Beauty Blogger Shows Off New Crowning Glory After Using WEN By Chaz

Emily McClure might be a beauty blogger, but when it comes to her hair, she shares a common condition. Unfortunately, Emily has been given fine, thin hair, thanks to her mom and dad’s DNA.

It’s no one’s fault, and the great news is that something can be done to gift lift and shine to her dull, flat mane. Emily was looking for the ultimate hair transformation and decided to try the Wen hair by Chaz system to give her Hollywood hair. She kept a hair log for Bustle and also posted daily hair selfies to chart her progress.

WEN by Chaz is loved around the world for its unique no lather shampoo concept. Gone are the harmful formulas with nasty chemicals that weaken people’s hair. Stylist to the stars Chaz Dean developed a better method in his special cleansing conditioners. These botanical ingredients give hair of every type major shine, body and manageability. He believes so strongly in his WEN by Chaz hair care line, that he has not used a lather shampoo on his clientele nor himself since 1993. Wen hair products are sold on Total Beauty and on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora.

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner and began using WEN daily in the shower. She fell in love with the formula and noticed her hair swelled in thickness. After she rinsed, she followed with a blow-dry and styling session, and as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Emily was blown away, because she suddenly had a crowning glory that looked impressive. Her mane was shiny, soft and voluminous. Even her close gal pals noticed the change and complimented Emily.

Emily has advice for achieving the ultimate WEN by Chaz results:

1. Always wash with WEN in the morning.
2. Always follow with a blow-dry and styling.
3. Don’t skip a wash.
4. Make time for your hair.

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