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Gone Too Soon Mr. Steve Murray

Death is inevitable. It is one of the greatest fears of many individuals. To me, death is the greatest enemy of humankind. It mercilessly separates us from the people we love. Be it our relatives, friends, colleagues or even spouses.

If asked, man would choose a kind of life whereby they live forever to enjoy life with their loved ones. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The will of God must always come to pass. It’s with great sadness, therefore, that I take in the news that Steve Murray is dead.

He was more than a hero. He was such a visionary man, a great investor, and a great deal maker. He was the president and CEO of CCMP Capital, which is a private equity firm.The company deals with buyout and growth of equity transactions.

Stephen Murray has spent most of his time in his career. Mr. Murray had been with the firm for roughly two and a half decades. Murray was an industry pioneer.He joined CCMP in 1989. He saw it undergo various changes regarding ownership. Partners. The company traces its roots in the 1980s

The whole idea started with Chemical Venture Partners, a division of Chemical Bank. After Chemical Bank had merged with Chase Manhattan Bank, the buyout business earned another name; J.P. Morgan Partners. However, it changed its name in 2006.Since then, he has made great contributions to CCMP Capital.

He enabled it to become one of the largest private equity firms in the world. With Mr. Murray at the helm, CCMP subsequently raised multibillion-dollar funds. CCMP capital raised a $3.6 billion fund last year. Steve stepped down from the firm due to health reasons.

Presiding officer Greg Brenneman succeeded him after his departure last month. He says that all are greatly saddened by the death of not only a former partner but a friend. Read more: CCMP Capital Resumes Business After Death of Stephen Murray and CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

Greg communicated his condolences to Steve’s wife and kids. Steve was a family man.

According to Greg, Stephen Murray’s family was his pride and joy. He continues to state that the world is grateful for the positive contributions he made to CCMP. Steve was Born and raised in a New York City suburb in Westchester County.

He earned himself a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College. He also acquired a Master of Business Administration from the University of Columbia in New York. He passed away having attained only 52 years of age.

You have gone too soon. However, you will remain in history as you left your legacy behind. R.I.P Mr. Steve Murray.

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The WEN By Chaz Dean Challenge

Everyone notices a woman with head turning, bouncy curls that catch the light and shimmer. One secret that the woman might have is that she likes to treat her hair with The WEN Hair By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner system. Yes, it is a system that is getting a lot of positive buzz around the country. People were first introduced to the hair care products through the famous QVC info-commercials that are playing around the country. One woman was up to the challenge and decided to treat her hair with the WEN Cleansing system for an entire week. Her story first appeared on Bustle.
The WEN By Chaz Dean Challenge Results
How much money would the average person spend on for bouncy, glossy, healthy hair? Probably more than you might think. How much time would the average person spend testing a product to make sure that it delivered great results? Well, one woman cleansed her hair with the Sephora marketed product over a week. She took pictures of her hair on a daily basis. The pictures allowed people that read the Bustle article to see the changes in her hair’s texture. The woman testing the product had some crazy results. The product actually worked better than she imagined. Imagine, a product that is made without harmful chemicals or sulfates really works.

WEN By Chaz
Hair experts always warn people to be careful about the hair products that are used on their hair. However, hair experts are obsessed with the Wen hair By Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner. Hair stylist know the product is better than your ordinary shampoo or conditioners. In fact, the product is good for all hair types. There is one specific formula for different hair types. The entire WEN By Chaz line of products are manufactured in the United States. Therefore, the products live up to the exceptionally high standards that people prefer.

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Welcome Home Jennifer Walden

After making a name for herself in New York, Jennifer Walden has decided to return home to her Austin, Texas residence and start up her practice close to where her family is. She is considered one of the top cosmetic surgeons in her field. One of the reasons that she is so trustworthy as a cosmetic surgeon is that she knows the procedure to follow and her patients are the least likely to experience side effects. She has also shown that she is very warm and caring when it comes to her relationships with people including her clients. For one thing, she does not rush anything. She makes sure that her patients get the adequate care that they need.

