The Start of Entrepreneurship for Adam Goldenberg

The fashion industry boasts some of the most innovative minds but the mind of Adam Goldenberg is a step up. Goldenberg is what many refer to as the innovative creative mind, and his start was very early in life. At the young age of 15, he was known for his startup, Gamers Alliance on This site was for a network of gamers that would connect people from all over the world. The making of his network was genius and he was able to sell it to another company known as Intermix Media.

When Goldenberg first connected with Intermix Media he didn’t fully realize that he would be selling his business to the parent company of one of the first beloved social networks ; MySpace. Selling his first business prior to graduating high-school was quite an accomplishment for Goldenberg, not to mention that it made him one of the most accomplished teenagers in history.

The next step for Adam Goldenberg was to work in collaboration with Intermix Media as the COO (Chief Operating Officer). While working as the COO, he met who would be his new business partner, Don Ressler. Meeting Ressler was like meeting his soulmate, and eventually, the two would partner together to build a new business once Newscorp purchased Intermix Media for more than $600 million. The first company that the two founded together was Intelligent Beauty.

While the two were more focused and skilled in the technical arena, they are now the co-CEOs of the online fashion leader JustFab. The two founded the company in 2010 on and within a few years, the company became a global leader in e-commerce. Adam Goldenberg and Ressler are showing the world of retail just how crucial e-commerce is, and the role it plays in the success or failure in your business.

While these two business partners have continued to find innovative ways to market JustFab, they also launched Fabletics, a channel of JustFab. The subscription-based fashion sites cater to two different audiences, making access to style and comfort easier than ever before to acquire. While expanding into additional countries they also purchased the shoe guru Shoe Dazzle.

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