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Fabletics – Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is a huge problem around the world, and many celebrities are aware of this fact on Ralph Lauren and Kate Hudson are doing something to end this problem. They have created important organizations that will help the world become a better place or free from breast cancer in the future. We are going to talk a little bit about Fabletics, Kate Hudson`s new venture, and the things this organization can do for the betterment of the world.

Amazing Partnership

Fabletics is a website co-founded by actress and fashion tastemaker Kate Hudson. Kate has been born to inspire people of all ages, and she loves living an active, healthy lifestyle. Sharing her favorite outfits is what Fabletics is all about. FTBC is an organization created by fashion designer Ralph Lauren to fight breast cancer around the world by uniting the fashion world. The website has been alive since 1996 and it has been supported by Kylie Minogue, Kate Moss, and other fashion icons.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics and the brand’s recent partnership with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC), a U.K.-based campaign that funds breast cancer research and works with industry members to support those affected by the disease. Kate will be FTBC`s Ambassador for the year 2016. The CFDA is also included in this outstanding partnership in the past month. Kate will be launching an amazing outfit comprised of a capris, sports bra, and tank.

More Benefits

The proceedings that Fabletics collects will be sent out to FTBC right away. This is an amazing opportunity for you to join this charitable movement these days. In October, Fabletics will be hosting events that will benefit FTBC via donations. These events will be hosted in all the locations of this firm. The FTBC has had many famous ambassadors including Karolina Kurkova and Christy Turlington. The FTBC has bene doing an amazing job along with the NYCT, which has been funding research on breast cancer.

As you can see, Kate Hudson has bene doing a remarkable job at helping the world becoming a better place. She has joined forces with fashion icon Ralph Lauren so that we can live in a world free from breast cancer. The FTBC has received a lot of grants, and Fabletics is working hard to give something good to this organization. Fabletics and the FTBC have also joined forces to end breast cancer. The CFDA has also been involved in the projects, which has made this news welcomed by the world of fashion and charitable movements at .

Hiring An Event Planner: Tips For Getting It Right

So you’re thinking of hiring an event planner, but where do you start? Planning an event can be stressful and complicated, which is probably why you’re hiring a planner. That part shouldn’t be stressful. Here are some tips to help you find the right planner for the job.

1. What Is Your Reason For Hiring A Planner?

This is important, because not everyone hires a planner for the same reasons. Are you wanting someone who can plan your event from the ground up? In other words, someone who will brainstorm themes or concepts and design your perfect event? Or, do you have a solid vision for your event, and you just need to make sure everything goes smoothly? These are important points to bring up when you start interviewing event planners.

2. What Is Your Budget?

Knowing your budget is essential and should be established before you start looking for a planner.

3. Get Recommendations From Your Circle

Have you been to any events recently that were amazing and well-coordinated? Find out who the planner was. Consult coworkers and associates who have had good experiences and can recommend their event planner.

4. Plan On Interviewing At Least Three Planners

From your research and recommendations, choose at least three event planners and meet with them, ideally in person. Let them know what you are looking for and what your firm budget is. Listen to them and get a feel for how they work.

5. Check References

This is an important step that many people neglect. You have to check references. Check more than one. One bad review isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, but more than that is a red flag. You want to know that the planner has a good reputation and happy clients! When you talk to people about their experience, ask them if they would hire the planner again.

The planner’s website is a good place to start. For example, the website for 23 Layers has a page dedicated to customer testimonials. You can see that 23 Layers is a respected and popular event planning company in New York. While there are many event planners in New York, 23 Layers stands out because they provide amazing service and deliver results that delight their customers.

Improving student loan lending services

On Tuesday, NexBank SSB which is based in Dallas announced that they had acquired a college savings of Princeton in New Jersey. Up to its acquisition, the bank was dealing with the 529college savings plan. The particular details about the acquisition are still yet to come.

According to the deal, the college bank gets to keep its name and will maintain their operations as a division within NexBank. The bank was founded in 1987 and has been specializing in college savings for the past 30 years. The college bank also acts as program manager for the Arizona Family College Savings Program bank and the Indiana College Choice CD 529Savings plan.

