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How EOS Created Retail Magic by Beginning With the Simplest of Products

Lip balm was once a basic product that was packaged in a simple tube and had very little variety. It was a necessary item that nearly everyone used at some point, but the effort put into its design, packaging and marketing was minimal. This was why EOS decided it was time for something new and a little more enticing to consumers. Their opinion was that people had the right to want something exciting and fun from even their most common health and beauty products.

To achieve this objective the company considered all of the ways they could make lip balm more interesting. They changed the shape from a tube to a pod to make it more appealing to the sight and touch. They created a variety of colors, scents and flavors to awaken the senses even more. The company chose to use only organic ingredients to meet the standards of a growing number of shoppers that want healthier options and they kept the price reasonable rather than inflating it the way many companies do with their designer products.

EOS lip balm was not part of a huge conglomeration. They were a small company now initiating a campaign that would put them in competition with some of the largest corporations in the world. This mean smart, cost-effective marketing. They chose product placement in videos by artists that were popular with millennials. They built an enormous social media presence. They partnered with other better-known companies to market their products together.

In just a few short years EOS (see: was able to transform their New York-based business from an unknown startup to well-defined company with an amazingly popular product. Magazines now have tests for teens to discover what flavor EOS lip balm they are, shopping websites like eBay include EOS flavor lists and YouTube users have posted videos of their EOS collections. The products are found in drug and department stores around the country and when a specific flavor is seen being used by the right celebrity – it is not uncommon for it to instantly sell out.

Developing A Brand Is Important For Lime Crime

The Lime Crime cosmetics brand has a growing following online as increasing numbers of people are looking to use the makeup developed by the Los Angeles based company headed by Doe Deere. In interviews Doe Deere has been explaining her Online persona as the “Queen of the Unicorns” and trying to bring inspiration to others through her role as one of the members of the list of top female entrepreneurs published by “Self-Made” magazine; the chance to pose on the cover of the magazine alongside many of her own business idols was an important step in Deere becoming an important part of the cosmetics industry that is slowly following the developments Lime Crime has brought to the industry.


Despite her role as one of the leaders of a new breed of cosmetics industry leaders, and the curator of the Lime Crime blog, Doe Deere has been at pains to explain she was not always successful in her own attempts at using makeup in her early adult life. Deere now understands the journey she embarked upon as a younger person began in 2006 with her seeking to create a series of looks that were more about making a statement about how she felt about her own life instead of simply looking good. The empowerment and confidence Doe Deere developed is something she hopes to pass on to others who she hopes will follow in her foot steps as a successful entrepreneur who continues to look to create the best opportunities for success in the future.

Success for Doe Deere and Lime Crime also appears to be about more than simply selling the largest number of products possible, but instead is about bringing fun and excitement back to the cosmetics industry. Doe Deere looks back to the early days of Lime Crime around its 2008 launch when social media followers would look to the company’s social media accounts to see the latest looks Deere and her fellow employees had created; this early form of social media marketing has continued for the company with more of a focus on how the customers and members of the Online community developed around the brand are currently using the latest products. The company has continued to develop new ways of making a connection with their followers who look forward to the latest developments in bold, colorful makeup developed for those with a sense of individuality they wish to express at all times.  Check out the Lime Crime Velvetines for yourself on here:

Clay Siegall: America’s Unsung Hero Leading Seattle Genetics

Living in todays modern society celebrities or professional athletes tend to receive most of the credit for their accomplishments. These people are household names just for having a job that involves playing a game or for entertainment purposes. Unfortunately the real hero never seems to get the credit he/she deserves. People who save lives should be household names, but unfortunately the world doesn’t see it that way. Being such a dangerous and deadly disease, cancer has become widespread and it’s more than likely touched each and every one of our lives in some form or fashion. The good thing about this situation is that there are far better advancements in the fight against cancer and Dr. Clay Siegall is helping to lead the charge.

You may know this, but Clay Siegall is the (CEO) and President of one of the worlds best biotechnology companies. Seattle Genetics has grown into the industry’s top research, development, and commercialization centers in the quest to rid the world of this disheartening disease. Dr. Clay Siegall’s strong leadership has pushed the company even further by producing some of the best Antibody Based Therapies. These therapies are known as Antibody Drug Conjugates, which directly injects cancer cells with cell killing agents. A main benefit of this advanced therapy is that it reduces the nasty side effects which are prevalent with traditional cancer treatment methods. (ADCs) are great because they don’t target the good cells within the body unlike chemotherapy. Being such a success, these drugs are used worldwide in over 65 countries.

Dr. Clay Siegall has the knowledge, know-how, capabilities, and expertise to keep the company and the industry in an ever evolving cycle. Dr. Siegall is the winner of many health/medical related awards, is the author of up to 70 publications, and is the holder of 15 patents. He’s a natural born philanthropist who put others health at the top of his priority list and with Clay Siegall in charge, the fight against cancer will eventually succumb to the antibody based therapies positive effects.

