VTA Publications And Leading Financial Advisor, Jim Hunt

Update Dec 12th, 2016 – Jim Hunt has a YouTube page for videos of all of his VTA Publications systems. This includes free information about how Wealth Wave, Make Mum a Millionaire, and Pyjama Profits work. These systems are incredibly effective, but it’s only reasonable to want to know more about them before taking the plunge. So do your research!

VTA Publications is a company that was formed in 2012. Its head office is in Norfolk. The company has been in operation for over three years. VTA is one of the leading non-fiction publishers. It publishes long distance courses. VTA also hosts events, which cater to specialist genres. Beginning in 2012, many customers from different parts of the world have benefited and continue to enjoy VTA’s information creations and services.


The company’s aim is to provide cutting-edge information. Its information products are delivered both physically and digitally to the customers. The kind of information that VTA provides specializes on economics in addition to the financial field. The company endeavors to obtain the best professionals in the two areas from around the globe. That comprises of the people are actively involved in the fields. VTA does that with the aim of bringing their tradecraft and experience to its clients in formats that can use effortlessly. Additionally, VTA is also a booking agent for events as well as seminars that allow its customers to gain knowledge from the best in the industry.


Recently, VTA’s Jim Hunt declared that he was going to use 10 trades for his program to make his mum a millionaire. He also launched Wealth Wave. It is a simple investment strategy. With the Wealth Wave strategy, massive profits can be made from the drop of an identified impeding market.


About Jim Hunt

Jim Hunt is one of the most revered financial advisors. He is the current CEO of VTA Publications. Jim has made great accomplishments in the stock market. With an experience spanning a number of years, Jim is well known for his ability to spot trends in the market. He is also able to foresee activity with tremendous levels of accuracy.


Presently, Jim is committed to showing new investors the best methodologies of making successful investments. He also teaches them on ways of investing safely. Jim does that through VTA Publications. It is his company, which he uses to offer strategic outlines and investment tips. That is through the fields that the company specializes in for its distance learning courses. He is an expert in stocks and bonds investment where he focuses on the average investor.  Make sure to check out the very informative interview with Jim on Ideamensch.  Tons of insight into what makes him a top level investor.

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