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All You Need To Know About The U.S Money Reserve


Gold, silver and platinum are metals that have good value. For many years, many communities all over the world have invested in these metals. During the barter trade system that existed many years ago, these metals were considered to be very valuable, and they were used in the trade too. In the modern times, individuals who know the value of these metals want to have them in possession. The trend for these precious metals is passed from one generation to the other.

PR Newswire has come up with a report on people in the United States have maintained their love for precious metals up to date. Most of the times, people who have invested in the metals have found that they maintain their value no matter what happens to the market. The few individuals who have invested in gold have confessed how much profits they get at the end of the day. Gold is among the most valuable metals, and it is sometimes used to measure the economic climate of countries.

Some goldnews veterans from the past who wanted to pass the precious metals from one generation from the next decided to start a company where they could sell and buy their precious metals. This institution was started some time ago, and it is known as U S Money Reserve. The veterans made sure that the company put in places all the necessary measures to ensure that the customers who come to the institution get the best services.
The U.S. Money Reserve has worked hard since it was started, becoming one of the leaders in the precious metal industry. The company only deals with the government issued coins, and this explains why it is preferred by many people. Buying precious metals like gold from unauthorized people and companies can have serious problems with the clients, but those who choose to invest with the U. S Money Reserve do not experience this.

The company is headed by the president, known as Philip Dielhi. He was appointed to the position after working in the U. S Mint for many years. With the experience acquired in his previous employment, the president has made a lot of progress in the company. Not long ago, he oversaw the introduction of the online shop. This has benefited the country a lot, because many people, especially the internet community will be encouraged to buy the precious metals. Creating awareness has been made easier thanks to the online shop.

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QNET’s Role In Empowering Girls and Women

I believe that today modern women desire to earn good income and while at it balance family life with their career. A good number of women seek to be their own boss and this is through starting and running their own businesses. QNET an Asian Company prides itself in developing young women who are entrepreneurs. USAID states that, for any society to thrive and grow, girls and women ought to have access to quality healthcare, technology and education. QNET in promoting the empowerment of women, allows women to be part of their team as direct sellers. Through this, their earnings are maximized and are flexible to work as per their individual schedules.

QNET is a Hong Kong company that is a leader in e-commerce. It involves itself in selling products including, luxury goods, home care, personal care and fashion accessories. The company has spread its wings in more than a 100 countries. I believe that by QNET treating its employees in a very caring manner there is a positive outcome as employees ensure there is a stable working environment.

QNETTERS in Rize, Turkey can’t wait to ROCK!

Posted by QNET (Official) on Monday, March 14, 2016

I applaud QNET for efforts, perseverance and excellence in the industry that has led to it winning three prestigious awards. It also participates in a number of humanitarian activities. It has partnered with organizations such as Lions Club International that promotes the helping of humanity. Through a donation to Shirdi Sai Hospital, QNET has ensured that the cost of dialysis for kidney patients is subsidized. QNET also grants sports sponsorship and it recently entered into a partnership with Manchester City Football Club through which it became its official direct selling partner.

I believe through its use of technology and proprietary e-commerce, QNET offers the best products for the right business. From my point of view QNET is a company that can be trusted for any needs that a customer may have. Through its website,  the company gives any prospective clients reasons as to why they are a reliable company. This is due to their various industry memberships that promote accountability and the corporate recognition it has received over the years that boost their credibility.

For any kind of media inquiries that one may have QNET India has provided an email address where one can contact them. This allows them to have constant communication with their clients and customers.

QNET’s corporate commitment coupled with its core values enhances the Company’s growth as they are propelled to ensure they give what they have pledged.

Securus Experiences 65,000 Downloads of New Video App

Securus Technologies, known for the tech solutions it provides to correctional markets, recently experienced unprecedented downloads of its video conferencing application for mobile platforms. Through Android marketplaces, Video Visit, Securus’ mobile app, was downloaded on Google Play more than 60,000 times in the past six months. Through Apple’s App Store, which launched in early February, had more than 5,000 downloads.