Jennifer Walden is one of the best in her field because she has been highly educated when it comes to cosmetic surgery. She also has a medical background in that her parents were also involved in health care. She has graduated high school and then moved to New York to study surgery. She got her start at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital under the mentorship of Dr. Sherrel Aston. She has stayed on after her fellowship and worked on the Upper East Side of New York and partook in activities like clinical trials. These trials have resulted in the return of breast implants made from silicone.

Jennifer Walden has made a huge impact in the industry of cosmetic surgery. She also speaks on the field and has help with the books on cosmetic surgery. As a result, more people are learning about better ways to perform cosmetic surgery on their patient. Other than one of the top surgeons in her field, she is also a good mother.


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An Appraisal of Kyle Bass’ Views about Investing in China

Hayman Capital Management’s founder and president recently predicted that investors won’t be venturing in China due to the vulnerable state that its banking sector has found itself in. Speaking during the Milken Institute Global Conference held in Beverly Hills, California, Mr. Bass retaliated that whoever makes an investment is bound to make losses. It precarious nature makes it risky for anyone to put their money there.

Bass is a hedge fund executive who made a name for himself by predicting the financial crisis of 2008. He gambled against the subprime mortgage of the US. This earned him immense fame and fortune. His current prediction against China has seen him start raising funds to wage against its economy. To safeguard their investments in the Asian nation venture capitalists ought to ensure that they handle at least 30 to 40 per cent of their write downs.

Pitfalls Faced by Kyle Bass in his Career

For a man who made many foes and admirers alike by predicting the financial recession of 2008, his fall from grace has received an enormous share of media attention. At the moment, each passing day presents a new low for someone perceived to be the favorite hedge funder for Argentine aristocrats. His previously impeccable career has become checkered, which has upheld the notion by skeptics that his earlier success was based on luck.

His streak of luck seems to have run out in recent times. He has been consistently making one bad call after another, something that has given him distasteful comparisons. To make matters worse, he has done this in full glare of media camera. His so-called financial market analysis has constantly ended up being wrong. In spite of this, he never shies away from the media.

Away from his bad calls, Bass has become renowned for his seedy alliances. While all the players in the financial markets believe that Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has messed up Argentina’s economy, Bass has used all avenues to talk about her impressive policies. When the South American country failed to pay its ascendant debt for instance, Bass was on the forefront explaining the rationale behind the default. This made him a prominent figure among those who were close to the dictator. He has also come to the defense of any policies made by de Kirchner’s administration, something that has made him a pariah in the financial markets. His ethical lapse has also seen him lay claim to patents of several pharmaceutical companies.

Sanjay Shah: A great Businessman and a Greater Father

Sanjay Shah has shown that he has a great sense of what makes a business work. He has worked for various banks and have developed a desire for his own company. Among the advantages that he has seen for working for his own company is that he gets more freedom when it comes to where he works and the hours that he gets to work for his own company. When he started Solo Capital, he has experienced a different type of work that he could enjoy. One of the things that he has not liked about working for another company was the commute and the tedious hours in the office.

While Sanjay Shah has shown a great work ethic for his own job, he is also a much greater father and philanthropist in that he is willing to fund solutions to various issues such as medical conditions. For one thing, he has always been a charitable person. Finding out that his son was autistic has influenced his efforts. Now he runs a charity called Autism Rocks which collects donations in order to send over to a research facility for autism research. He uses various methods in order to fund autism research. Among the methods is running a concert for charity.

This is perhaps one of his greatest achievements. He is able to get famous artists to perform for funding. The purpose for autism research funding is so that medical experts can come up with more effective treatments for the developmental condition. Right now, his son is in behavioral therapy so that his development can be boosted and he can learn how to function with autism. Sanjay Shah has proven to be very generous and responsible. He is also a good example of a man who knows how to handle tragedies.

