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Dick DeVos and His Extraordinary Dedication to Charity

A Man who Donates Time and Money

Dick DeVos has made numerous contributions to charity and has created so many campaigns that have been successful. DeVos is one philanthropists who has donated his time, full attention, as well as his money. He has dedicated himself to numerous organizations through the self-founded, Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. These include:

* artistic
* religious
* civic
* educational improvement

He is a highly successful individual with an outstanding reputation. He is indeed in the position to make highly remarkable contributions to both local and regional organizations. It has been revealed that DeVos and his family have actually given approximately one billion dollars to charities and causes. This has been over the course of their careers and lives. This dollar amount does not include the political donations that have been made.

Dick is a businessman who holds a degree in business administration. He has continuously furthered his education. He attended Northwood University and then continued with classes at the Harvard University Business School. His many skills have allowed him to donate his valuable time to philanthropy. His overall success in his business career has enabled him to donate sums of money. One of his most noteworthy and largest contributions came in the year 2010. He opened West Michigan Aviation Academy. This was the first public charter school. This included the incentive of a school that would not exclude students due to financial issues. Dick is a pilot himself and wanted to share his passion for flight with others less fortunate.

Dick DeVos is a Man with Character

Dick DeVos does welcome anyone to be humble, work hard, volunteer, and smile. He clearly has shown that he is a man of high character strength. He has shown this through his lifelong actions. He is one individual who is committed to creating positive changes. He is a billionaire with a big heart. He and had been the President of Amway operations. This is a family involved endeavor. He was the president from 1993 until 2002. This is an individual who is community-minded and has a fine reputation.

Learn more about Dick’s family foundation by visiting the following link:

Dog Foods are Increasing in Quality and Nutrition

The world of dog food products is ever changing and expanding. There was a time when consumers gave little thought to what they were feeding their dogs. However, we have seen a drastic shift from this way of thinking of the last several years. People are becoming more aware of the ingredients in the dog food that they purchase. They are also becoming more aware of the quality and nutritional value. People are wanting to feed their dogs healthy options with fresh, quality ingredients. They want to offer their pets the same level of nutrition that they are receiving themselves. There has been a recent societal shift in the level of concern of nutrition over the last several years. People tend to be attempting to eat healthier and are more conscious of what goes into their bodies. This is slowly trickling down into pet food. People want their pets to live as long as possible so they are making sure they keep them in optimal health. Organic and all natural dog food may have been unheard of a few years ago but today they are highly prevalent in the pet food marketplace. Many people prefer these products. They are offering a wide range of fruits and vegetables in the dog food as well as fresh, quality meats. Beneful offers a wide range of dog foods that are good for your pets. They feature a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are essential for your pets overall nutrition. They have many health conscious options at an affordable price. Beneful uses fresh meat and other quality ingredients to make sure that your dog remains in optimal health. They specially formulate their products to provide all of the necessary nutrients. They have formulas for puppies and overweight dogs. All of Beneful products are of the best quality and within a highly reasonable price range.

Investing Tips for Those Short on Cash

We all want to succeed in life and have a big house, and this entails envisioning the future and finding the means necessary to prepare for retirement. While it is feasible for some people to set aside money from each paycheck to invest, others may find it more difficult to consider the future while accommodating for the present. If you live paycheck to paycheck and feel investing just isn’t possible for you, there are some tips you should consider that could provide valuable answers to this all too common dilemma.
Invest in Your Employer’s Plan

If your employer offers a retirement plan such as a 401(k), it’s in your best interest to invest even as a middle class investor, because you often get free money as many employers will match all or a portion of your contribution. Furthermore, you will be able to pick from a list of low-cost mutual funds, making it relatively easy to create a diverse and viable portfolio.
Automatic Savings Fund

Let’s face it. Sometimes personal funds are so limited that it’s difficult to set even a small amount aside. However, what may seem to be insignificant at the time adds up over the course of several weeks, months, and years. Let’s say you can only realistically afford to set aside ten dollars per month, or about 30 cents per day. Speak with your bank about having this amount automatically transferred to a savings account. This way, you won’t have to think about it, and, over the course of a year, you will have saved $120. You can start investing the money in stocks and bonds once you accumulate it.
Learning From the Best

