a father and mother that were politically connected until the father was put into a labor camp for selling metals to China. Yeonmi and her family were then destined to a life of starvation and as a prisoner’s daughter she had no future to look forward to. She and her mom were determined to leave the country to attain freedom.

They had help crossing the river into China, but once in the country they were both sold into the human trafficking market. Yeonmi was 13 years old and became the mistress of a man to save her mom and to have her father smuggled into China after his prison release. He died in China from colon cancer. She and her mom knew that they must get out of China if they were ever going to be able to live a decent life again.

On a freezing, cold night Yeonmi, her mother, and 5 other people crossed the Gobi Desert by compass finding their way in the dark and then resorting to the Northern stars to aid in finding their freedom. Yeonmi was 15 at the time.

Yeonmi has stated several times that her outlook on her parent country changed when she watched a pirated DVD of the movie Titanic. She came to realize that her country was suppressing the people and felt that the movie was her first real taste of freedom and gave her the true meaning of love. This was also her first sense of wanting to right wrongs. She felt that her country was dishonoring the human rights of its countrymen.

She and her mother were helped by missionaries to relocate to Mongolia, and then by South Korean diplomats who helped them get into Seoul, where she lives today.

Yeonmi is now an advocate for human rights for North Korea, around the globe, and for human trafficking. Defecting from North Korea and experiencing how the rest of the world lives has given her the courage to speak publicly about the oppressive conditions in North Korea. She has joined many different activist groups to help educate the world and also the people of North Korea that they need to take action to obtain their freedom.

Yeonmi Park feels that the ruler of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, is cruel and should be punished for how he treats the people of North Korea. She was asked recently what she wants the world to know and her response was that she now had freedom. She owned herself.

Eucatex Innovations in the World of Furniture

Flavio Maluf is one of Brazil’s finest when it comes to investments and entrepreneurship. He is one of the greatest minds behind the success of Eucatex, a wood products company in Brazil. Maluf’s skill in business has impressed many of his admirers and colleagues in the industry. He has moved up the scales in business to become one of the greatest businessman in the country and a public figure for that matter. Being the current president and CEO of Eucatex, a lot that has been going on in the company can only be rightfully attributed to him. Although he is a son of an influential ex-politician and reputed businessman, Maluf has single handedly built his own reputation in the industry through his hard work and creativity.

Under Maluf’s leadership, Eucatex has experienced some of the greatest milestones in its history. The company has won the hearts of many Brazilian nationals through its support and direct investment in sustainable production. The company is a number one conservationist and it has been involved in several national conservation campaigns supporting in both ideologies as well as in financial sponsorship. The company has pursued a constant sustainability plan in an effort to lead the industry in the sustainability call to save the ecosystem. Nonetheless, the company has not compromised on the quality of its products, which is its main selling advantage.

Some of the remarkable products that the company produces include its legendary Laminate Floors, vinyl flooring, and Floors Fiartex. For the laminate floors, the company has come up with a technology that beast the odds, the 100% reforested wood. This products is well built with the Bacterban protection technology which give the company a great touch of quality. To minimize on the use of timber and ultimately the destruction of trees, the company has the Vinyl Flooring product that is a100% PVC. One of the greatest advantages of this particular product is the fact that it is very easy to install.

Noticias said that when it comes to grooming events with the recent technology in the world of ambiance, Eucatex has it all figure out. The company’s Floors Fiartex is a product that improves the ambiance and display of events and fairs. This product us very popular among corporate and event organizers who have experienced its benefits first hand. Eucatex strives to make the world a better place by avoiding the destruction of the environment by creating new products using alternative materials. However, the quality of its products is not compromised at all by the new inventions.

Doe Deere Introduces Lime Crime Beauty Products

Women and men worldwide use a wide array of beauty products every day. They include lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eye-shadow, nail polish, skin creams, special soaps, lotions, perfumes, colognes, and male grooming products. It’s an industry that generates almost $400 million a year. These products and others like them have been used for thousands of years. The ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Greeks, Indians, and Japanese all used beauty products made from natural ingredients to make themselves look, feel, and smell better. Modern people do the same thing to this day except their beauty products are made from natural and artificial ingredients.

There are thousands of companies large and small that offer a wide range of beauty products. Some of the best known brands include L’Oreal, Nivea, Avon, Max Factor, and Este Lauder. Those products are used by people of all ages, races, and cultures. Walk into any beauty supply or department store and you will encounter a mind boggling array of choices. There are beauty products designed for any skin type or specially formulated to address any kind of problem people have with their skin. These products range in price from very affordable to super expensive and every price point in between.

These products are designed to mask flaws, smoothen skin, and highlight strengths. Most of them come in subtle colors created to help people to fit the modern notion of beauty. In modern times beauty products got their start in the years after World War I. By the 1920 and 30s, beauty products which were primarily used by entertainers and the upper class had made their way into the hands and onto the faces and bodies of the average person in the streets. Colors like pink for lips and finger and toe nails, and subtle colors for faces were all the rage.

Just recently entertainer and entrepreneur Doe Deere threw her hat into the ring and created a line of beauty products in bold, vibrant colors. The cosmetics and beauty products line is called Lime Crime and it’s taking the world by storm. Doe Deere created the brightly colored products in the Lime Crime line to lend definition to her fine features while she was on stage performing. She couldn’t find the beauty products she needed, so she produced them herself. The beauty products struck a chord with the people that used Doe Deere’s make-up application tutorials and they convinced her to share it with them and the rest of the world.

Lime Crime beauty products have found a large and growing market worldwide. They’re for people of all ages, socioeconomic classes, and sexes that want beauty products which enable them to make a colorful statement. Deere markets the Lime Crime line primarily on the internet. This marketing strategy has paid great dividends. It allows her to get Lime Crime products directly to her clients. This saves time and money.

How The Internet Influenced Advertising in Brazil

Before Internet, different types of advertising were limited to different mediums. Newspapers had the posters and the image ads. Classifieds had the text ads. Magazines had the color advertisement images. Some newspapers had that as well depending on the advertiser. There were also phone books that had advertising spaces for businesses in Brazil. It was when the Internet arrived and advanced enough that it became a one stop shop for advertising. People and businesses could do all the kinds of advertising that they do and compose an ad quickly thanks to the tools that are available over the Internet from software companies.

The Internet allows for many different types of advertisements on one medium. If the user wants, he could put together an online banner or button with a compelling image. The image has to have good use of colors and imagery, while at the same time being a representation of the product, service or company that he is trying to promote. He also has the choice of doing text ads which is where creativity also comes in to use colorful language for Brazilians. Video ads are also important for the user and yet they give the user plenty of room to advertise in that he could show others how to use the product and people being satisfied with the product. There is also audio only ads and other forms of advertising.

Masterful use of all forms of advertising are one of the ways that could maximize sales and profits for a company. There are advertisers that know how to use the different mediums for the profit of the business. Among the users is Claudio Loureiro of Heads Propaganda. Claudio knows the right combination of advertising for the product, business or service. He spends the right amount of money for each form of advertising across a multitude of mediums. He uses radio advertising, video advertising, Internet banners, buttons, posters for buildings, magazines and online.

There are literally hundreds of different ways to advertise in Brazil. Noticias said there are many free ways to advertise as well as paid advertising. A combination of both can go a long way towards making sales and profits for the business. All that is needed is for one to use his creativity in every form of advertising that he attempts. This is so that he attracts the right types of customers to his business and the products that are being offered.