NexBank SSB is a part of the bigger unit, NexBank Capital, Inc. This bank is a company that serves customers from all over the country through the three major businesses:
• Commercial banking
• Investment banking
• Mortgage banking

Nexbank offers services such as warehouse lending and investment banking. Through these plans, the customers are able to fund and close their loans in a more effective manner. They have professionals whose aim is creating products that empower the businesses of their customers. They also offer lending services to financial institutions, management of treasury and agency services.

Nexbank has also established an online banking platform. This is meant to allow customers to check their balances, look at the progress of their loans or investments and related services without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

By the year that ended on June 30th, the company was worth $3.5 billion in assets. Nexbank is led by James Dondero and a host of other executives that have years of experience in all the different facets of banking. Their aim is the development of products that suit the needs of the customers by providing leading services to private customers, institutions and corporations.

ClassDojo Transforms Education by Building a Healthy Classroom Community

ClassDojo started in 2011 with the aim of improving education and providing a communication platform for parents, teachers, and students. The app uses photos, videos, and messages to share what is happening throughout the day at school. Two in three public and private schools in the United States actively use the application right from the kindergarten to the 8th grade leading to an amazing classroom community. ClassDojo is available in 180 countries and 40 different languages covering millions of people every day.


ClassDojo successfully raised a $21 million fund in 2015 with the aim of facilitating communication between the teachers and the parents. Their goal was to ensure that the parents are aware of the students’ social development and behavior. To achieve this, ClassDojo has added more professionals to their team and focus on adding more content and features to the app with the parent’s interests in mind. ClassDojo executives also assure its users of total protection of their data from monetization. Their long-term goal is to include transactional features on their app that enables parents to pay for activities like field trips and lunches for the students through their phones rather than using the checks or cash.


ClassDojo teamed up with Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) center in the production of animated videos on growth mindset. Research has shown that children are bound to change how they perceive themselves when they learn that their abilities can develop and embrace learning as a challenge they are ready to face. Therefore, ClassDojo in collaboration with PERTS introduced the videos after the realization that the teachers were struggling to include growth mindset into their teaching practice. A guide for the teachers to facilitate classroom discussions accompanies the videos too. The videos include; A secret about the brain, Magic of mistakes, The power of “yet,” The mysterious world of neurons, and Little by little.


Class Dojo’s objective is to guide the parents-student conversations at home and involve the parents in their child’s activities at school. The teacher informs the parents on the day-to-day operations that the students engages in and also take pictures of the activities or the work that is happening at that time. Students create their portfolios where they share content and feedback in class, and this creates a positive classroom culture. The app has helped in motivating students in decision making, upholding good moral values, and providing an opportunity to voice out their opinions. Through this, ClassDojo has succeeded in creating a healthy classroom community.


Find out more about ClassDojo:

Increasing Confidence By A Hair

Women take a lot of pride in their hair. Unfortunately, they are left with a lot of frustration when they realize that they are not going to be able to keep the same quality of hair. One thing that they admire is the quality of hair that they see on celebrities. The frustrating thing that they realize is that a large part of the quality of one’s hair depends on the type of product that one has. Celebrities often have their hair done by celebrity stylists like Chaz Dean. For one thing he uses a different formula in order to bring out the best in their hair.

Fortunately, for people, the products that Chaz uses is now available for the masses. Chaz has released his hair care in the form of Wen by Chaz. He has released three different formulas of the product. He also has other products that go with it that he could sell in a kit or by itself. The products are affordable for the benefits that they give for people’s hair. This is why Wen is quickly becoming popular among the women. They have a desire for great hair and they see that Wen gives them the hair that they have always desired.

As a result of the benefits of Wen by Chaz, women are walking around with an increased amount of confidence. They are also able to smile more. For one thing, they don’t take pride in the look that they are born with. They take a lot of pride with the looks that they achieve. A large part of that is the hair. When women can get their hair in good condition, it makes them feel like their in control. Wen by Chaz gives women the opportunity to take control of their hair and overall appearance. Wen hair care products are Sephora available and can also be ordered online through Guthy-Renker or eBay.

