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Bradley Carl Reifler: A Wall Street Individual Working For Middle-Class American

There is very few entrepreneur exists who are dedicated, devoted and work very hard not just for themselves but also for the people that are around them. Brad Reifler, also known as Brad is an American entrepreneur and one of such individual. He is also a founder of Forefront Advisory and serves as CEO of FCMC, LLC; it is a Mother Company of Forefront Advisory. He has a partnership with CIFCO International Group.

During his professional tenure from 1992 till date, he faced tough times and many ups and downs but he overcame them, and this devotion had now paid him when he founded Forefront Advisory. He has served in multiple positions in advisory boards, including the Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions and much more.

In one of his articles, he explained the truth about a new title “Money Monster.” Lee Gates is a professional at Wall Street who chooses hot stocks for a TV show “Money Monster.

Money Monster, even though is a fictional movie but still it helps in uncovering the truthabout Wall St and the drawbacks that the low investor normally faces when they out for investing their saving on Wall Street.

Unluckily, Wall St concentrates on wealthy investors only who are accredited and offers an ability to invest in few certain opportunities that are not permissible to non-accredited or ordinary investors.

Brad Reifler stood for that differentiation and raised his voice for ordinary American people to offered the same value and care which wealth 1% gets. Brad Reifler shared few major problems is being faced by the small middle-class investor: Fees, Access to Investments and Stock Market Risk.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler founded Forefront Capital so that he can efficiently fight for the rights of middle class American and so that each and every person can have the same amenities and benefits that are being offered to the wealthiest class only. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Forefront Capital works without the management fee, and the investment deals that are designed by FC are non-correlated to local stock market. He once said that every American has right to get access to all type of investment opportunities so he can cope with rising living cost these days.

Eric Lefkofsky and his Achievements

Tempus announced an upcoming partnership with the University of Chicago Medicine to provide analysis and molecular sequencing to breast cancer specialists of Chicago so that they can create personalized treatment plans for patients. Data on breast cancer, one of the most common cancers is relatively less accessible to patients. Chicago-based Tempus is working towards giving doctors at the University data to enable them to offer better treatment to breast cancer patients.

Tempus made a proposition to analyze data from about 1,000 breast cancer patients. The data would help health researchers and doctors uncover patterns which predict how patients respond to treatment. Over time, this gathered data will assist in improving patient outcomes and bettering treatment. Lack of sufficient information on the disease forces physicians to make treatment decisions without sufficient specific genetic information. Therefore, this program by Tempus will enable doctors to make correct and more informed decisions. Tempus uses genomic sequencing and machine learning to help doctors make real-time as well as personalized treatment decisions. Tempus is not only partnering with UChicago but also with the Mayo Clinic, Rush University Medical Center, the University of Michigan and Penn Medicine to use data to fight cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus. He also co-founded and is the chairman of Groupon, a global e-commerce marketplace. Eric has co-founded other companies like Mediaocean, an integrated media procurement technology provider, Lightbank, a venture fund investing in disruptive technology, EchoLogistics, a technology-enabled transportation outsourcing firm, InnerWorkings, a managed print and promotional solutions provider and Uptake, a predictive analytics platform for the world’s largest industries.Eric Lefkofsky is also involved in charity. In 2006, he, together with his wife Liz established the Lefkofsky Foundation. The main aim was to advance high-impact initiatives which would save lives in the community. Eric is also an appendage professor at the University of Chicago, and he has also published a book, ‘Accelerated Disruption.’


UKV PLC – Offering The Finest Selection Of Investment Grade Wines In The UK

UKV PLC is one of the most popular online wine shops in the United Kingdom and serves not only the wine connoisseurs in the country but across Europe. The UKV PLC is regarded as one of the best venues to find and buy collectible and investment grade wines sourced from some of the best locations worldwide. Clients who are looking to buy some of the unique and rare wines for personal use to add to their collection can choose from a vast selection of wines available at UKV PLC’s online portal.

UKV PLC also has one of the largest selections of champagnes available in the country, and the best part is that the company’s online portal allows the customers to select the best wines and champagnes from the comfort of their home, without having to go there. As the company has a huge stockpile of collectible and investment grade wines stored at its advanced inventory cellar, it helps with fast delivery of orders at the customers’ doorstep. The company aims to provide enhanced customer experience, starting from a huge collection of wines and champagnes to easy checkout process and fast delivery.

UKV PLC offers a wide variety of wines, which includes Champagnes, Spanish, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Italian. If you are confused as to what to buy or are curious to know more about any of the wines available at UKV PLC, you can consult in detail with any of the specialist wine consultants of the company. The in-house wine expert at UKV PLC would be able to guide you to an appropriate wine or champagne as per your taste, preference, and purpose. The customers looking for a more thorough consultation on the kinds of wines the company stocks offers and can deliver from various sources globally, the company also offers face to face discussion its office in Croydon, Surrey.

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EOS Lip Balm: Lip Balm From The Heavens

Since its inception, EOS lip balm has redefined the lip balm industry. Also known as Evolution of Smooth, the lip balm company is known for their egg-shaped lip balm infused with natural ingredients. Also, EOS lip balm is a cultural Phenomenon ma among young adults. In particular, young women gravitate towards this product. With that being said, EOS lip balm has operations in several countries. In addition to natural ingredients, EOS lip balm products are pleasant smelling. This can be attributed to their botanical extract. Aside from being a safer alternative, EOS products contain vitamin E.