In a statement made by Russel Roberts, Securus Technologies’ Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, the Video Visitation app is there to not only to connect inmates with family through a convenient platform, but also to provide a service thatfile correctional facilities find invaluable. Prior to the technological ability that made video chatting a possibility between inmates and the people in their lives, families of inmates would have to meet the strict time constraints of correctional facilities that require the factoring of money and travel into their lives, making the traditional visitation process burdensome. With video visitation inmates can make calls to family in a manner that maximizes convenience to everyone involved.

Video Visit makes it so mobile devices can connect users to their family serving sentences in jails and prisons across North America. Through iOS devices like the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and mobile phones and tablets running on Android operating systems, family can communicate with their loved ones regardless of where they are, helping to maintain family cohesion until an inmate is released back into the general population in a way that surpasses the limitation of traditional inmate phone calls.

This remote visitation allows users to not only establish video communication, but coordinate with other features of their mobile devices, allowing for sync with calendars, establish notifications to coincide with video calls, and establish communications through Wi-Fi or online connections through their mobile carrier to optimize video quality. All of this is achievable without the need of a conventional desktop computer or any connecting accessories.

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas, where it provides services and products to thousands of correctional facilities across North America, impacting the lives of more than a million inmates who take advantage of their at-home visitation technologies in order to communicate with loved ones. Learn more by visiting their BBB profile.

Through Securus, correctional facilities can also communicate with emergency services to collect and distribute public information and manage incidents. They even assist in the processing of investigation through biometric technologies, helping law enforcement police prison populations while keeping surrounding communities safer.

Securus often get confused for Securus America, or the popular product SECURUS. Neither of these have any affiliation with Securus Technologies.

New Makeup Trends From Lime Crime

As someone who works in the fashion industry, I need to keep on top of fashion trends as much as possible. I find that it makes sense for me to look closely at the products that are on the market at any given time. As a fashionable person, I look for trends in many places. Some times I’ll go to our local mall or a mall that about an hour from my house. One of my favorite places to look for makeup trends is online. My favorite place to check for new products of all kinds is a site called Dolls Kill for their Lime Crime selection.

On Top of Fashion

Fashion trends can change so much more quickly than people imagine. One month it’s all about pattern and lots of bright florals. The next week, it’s all about dark colors and muted fabrics. This is very much true for makeup. Like other kinds of fashion, makeup also changes quickly. That’s why I tend to log on to Lime Crime when I’m looking for what might be hot at any given moment. I want to see what they have here. I can get on the site and find lots of products that are items I’ve never seen before in any other place. I know that staffers here tend to be on top of the latest in fashionable makeup because they have clients who want them to be.

All Kinds of Choices

One of the things I really love about the site is that they have lots of variety. I can find info about multiple kinds of products in a single space. I get to know what’s going on with lipsticks that might be in fashion at the moment or liquid eyeliner. I also get to find out what particular colors are hot at any moment. This can help me determine what might be best for our own company.  Lime Crime can be found on Facebook, as well as Twitter, and Tumblr.

International Talk Fusion Knows that Videos are the Best Communication Online

Internet researchers predict by the year 2017 that 90 percent of all communication on the Web will be done with videos. If this is true, Talk Fusion will be at the heart of it all. Talk Fusion is an international video communication company founded by Bob Reina in 2007.

Mr. Reina is an aggressive entrepreneur with over 20 years in the business who built an impressive team of internet gurus to provide his customers with the best video experiences. He included dream Interpreters, video and graphic professionals, and tech magicians who make your video communication an amazing experience.

To create Talk Fusion, Bob used his mastermind to overcome his situation. In 2004, Mr. Reina wanted to send a video on email, but couldn’t find any company that did that. Thinking he could do it himself, he called is tech-genius friend who developed the technology to send videos through email. Together, in 2007, they launched the basic format for their video communication company, and video email spread rapidly throughout the world.

