ClassDojo Transforms Education by Building a Healthy Classroom Community

ClassDojo started in 2011 with the aim of improving education and providing a communication platform for parents, teachers, and students. The app uses photos, videos, and messages to share what is happening throughout the day at school. Two in three public and private schools in the United States actively use the application right from the kindergarten to the 8th grade leading to an amazing classroom community. ClassDojo is available in 180 countries and 40 different languages covering millions of people every day.


ClassDojo successfully raised a $21 million fund in 2015 with the aim of facilitating communication between the teachers and the parents. Their goal was to ensure that the parents are aware of the students’ social development and behavior. To achieve this, ClassDojo has added more professionals to their team and focus on adding more content and features to the app with the parent’s interests in mind. ClassDojo executives also assure its users of total protection of their data from monetization. Their long-term goal is to include transactional features on their app that enables parents to pay for activities like field trips and lunches for the students through their phones rather than using the checks or cash.


ClassDojo teamed up with Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) center in the production of animated videos on growth mindset. Research has shown that children are bound to change how they perceive themselves when they learn that their abilities can develop and embrace learning as a challenge they are ready to face. Therefore, ClassDojo in collaboration with PERTS introduced the videos after the realization that the teachers were struggling to include growth mindset into their teaching practice. A guide for the teachers to facilitate classroom discussions accompanies the videos too. The videos include; A secret about the brain, Magic of mistakes, The power of “yet,” The mysterious world of neurons, and Little by little.


Class Dojo’s objective is to guide the parents-student conversations at home and involve the parents in their child’s activities at school. The teacher informs the parents on the day-to-day operations that the students engages in and also take pictures of the activities or the work that is happening at that time. Students create their portfolios where they share content and feedback in class, and this creates a positive classroom culture. The app has helped in motivating students in decision making, upholding good moral values, and providing an opportunity to voice out their opinions. Through this, ClassDojo has succeeded in creating a healthy classroom community.


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