Unlike their competitors that use harsh ingredients such as petroleum, EOS uses the finest ingredient to heal and revitalize skin. In addition, the products are safe for the environment. The company’s commitments to eliminating carbon footprints are also noteworthy. Another reason why EOS lip balm ( is a superior product is due to the variety of lip balms they offer. In fact, EOS lip balm comes in several flavors. To name a few, EOS lip balm comes in blueberry acai, lemon drop, sweet mint and so forth.

In addition, EOS lip balm has an appealing price point. With a suggested retail price of $3.29, it is hard not to purchase their products. Very few lip balm companies offer such a high-quality product at the price point offered by EOS lip balm. Also, EOS lip balm contains significantly more lip balm than its competitors.

Another key advantage the company has is availability. All of the major retailers carry the EOS lip balm brand. This includes Walmart, Walgreens, and so forth. It is also available on their company website. This makes their products easily accessible to their customers. Also, if customers are not satisfied with the product, they have the ability to return it within 21 days of purchase. To view what EOS has to offer, visit their Facebook product page.

Changing Lives Through Technology

Technology is a great way to change the world. If you are ready to take your life to the next level, this is the perfect place to start. Bob Reina is someone who is working on a variety of goals to make the world a better place. If you want to change the world through your work, he is a great person to follow. At Talk Fusion, he has a plan to help other people get to the next level in life. There are many areas that you can concentrate on helping people around the world. Not only are basic necessities a huge need, but so are things like education. Bob Reina has a lot of goals for the future, but with his passion and work ethic he is excited about the changes that are going to be made.


Bob Reina


In his early life, Bob Reina spent more time on the business side of things. Although he has always wanted to make a big impact on others, he has spent a lot of time thinking of ways that he can excel in other areas as well. Bob Reina had a great career in business, but he needed to make a different impact in the world. He started to get involved in helping others, and that is something that he is really excited about. Bob Reina has proven that he is ready to take things to the next level in his work like so that he can help others.


Poverty Around the World


The world has billions of people who live in abject poverty. Although this is sad to say, it is also the truth of the current situation. Bob Reina understands this situation, and he is ready to start looking at ways that he can impact the world around him. In the coming years, he has a lot of projects planned to get capital and other resources out to people who need it. He is excited about a lot of the projects that he is working on for the future. He is a great example of how to help others.


Companies Look To Goettl Merger To Provide Future Success

Under the new ownership of Ken Goodrich the expansion of the Goettl brand into areas the company once dominated and new areas of the states of Arizona and Nevada; one aspect of the recent development of the company has been the process of reaching out to existing HVAC repair and plumbing services and merging them under the Goettl brand. Ken Goodrich is keen to make sure the Goettl brand continues to grow and wants to develop a group of technicians unmatched in their skills as HVAC and plumbing specialists in the southwest.

The Goettl brand has been one of the most impressive for almost a full century after being formed in the 1930 by brothers who had made their way to Arizona in a bid to find employment using their engineering skills during the Great Depression. Using skills first developed in Ohio, the Goettl brothers began making cooling units that would eventually become the first to be sold on a mass market level across the southwest of the U.S.

Recently, the company that once held more than 100 patents for HVAC units has been primarily focused on the development of its repair and servicing aspects of the business. Ken Goodrich hopes to make sure each and every client of Goettl has the same great customer service experience as the last; Goodrich went so far as to sign off on the work of individual technicians himself during the first years of his ownership of the brand.

The addition of Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air was described as routine as the Goettl name was seen as being as beneficial to the companies as it is to the historic brand. A series of mergers have recently taken place that have been developed to allow Goettl the chance to become one of the largest Las Vegas based HVAC specialists currently operating in the world famous city.



Securus Technologies – Offering Highly Advanced Crime Prevention Technology

The efficient use of technology is necessary to ensure that the society is safe and secure and that the miscreants in the society do not get a free hand. It is for this reason that companies like Securus Technologies continue to innovate, create and develop new products and services in the field of law enforcement and public safety to help law enforcement, police authorities and public security agencies with tools and technology that would help keep law and order in the community.



Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of security systems and technology and recently bagged a nomination in the reputed Stevie Awards in the Securus Customer Service Training Department. The winner would be announced in the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Securus Technologies is the market leader in the segment of crime prevention technology and has a broad range of products and services that ensure safe and secure community, and helps the law enforcement agencies to perform their duties with diligence and technically sound manner. Currently, the products and services of Securus Technologies are used by over 120,000 inmates and are integrated with the over 3,450 law enforcement, police, and public safety agencies.



Securus Technologies secured the nomination for the customer service training department, and it is an honor for the company considering there were over 2,300 nominations received from different countries from diverse industries. The scores that every business got from the 77 preliminary judges were averaged to find the final score.



Securus Technologies received excellent customer service scores from the judges, and the Senior Vice President of Operations, Danny de Hoyos, at Securus Technologies, said that the company is glad to be nominated for the category. He further added that it showcases the commitment of the company to offering its customers fast, attentive and responsive customer service.