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FreedomPop will launch a revolutionary new idea in Spain

The Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), FreedomPop, which offers SIM cards with mobile service plans at no cost, has announced they will have a zero-rated access to WhatsApp, as reported in VentureBeat. The company will launch this service in Spain, and will offer free access to the messaging application WhatsApp, even if the user has no remaining mobile data.

FreedomPop’s services offers free text messages, mobile data and also talk time to people who need more than what is usually offered by their mobile provider. FreedomPop was launched in 2011 in Los Angeles and operates in all the United States, and has plans to expand globally. It started its operations in the United Kingdom in September 2015 and is also present in Spain, which represents FreedomPop’s third market.

Whatsapp has sought for partnerships with different operators around the world, but it has been controversial in some countries and less pronounced in Europe, with the exception of the partnership with the German mobile network, E-plus in 2014. But FreedomPop’s new launch is Spain is completely different, since they are not partnered with Facebook or WhatsApp. Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop’s CEO, explains to VentureBeat that the Spanish launch is important since it is not a formal partnership, but rather embraces WhatsApp organically without having Facebook to push it. Aside, FreedomPop will offer its users a free package of 200 minutes, 200 text messages and also 200MB of data, and Stokols hopes this will attract paying customers in all markets. FreedomPop’s COO and Cofounder, Steven Sesar, explains that they are creating a new business model which uses WhatsApp’s success by covering their data bill and offering another attractive features to FreedomPop’s users, and they will enter Spain since around 70% of its mobile consumers use WhatsApp and depend on it for messaging. Another benefit for FreedomPop users from the U.S., U.K. and soon Spain is that it will offer free roaming in 31 countries, including the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Italy and others, and will soon be expanding globally by the end of 2016 through partnerships or by entering the market with new models.

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Venezuelan Politician German Mavare Shot

Venezuela has had more than its fair share of turmoil lately with the energy crisis and the resulting food and medicine shortages. President Maduro has been under intense pressure lately to take emergency measures to stave off a total economic and political collapse in Venezuela. Given the lack of a coherent policy to literally keep the lights on in Venezuela, expert Danilo Diaz explains there have been calls for President Maduro’s resignation or for a referendum vote.
Venezuelan politician German Mavare was shot in the head on May 6, 2016 in the western state of Lara. Members of the UNT Party have expressed outrage on facebook over his assassination and have made demands for justice in the investigation into his killer. No one has taken responsibility yet for the slaying of Mavare, and the government of Venezuela has not made an official comment on his assassination.

This latest development reported by My, in the political upheaval in Venezuela is further evidence that the country is on the brink of total collapse. There are no links yet between the assassination and the current administration, but some Venezuelans are convinced that Mavare was targeted on the order of Socialist Party officials who feared an imminent coup against President Maduro.


A recent article on Devco, published at the Press of Atlantic City, presented readers with the problem of unpaid loans. These unpaid loans have brought into question the viability and effectiveness of Devco to complete the project that it has taken on and the company’s ability to fully repay the loan. State laws were even put in place by Governor Chris Christy “barring state agencies from giving loans, grants and other subsidies to businesses, including nonprofits, that have defaulted on state-issued loans and bonds” (Kramer). As the project continues the company is hopeful that this will become a “money-earner” and will reach their goal. Financial arrangements have been made to complete said project according to the article that can be found at

Devco is a non-profit organization that thrives on redeveloping cities in order to create new opportunities. The company on was founded in the 1970’s and continues to find new ways to grow current urban cities. The company is based out of New Jersey. New Brunswick Devco has won many awards including: 2008 and 2012 Smart Growth Award, 2007 ULI Northern NJ Chapter – Project of the Year, 2005 Design Concepts award and many more. Apart from its many prestigious awards, Devco has also made the news with headlines such as “Urban Legends”, which highlighted two very important employees. Devco has had the opportunity on pressofatlanticcity in not only creating large buildings, but small ones as well including grocery stores.