George Soros Fights to Preserve Ukraine

As one of the wealthiest individuals in the entire world, George Soros is famous for being an incredibly successful hedge fund manager. In addition to his professional acclaim, Soros has also worked as a philanthropist in the field of international human rights for quite some time. Through his many international philanthropic organizations, George Soros has gained a perspective on international politics and economics that has given him access to speak and write about some of the most pressing issues in the world today. Given the international implications of the situation in Ukraine, Soros has been a vocal supporter of sending more help to Ukraine to maintain its independence.

In recent articles, Soros reminds all of us that while Ukraine might be standing victorious now against Russia’s attempted intervention, things can change in an instant. He points out that Vladimir Putin remains a very real threat to Ukraine’s independence and is likely watching and waiting for the most opportune time to make his move again. The stronger Ukraine is, the less of a target it becomes for another Russian intervention. One of the most obvious ways to keep Ukraine strong, in Soros’ opinion, is to make sure that it has the funds necessary to retain an active military force and protect its own borders from Russian forces.

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While Ukraine’s physical security remains important, Soros says it is too easy to lose sight of the crucial political and economic reforms that the country has embraced in recent years. Because the political reforms are so sweeping and disrupt decades of arcane bureaucracy, George Soros Ukraine says they are at risk from being fully implemented while Ukraine struggles to pay off its debts. It is completely understandable that Ukraine took on a large debt in a short time frame to try to fight off Russian forces, but the fact remains that Ukraine is still saddled with a major debt. According to Soros, there are still plenty of forces from the old bureaucracy entrenched in Ukraine, which makes it difficult to push new reforms through the government at a rapid pace.

Soros has faith that successful political and economic reforms in Ukraine could be a catalyst for broader reforms in the region. Soros says that the Russian public will be watching the reform process closely in Ukraine. If the government is able to spur economic growth and prosperity in Ukraine, then the Russian people are more likely to wake up and demand a similar change from their own political leaders. Greater financial assistance from the international community to Ukraine would increase the likelihood of success of these reforms. Soros reasons that if the government of Ukraine is too focused on paying off its massive debt instead of seeing the necessary reforms all the way through, then the revolution will be very short lived.

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