You Tube Can Change Your Life

There are many people that are utilizing Youtube as a way to broadcast there interests skills and fun personality. Some are even becoming very successful and famous such as Wengie. She is the one of the most famous Youtubers with the most subscribed beauty channels in Australia. Wengie is of Australian Japanese descent . Her channel is called the Wonderful World of Wengie where she currently has 790,181 subscribers. Wengie’s blog channel discusses women body care, make up, beauty tips, wellness and style.
On a recent interview with the Beauty Academy, Wengie was asked questions about her blog and where she learned her skills on beauty. She responded stating:
” Well, it all started with Dolly when I was a teenager. But a lot of the makeup tips were hard to follow because my eyes were completely different than the models’ and the products were incredibly expensive for me at the time (being 14 and having no income). But I still read the magazines religiously. As I grew up, I turned to online forums. It’s amazing how much information you can learn from others and then practice it in your room whenever you have a spare moment. These days, I would just turn to Tumblr; there’s nothing you can’t find on YouTube, from professional makeup artists to everyday girls.”

Next on the list of You Tube sensations is Jenna Marbles.Originally born in Rochester, New York but moved to Boston to attended Sufflock University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and later attended Boston University for a Master of Education in Sport Psychology and Counseling. Jenna Marble is now a blogger, comedian and entertainer. Unlike many others her internet fame came quicker than most. Upon uploading her first video titled “How To Trick People into Thinking your Good Looking” she became famous overnight with over 5 million views her first week.

Another famous You Tuber is Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis, better known as HolaSoyGermán. He is a comedian from Chile with over 25 million subscribers. German video es revolve around his daily life but with a over exaggerated twist.His imagination is quite more bizarre t

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