Executive Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO and the former Global Executive Chairman of KBS. At this company, she is responsible for setting up the vision for the company strategy. She is also in charge of developing MDC’s model and working with a number of partner agencies. Lori is called upon to do this in order to help facilitate growth for the company and also develop better client relationships. With these tasks, Lori is able to help Global become a top company in its industry as well as further establishing itself as a trusted company. Over the course of her career, she has consistently demonstrated her abilities in leadership as well as establish client relations.

During the course of her career, Lori has consistently demonstrated her ability to encourage innovation and invention. As a result, her company KBS has been able to become the top brand agency in terms of facilitating a number of inventions. According to Lori, it takes true invention to create a competitive advantage for various brands. When she was working at KBS, she helped establish a number of agency business units in technology. She has also helped establish business units in content creation and start up investment.

In a recent interview by Ad Week, Lori has talked about her experiences in business as well as her personal background. She was able to develop strong leadership skills at a fairly young age. Lori was the oldest of four children and this allowed her to get into the habit of setting the example for others and also providing instruction on how to conduct oneself. This upbringing allowed her to get used to leading others and would carry over to her future career. Along with establishing leadership skills at a young age, Lori has also looked to establish a good work life balance. On a regular basis she exercises and looks to eat a healthy diet. This helps her stay fit as well as allowing her to limit stress. By living a balanced lifestyle, she is able to more easily handle any challenges she faces.

When Lori spoke at the interview, she also talked about how women like her have been successful in marketing. She says that one of the main reasons why women are successful in the field is because they have empathy and understanding for customers. They are able to develop a strong awareness of what consumers want and need. Once they find this out, they are then able to assure consumers that the products and services available will meet their needs. See Lori Senecal’s Forbes profile to learn more.

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