Today, video emailing is just one of the features that bring people together with Talk Fusion. They now offer a collection of video programs including live video chat, video solutions for e-conferences, email video and a program of analyzes that reports directly back to the user.

Improving the lives of the users on Talk Fusion is one of the main goals for Mr. Reina. He remembers so well his frustration when there was no tech for videos. With an international clientele, Talk Fusion is able to connect individuals or groups across the globe through the cutting-edge technology that Mr. Reina has made available.

Video messages or interactive video conferencing is much more detailed and inviting than transmitting content and a photo. Take your business or social status to the next level with excellent video communication. To try Talk Fusion for yourself, go to our website at Once you experience how easy, yet effective video communication is, you won’t go back to what you were doing before.

George Soros Encourages Investors to Be Cautious

 George Soros has recently made a prediction on that has a lot of people feeling nervous. While at an economic forum in Colombo, Sri Lanka, he said that investors need to be very cautious. He feels like the devaluation of the yuan is hurting the rest of the world and that a crisis that echoes that which happened in 2008 is on the horizon.

As the value of China’s currency continues to decrease, the country is struggling to set up a new growth model. Unfortunately, this is negatively affecting the international economy. In just the first week of 2016, over $2 trillion was wiped from the value of global equities. In just one day, Chinese equities plunged so low that trading had to be stopped for the rest of the day. George Soros strongly feels that the adjustment problems that China is facing amounts to a serious crisis. It reminds him of the challenges that were faced in the year 2008.

George Soros is a well respected businessman, investor, and philanthropist. His hedge fund firm that was set up in the late 1960s has consistently been successful. In fact, from the years 1969 through 2011, the firm gained about 20 percent each year. George Soros has a keen eye for finding successful investments and has made a fortune off them. It has been estimated that his net worth totals more than $27 billion. He has a reputation for predicting financial trends. For example, in the year 1992 he was able to walk away with over $1 billion because of a bet that he made indicating that the UK would have to devalue their currency.

Besides his success in the business world, Soros has been a successful philanthropist. He feels that it is his obligation to help others and to take a strong stand on issues that many view as controversial. For example, not too long after setting up his hedge fund firm, he took a stand helping black individuals in South Africa under apartheid. He provided scholarships for these individuals.

George Soros is the chairman and founder of Open Society. The purpose of Open Society is to make sure that individuals have their rights respected, no one group of people can monopolize truth, and governments are held responsible for their actions. This organization is a giant network that has connections in more than 100 countries.

Until the global market and economy improve, it would be wise for investors to heed the warning given by George Soros. He feels that the current situation will be very similar to what took place in 2008.

Dr Jennifer Walden; Best of Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden is nothing short than a force to be reckoned with; she’s a mover and a shaker in the field of cosmetic surgery, and is one of the few names trusted by the American elite. Born in Austin, Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden grew up to love all that Texas stood for – Texas pride, close family bonds, and being the best of the best. Due to this influence, it’s not surprise that she graduated with honors from the University of Texas in her hometown of Austin with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Following this, she went on to pursue her Medical Doctorate at the same university, graduating Magna Cum Laude and as Salutatorian of her class. She has completed prestigious fellowships and residencies in both New York and in Miami, further honing her abilities in the field of cosmetic surgery by studying under some of the most international acclaimed surgeons in this field.

Aside from now owning her own accredited private practice called Walden Cosmetic Surgery And Laser Center located in Austin, Texas, as well as an operating suite at Westlake Medical Center. Dr. Walden is also an active member and as media spokesperson of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, along with being a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Having been selected by Harper’s Bazaar magazine as one of the nation’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in the United States, Dr. Jennifer Walden lives up to the title. She has led the way for female plastic surgeons in her home state of Texas, and continues to be a force of success and empowerment in any field she works in, whether it’s her surgery, or in her professional groups that she has risen to the top in. Dr. Walden is a powerhouse, and as such has earned the prestigious reputation that follows her, and as it continues to build she will continue to be known as one of the best doctors in Texas. Visit her website for appointments and other information.