Investing can be confusing, and many simply feel they don’t possess adequate knowledge to navigate the confusing world of investing. Whether you feel overwhelmed or are new to investing, it can be helpful to seek advice from serial entrepreneurs like Brad Reifler. He is the founder and chief executive of Forefront Capital since May 2009, and he makes it his mission to pass on his tried and tested investment techniques to others. His firm specializes in the advisement of portfolio management and other investing functions with anyone from distributors to individual investors.  Wikipedia has even more info about Brad.
Learn to Control

When money’s tight, it’s important to think critically about ways you can free up extra cash. For example, if you smoke, use your will power to quit. This can save you hundreds every year that you can invest. By knowing yourself and taking maximum control over your compulsions, you can find money you may have never considered.
The Future is Bright

Money problems should never impact your ability to envision a bright and hopeful future. If you fear you’ll have to work well into your 70’s just to get by, you are living a life of far less quality than you deserve. It’s never too late to get started preparing for your future. By implementing these tips now, you can begin building the nest egg you need to live comfortably in your golden years.

Standout Lacrosse Player is Also Top Notch Videographer

Not all the information about Jon Urbana’s life is known, but what is known is very impressive. Jon was raised in Denver, Colorado. He was a star lacrosse player in high school. Urbana was accepted, and studied at Villanova, and he became one of the school’s top lacrosse players.

But what you may not know is that there’s more to Jon than lacrosse. Way more. Since not everyone has had a chance to read the posts at his website and a more detailed biography of Jon Urbana at, I’ll weigh in a bit here. Several of his videos give the world a better perspective when it comes to some of Jon’s accomplishments.

Urbana recently organized a CrowdRise fund to help raise money for his Animal Rescue and Adaptions Society. That is the non-profit organization that helps find homes for abandoned or stray cats in the Denver area. Jon Urbana is a cat lover, and he is trying to save some of the millions of cats that are senselessly destroyed each year because they have no homes.

He also set up a GoFundMe campaign that will help the organization Earth Force protect the environment. Urbana is a naturalist that respects all life. Living in Denver has made him acutely aware that all forms of life are important to the environment, and his videos confirm his commitment to the planet. So do his songs, like Swan Song.

Another Urbana love is photography. Jon has an extensive photography portfolio, and there are several videos that show the world what a talented man Next Level Lacrosse Camp’s Jon Urbana is. Many of the videos show the natural shots Jon took on trips to other countries. Some of the videos show his interest in art and music. All Urbana videos are incredible expressions that come alive on film, and that is what makes Jon’s artistry so special. One video is a collection of photos taken at different times, but when they are put together, they tell an important story.

Urbana captures the essence of the clouds as he maneuvers his plane around and through them. The video is a powerful piece that reflects the inner beauty that exists in the simple abundance in the clouds. All Urbana videos teach the viewer something about life, but the video of the clouds is one of the best teachers.

High Cuisine on an Unexpected Plate

One of the biggest trends of the past few decades involves how people relate to food. For a variety of different reasons people have become far more interested in what most would consider high cuisine. Natural ingredients and careful attention to detail is becoming more and more common even in fairly widespread locations. But most people will still be surprised by a recent trend in gourmet food. The news come courtesy of the Daily Herald. It begins with the on site observation of a reporter sent out to a new gourmet establishment. Everything seemed just as one would expect. The executives giving the tour spoke with pride about the establishment. And at one point they even stopped to get a quick bite of food right as it came off the line.  That gourmet food being sampled was quite literally for the dogs. It was an example of gourmet dog food which had been made with the finest and most high quality ingredients. This trend in dog food has only recently caught the eye of the general public. But it’s actually been going on for some time now. In particular, one high quality dog food brand called Beneful has been working on these recipes for over a decade. They were founded in 2001 with the main intent of creating a line of nutritionally packed items. These were intended to create, as the name suggests, dog food which would provide canines with the maximum possible nutritional benefit. But the company quickly realized something that human chefs have known for some time. Purina Beneful discovered that getting the best nutrition out of a meal meant using the best and freshest ingredients. And in doing so they wound up creating recipes which wouldn’t seem at all out of place in the midst of a human’s dinner. The difference from normal dog food is plain to see on simply opening the package. When one opens up a bag of this high quality dog food brand the actual ingredients are plain to see.

