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Fighting for social justice; the story of Thor Havlorssen

Thor Havlorssen likes to describe himself as a child of many nations. He is a Venezuelan-Norwegian, but he lives and works in the country when he is not traveling the world to crusade for the rights of the less fortunate. His mother and father both have a royal heritage, and funny enough, they were also both crusaders of social justice. When Thor  Havlorssen was a child he was unfortunate enough to watch his father getting arrested when he was fighting against corruption by the Venezuelan government. This is one of the events that molded him into the person that he is today.

However, the most significant thing that happened in his childhood and made him think seriously about the plight of the weak in the society was a case where his mother and a group of other people had been holding peaceful demonstrations against the government of the day. His mother and a few others were singled out and shot with live bullets in broad daylight. At that time, when Thor was trying to bring her mother’s shooters to book, he had the naïve believe that once arrested justice would be served. First of all, it took years before the people were arrested, even though they had been seen clearly and were known. Then, when the case was conducted and concluded, they were handed a three year sentence. What was even more shocking was the fact that after serving six months of their three months sentence, they were allowed to walk.

These are the events that made the man the activist that he is today. He founded an organization that is known as The Human Rights Movement. Through the organization, he has helped countless people get out of bad humanitarian situations and get the legal help and justice that they need. He organizes a day of human rights annually and those that attend claim that it is like the Davos conference, only that at the events, the matters discussed include human rights, how they can be upheld and how to shun the blatant disregard that some countries act in relation to human rights. Thor is a name that will be on the lips of many ho crusade for social justice.


Fast Company Recap About EOS Lip Balm

There is a rage over lip products due to a company called EOS, standing for Evolution of Smooth. Only a few years ago did this name come into play, but they are already bigger than ever. EOS is rated just number two in best selling lip balm on eBay. Their products are all natural, hypoallergenic, gluten free and contain vitamins and oils that are nourishing and naturally conditioning. In an article about the company, it was explained how exactly EOS came to be so successful. Facebook research led to the conclusion that lip balm was a product overwhelmingly used by women over men. In sensory panels, where users can describe their experiences, it was found that women constantly lost their tube of Chap Stick in the bottom of their purse and wished for something in a shape that would be easier to find. Therefore the products were created to focus on the consumers, with the end result a palm sized ball. The thought that ran through the company’s mind was to make product that would stand the test of time, they weren’t creating something to create a fad but a successful product that women would love. The five senses are a big part in EOS lip balm products. The first starts with the packaging, feeling good in the hands when picked up. Then, there are different colors of orbs (the actual lip balm container), different smells to each lip balms, there are even flavors to go with the different smells and a satisfying click when done. This is a company that didn’t want to create just another commodity but a product that each user would have an emotional connection with. Women like to use products that make them feel good and look good and at EOS this is exactly what the goal is.

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