Wise Investment Choices are the Key to Success

Soros Fund Management withdrew its stocks from three companies that were energy production firms. The board of directors made an agreement on this issue after several meetings. Arabian countries that produce oil were a bit hesitant about producing oil. It was a tough choice for them but their financial interests were at risk. This is because of the fluctuation in energy prices in that year. The law of supply and demand governs economic activities today. The rate in which commodities are supplied depends on the demands.

According to The Street , stocks exchange, crude oil products are reducing in value. Three years ago, these shares were three times valuable than the present ones. Investors from various parts of the world are afraid about the future projections. Mechanisms have been adopted by many companies to stabilize these stocks. Distributors of crude products have also been urged to come up with new marketing strategies. Consumers on the other hand have played a bigger role in determining the value of stocks because they purchase petroleum items.

The amount of money budgeted for energy in the U.S is high. This is because most human activities rely on this power source. Consumers are also saving a lot from low fuel prices. The fluctuation of these prices is however a barrier to investment. According to research conducted by Goldman Sachs, one third of capital expenditures are spent on energy. Fuel consumption in the world is alarming.

Interesting information about George Soros can be found on The Street website. He has been supporting democratic ideals for thirty years. His interests in human activism helped to eradicate communism when he provided Xerox devices. These machines had the ability to duplicate banned material. They also encouraged cultural exchanges within countries of the West. He runs a philanthropic organization that champions for democracy. A good number of African students have benefited from scholarships given by him. This organization has spread in one hundred countries and it tries to advocate for human rights.

George Soros is the chairman of Soros Fund Management. He is a graduate of Economics and he is considered a successful financer in the books of history. This financer was born in London and became a billionaire by making wise investment decisions. He began with little funds then made a fortune out of it. According to him, independence depends on the success levels of people within a financial market. Investing in an activity is all about taking risks. He once gained critical acclaim after trading ten billion dollars on a currency speculation.

Understanding the Importance of Investment Banking With CEO Martin Lustgarten

What is Investment Banking?

Banking is a wide area that incorporates many aspects. Investment banking is one of the many branches of banking. It is an area that helps in the creation of capital in the market for other companies and even governments. The firms dealing with investment banking are investment banks.

Why Investment Banks?

Investment banks play a key role in the market because of the following reasons:
1. They help their clients in the underwriting of new debt as well as equity securities. Their clients in this case include all types of corporations. This is the major role that they play in the market.
2. They also help in the trading of securities.
3. They aid in mergers and acquisitions of companies.
4. The firms facilitate reorganizations and broker trades in both the local and international market. They do this for institutional and private investors.
5. They also advise investors on the best practices on the stock issue and placement in stock markets.

The Importance of Investment Bankers

The concept of investment banking seems to be a novel thing to many individuals. It is one area of banking that is often misunderstood. As such many people fail to understand how important it is and therefore do not take it seriously.

Although investment banking seem to be complex to some individuals, the presence of investment bankers saves a lot of hassle. These experts have the required professional knowledge in investment banking and always give the best advice to their clients who consider venturing into investment banking. There are individuals who are dedicated to help their clients as far as investment banking is concerned. One such individuals is Martin who knows exactly what you have to do to be successful in investment banking.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin is the CEO of a firm dealing with investment banking called Lustgarten, Martin. He is also the founder of the firm which is based in Miami, Florida. He is a successful businessman as well as an investment banker. His firm is among the leading investment banking firms of all time across the United States. The firm has successfully procured some deals which have turned out to be some of the biggest in Florida.

People love working with Martin Lustgarten because he understands the importance of treating his clients in the right way. He constantly keeps in touch with his clients through his active social media accounts. He gets to discuss important issues with all people including his clients and his coworkers. He is a nice person first and a professional investment banker second.