Prospecting 2016 From Last Year’s Market

The stock market has reached its peak at the end of the year with investors taking strong note on how it has ended. The last year started on quite promising optimizing. The year made a different with a mini crash experienced in the August and September. The last quarter of the 2015 year showed some positive recovery, but many investors were skeptical it was a sign of good news.

The stock markets hugely rely on the price of oil. The simple reason is that oil drives the industries that are pillars of the economy. As the equity markets showed some positive recovery, the price of petroleum was moving in opposite direction. The new fear shifted from the stock recovery to oil factor. Nevertheless, experts predict a silver lining for New Year capital gains.

As more investors retreat from investing in rather unsafe companies, the demand for performing companies will rise. This demand is set to revolutionize the market in a new way should it perform well. The need for investments in the stock market will reverse the normal operations provided the market performs positively.

The investor confidence from the recovery of the stock market from the mini-crash of the year never restored investor’s confidence. There were unseen uncertainties in the market and the financial period ended without full potential. The effect of the oil prices and the impact of stock trade on the market are projected to have a significant impact on the other economies of the world. The analysts also project that chance are market will not recover fully in 2016 and may take the path taken in last year.

From the stock markets, the investment industry is also anticipating a successful 2016 with numerous opportunities. The chances are the industry is exploring alternative investments like technology and health care. Mr. James Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. The company is headquartered in Dallas since its inception in 1994. Jim has diversified the firm’s investment portfolio with the aim to attract more investors in the primary industry. Highland company is the leading investor in the healthcare sector and also top in alternative investments.

Jim is a graduate of the University of Virginia. He is a chartered accountant and financial analyst. Since his graduation from college, Jim has worked in many leadership and management position building his experience in the last three decades.

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What Everyone Should Know about CCMP Capital and Stephen P. Murray

The CCMP Capital business is a company founded by Steve Murray that is known for it’s rank placement in 2007, this ranking ranked them at #17 for the World’s largest private equity funds according to NY Post. This was an amazing achievement that not many companies can say that they have had the opportunity to obtain. This world-wide private equity firm is also well-known for being one of the few companies that are able to specialize in the buyout and growth equity types of investments all throughout Europe and also North America within four different types of targeted industries.

The organizations that came before the CCMP Capital firm are actually one of the organizations in which the CCMP Capital business obtained the CCMP part of it’s name. These organizations were Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan and Partners. The CCMP business would be nothing without the help of their greatly staffed management teams that have helped them over the years when it comes to putting together resources and expertise within the industry, so as to make the company run more smoothly and grow at astronomical rates.

Everyone knows that the beginning of the CCMP Capital company started in the month of August in the year of 2006, but not many people know that the firm actually still continues the job of handling the portfolio for private equity that came from J.P. Morgan Partners. They are able to handle this with the help of their fantastic investment professionals who are always able to get the job done right in the amount of time given to them.

As of this moment, the CCMP Capital company has put in around $12 million in investments for transactions that had to do with leveraged buyout and growth capital since the beginning date. Having more than 50 people who are currently working for them to this day, CCMP Capital actually has many different offices located around the world, including in Tokyo, New York, London and Hong Kong. The CCMP Capital company has worked with many different types of clients and all of the clients who have worked for them in the past have walked away feeling completely satisfied with the help that they received from the company.

Stephen P. Murray

Being well-known for his career as a private equity investor, and also being well-known for his skills as a philanthropist, Stephen P. Murray CCMP Capital is one of the few people in the world who led a very successful life. CCMP Capital actually had the wonderful opportunity to have worked with Stephen P. Murray, while he was their president and chief executive officer. During the time that he did work for CCMP Capital, he helped the company expand and better themselves, with his knowledge in the field of investments. This is just one of the reasons that many people went to Stephen P. Murray for all of their investments.

Human Rights and Music

Thor is a name often remembered to be a Norse god – the god of thunder, to be specific. When the last name Halvorssen is added, no one knows who he is. It should be a house hold name. It isn’t. Thor Halvorssen is the founder and CEO of Human Rights Foundation. He knows what it is like to feel the impacts of badly kept and promised human rights. His mother was gunned down at a peaceful protest in Venezuela in 2004. In 1993, his father was falsely put into prison and brutally beaten by police in Venezuela.

Before he founded the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen worked with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Between 1999 and 2004, he served as the executive director and CEO for the same. He managed to see his father freed from prison after Amnesty International and other figures for the fight for equal human rights took on the case to get him released.