Bruce Levenson’s Involvement in the Lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company

The New Hampshire Insurance Company is facing a lawsuit which was filed against it by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE). According to the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, the insurance company has failed to honor a contract. This lawsuit, however, involved the previous ownership of AHBE. Bruce Levenson is among those who are involved because he was under the previous management. The current group is under the leadership of Tony Ressler.

According to AHBE, the insurance cover from the New Hampshire Insurance Company covered the employees against some practices. These include wrongful termination among several others. The previous management gave notice to the insurance company, but nothing has been done about it.

The change in the management at AHBE resulted from a buyout. The owners had been partners since 2012 before they acquired the franchise. The current spokesperson of AHBE said that since the lawsuit did not involve the current management, they were not in a position to speak about it.

The previous management said that the lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company was their last option. The insurance company failed to act on the claims and did not even acknowledge that the claims were made. The insurance company ought to have covered the loss incurred by Ferry and his team. If they win, the insurance company will not only pay the claims but also all the fees incurred during the lawsuit.

Bruce Levenson had been among the owners of AHBE since 1997. According to, during the sale of the AHBE Levenson and his group is said to have made a lot of profit. He is involved in several other companies where he holds executive positions. These companies include the United Communications Group ( and TechTarget among others. Bruce graduated from Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.



Reviewing The Contribution Of Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory To Entrepreneurship

Mike Baur is offering young entrepreneurs a platform where they can launch and manage their startups. The Swiss Startup Factory is a facility that is incubating ICT startups that are talented and aligned to the path of making a change in the world. Launched in 2014, the facility has to date incubated hundreds of startups that have grown into established companies across the country.

The Swiss Startup Factory offers upcoming entrepreneurs access to a pool of experienced and highly skilled professionals, who contribute to the development of the startups by offering a one on one mentorship session and tools for testing of the ideas. To avail the requisite infrastructure, the Swiss Startup Factory has partnered with universities across the country in a bid to get resources that can help the startups implement their ideas.

Digital business strategy

The business world has changed and over the years, more businesses have invested in making changes that are in line with the new requirements. Adapting to the digital environment and ensuring a business is always prepared for change enhances competitiveness. Through the digital business strategy provisions, the Swiss Startup Factory is allowing startups to strategist for the changes about to happen and the entrepreneurs are equipped with special skills to help them push their digital agenda.

Staffing and goal definition

Every business should have a goal and a staffing strategy that works in tandem with the goals. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, startups are equipped with skills that offer a definite approach to staffing and goal definition procedures that are aimed at strengthening the business. The role of staffing extends further to getting solutions to different problems that often lead to losses in a business.

Post-accelerator support

The Swiss Startup Factory offers an acceleration program that is included in the incubation period of three months. Once this period is over, startups are released to the market so they can implement the things they have learned in the process. However, a startup is not left to run without support for the first five months, reason the Swiss Startup Factory offers the post-accelerator support to oversee the implementation of different concepts acquired during the incubation period.

Read more about his interview on Founder Stories.

Mike Baur

Born and raised in Fribourg, Mike Baur is a professional whose career has brought light to many aspiring entrepreneurs. He started as a banker and worked for almost 20 years. In 2014, Mike Baur made a bold move that saw him enter the world of entrepreneurship. He formed the Swiss Startup Factory, which has for two years now been offering support to startups within Switzerland.

OSI Group: A Leader of the Food Industry

The world of Food Solutions span across many different sectors in this huge field of work. No matter the size of the company, this industry is very competitive and constantly changes with the times. OSI Group, one of the leading food solution providers in the world, has been a staple since day one since it’s beginning back in 1909. Though started as a small meat market by it’s owner Otto Kolschowsky, this this thriving wholesale business grew into one of the worlds best and leading food providers.

OSI Group or known in the U.S. as OSI Industries LLC has become a global network in itself. OSI has 60 facilities, are located in up to 16 countries, and has 3 zone offices. The network is huge and the demand of such great products fueled it’s growth. In 2011, the company was named to the Forbes List as the 136th privately held companies in America as it’s annual revenues exceeded $3 Billion. As of 2016, OSI has jumped up on the Forbes List of Largest Private Companies with$6.1 Billion sales in revenue. With success comes growth and with growth comes change, but this one time small meat market remained true to it’s goals and visions.

Why is the company so successful? Well, just ask the other companies who’ve done business with the famous food provider. OSI has ethics and honor each and every one of it’s clientele base. Being in business since 1909 has to mean something as it epitomizes the spirit of the company. Did you know that many of your favorite restaurant chains get the meats and food products from OSI Group? That’s right! OSI provides there products to some of the worlds exclusive eating establishments such as Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, and even Starbucks. Whatever a companies expectations of food products they’d like to receive can be created or custom manufactured to your liking. The team of skilled experts brings “leading edge thinking” to meet the demands of most complex challenges. This is why OSI stands out among it’s peers and the company is continuing it’s innovative push well into the 21st Century. OSI Group brings Global Supply Chain Management, Process Engineering, Custom Product Capabilities, and Quality Assurance to the forefront which establishes it as the premier food source provider.