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SEC Whistleblower’s Program Giving a Second Award

This past summer, it was announced that the second largest SEC Whistleblower Award of over $17 million was granted to a client of the law firm, Labaton Sucharow LLP. The client reported of the wrongdoings within the financial services industry. Also, the client chose to remain anonymous to avoid blacklisting and retaliation. As a matter of fact, the SEC doesn’t disclose specific cases that the whistleblowers played a role in to prevent indirect identification of the whistleblower.

Jordan Thomas, noted leader of SEC whistleblower lawyer team, and his team secured a expansive monetary award for a client who reported wrongdoing in a high profile case. He also represented a public company’s first officer in receiving a whistleblower award. And in another instance, Thomas worked on the first case where the SEC successfully charged an employer for retaliation towards a whistleblower.

Thomas stated that his client whistle blew when others within that industry were content in remaining silent and allowing the harm opposed on investors. Thomas, also being the Chair of the Whistleblower Representation Practice of Labaton Sucharow, predicted that many SEC’s biggest and most significant cases will result from courageous whistleblowers for years to come.

Because of the incentives and unique protection provided by the SEC Whistleblower Program, eligible whistleblowers, like the client of Labaton Sucharow, are able to report possible violations of federal securities anonymously along with having the opportunity to gain extensive monetary awards and employment protection. And to ensure the availability of adequate funds for awards, Congress established an Investor Protection Fund that is replenished and has a current balance of over $400 million.

This is the 6th year of the SEC Whistleblower program. In this program, eligible whistleblowers are able to receive from 10 percent to 30 percent of the entire monetary sanctions collected from a successful enforcement action.
About Labaton Sucharow LLP

For over 50 years, Labaton Sucharow has been one of the nation’s premier law firms that comprehensively represents institutional investors, businesses, and consumers in complex business and securities litigation. They build on their platform of market leading securities litigation, and their practice leverages a leading, in house team consisting of financial analysts, investigators, and forensic accountants. Their team is equipped with state and federal law enforcement expertise to offer unparalleled whistleblowers’ representation. Labaton Sucharow,, is consistently ranked among the top plaintiff litigation firms according to The Legal 500, Chambers & Partners, Benchmark Litigation, and The National Law Journal Plaintiffs’ Hot List.

Labaton Sucharow and Big SEC Clients

Labaton Sucharow is a law firm that is dedicated to people who want to report issues with the SEC from their internal system. The law firm works with whistle blowers to ensure that they feel that they are going the right path to make a report and to make sure that they are talking to the right people. The law firm is also able to represent whistle blowers in the event of any court cases or with any information that they have to take to the SEC. They work only with SEC whistleblowers to make sure that they go down the right path.

While Labaton Sucharow is a great SEC whistleblower attorney, they have not always been this way. They were once a business law firm. Before the SEC whistle blower program was created, Labaton Sucharow worked with businesses to make sure that they were able to run their business successfully. They helped set up businesses, find permits and ensure that the business was running properly. While they were working as business attorneys, they learned a great deal about what they were able to do as attorneys and more about the world of business including the SEC.

The SEC has always had problems with internal theft. This is because people are granted access to a huge amount of money. They may not think that it makes a difference but they also know that they can get away with it. They even pay off some of the lower SEC employees to ensure that they are able to keep stealing the money. This is a problem for the SEC and one that they recently addressed by creating the SEC whistleblower program that rewards people for reporting information on what is going on in the SEC and what can be done about it.

When it comes to the SEC whistle blower program, Labaton Sucharow is able to actually help the whistleblowers. They had a case where their client won the second-largest reward from the SEC for blowing the whistle on unfair practices within the SEC. This was done with the help of the law firm and would not have been possible if the person had not made the decision to go to the law firm for help. They were able to bring the reward to the person and stop major issues that were happening within the internal system of the SEC.