Part of the work of the Human Rights Foundation is to expose countries that are abusing the rights of the people in their country. One such country on the list is Angola. Nicki Minaj is now in hot water with the foundation because of what she has decided to do. December 19th, 2015 is her Christmas concert in Angola.

The Human Rights Foundation is not happy. Minaj is going ahead with her concert, despite a letter from the Foundation noting what Angola has done wrong. The dos Santos family currently runs the country, and they have a list of offenses as far as the Human Rights Foundation is concerned. The family has a long history of harassing, imprisoning, and killing politicians, activists, and journalists who oppose the family’s ideas.

In addition, they have exploited the country’s diamonds and oil funds. The Human Rights Foundation has put forth a suggestion to Minaj – cancel her concert in the country. They note that the money she would receive would be from the diamonds and oil that they’ve exploited. As of early December, she had not changed plans and decided to go through with the concert.

Family Attorneys Help Their Clients Get the Best Outcome

More and more individuals are getting a divorce in the state New York based on no-fault grounds. No-fault grounds became available in 2010. The state of the New York was the last state to make these grounds available. Normally, when no-fault grounds are filed for a divorce, the reasons that are stated usually include incompatibility or irreconcilable differences. In this case, neither the wife or the husband blames the other for the deterioration of their marriage. In a case like this, some couples wonder whether it is a good idea to hire New York attorneys to help them with their divorce or not. In almost all cases, it is always beneficial to get legal assistance from a family law or matrimonial attorney. This is going to ensure that neither one of the individuals is taken advantage of and that they are protected later on from a family lawsuit.

The other option is to file a fault divorce in the state of New York. In this case, some of the reasons that may be stated include physical or mental cruelty, drug addiction, alcoholism, attempted murder, or even the infection of venereal disease from one spouse to the other. In this instance, it is especially important to hire a family law expert like Ross Abelow. He attended the Brooklyn Law school and is an expert in matrimonial and family law. He works with clients in the New York City area. When a fault divorce is filed, both parties need to have a legal representative helping them. They are not legally required to do so, but if they want the best outcome, they are going to get the best lawyer to help them.

Something that New York attorneys are going to be able to do is help couples determine how assets will be divided. If they are not able to come to an agreement on their own, the courts will take over and make the decision for them. A qualified attorney like Ross Abelow will be able to use his knowledge and experience to help a client who is going through a divorce to protect their assets now and in the future.

One area where things can become especially complicated during a divorce is when it comes to deciding on child custody. This is another area where the courts will make the decision if the parents cannot agree on something. An experienced attorney will help their clients get the best possible outcome in the case.

The Benefit of Using FreedomPop

It is not an uncommon fact that switching mobile carriers can be an issue as it is sometimes not cost effective in both time as well as with money. Those who want to switch mobile carrier services often have good reason to due to either terrible customer service, the cost, as well as the lack of 4G. Though it seems like it is almost impossible to deactivate a mobile carrier contract, it has recently been reported by Lifehacker that there are have been recent updates in new ways to terminate a mobile carrier contract with the help of the new mobile carrier.

The new updated plans among mobile carriers is to offer what is called an ETF. This ETF stands for Early Termination Fee. This early determination fee depends on where one is at in regards to the contract as well as how much more is left to pay off from a mobile bill that can vary from just one bill to hundreds of dollars of bills. In order to figure out the best possible mobile carrier, it is best to compare the offered services with regards to the Early Termination Fee. Though mobile carrier services change over time, some of the current offers include:

  • Verizon: $300 worth of credit for trading in the old phone
  • AT&T: $300 in credit for turning in the old phone
  • Sprint: This company completely pays off the old phone bill
  • T-Mobile: This company pays off the entire old phone contract

When looking for new mobile carriers, keep in mind that one of the simplest ways to switch over is with the use of offered credit. This credit is exchanged for only trading in the old phone from the prior mobile carrier. The credit can be used to pay off old phone bills.

When looking at the best mobile carrier, one of the best mobile carriers is called FreedomPop. This company offers free services to the customer in exchange for a small signup fee. These offered free services include free messaging, free voice minutes, as well as free data.

Though this company is only three years old, this mobile carrier has already spread to the international level. Thanks to the CEO and founder, Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop will continue to offer free services in order to create the best mobile carrier for consumers who are on a budget.