Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s Family, Customer and Social Focused Leadership Achievements

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, more commonly known as Duda, is a top family based business leader in Brazil. His efforts are also present in the US, as he caters to markets in both places. Duda has taken over as the director of the board of directors in his family’s business RBS Group. He’s also started a venture capital business called e.Bricks which is aimed to fund online businesses projected to be successful. His background has also included being an analyst as well as roles in media companies in the US. This vast array of expertise has shaped him to be the leader he is recognized as.

Duda Melzer has a rather impressive educational background as well. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree is business administration; he continued on to receive an MBA from Harvard University. He’s continued his education with Harvard by taking postgraduate coursework. His mentors also have connections with Harvard, so he’s kept in touch with the university. He’s known for being one of the top family based business entrepreneurs and business leaders not only in his home country but also in the US. He’s even been selected to pick top rising leaders to be recognized by the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise.

Duda Melzer also makes time to give back to the community that supports him. His family’s charity has been helping others for well over 35 years. They work with families and the government to combat issues that affect children and teens. The group also makes its projects and organizational information available to the general public via the RBS Group website. As per Clicrbs, there have been many initiatives over the years, and the company has been recognized many times over for their hard work and effective strategies. Being a media company has worked to their favor in spreading the message. Not only does Duda and his family use their business talent to help themselves and their customer’s, but also to help those in need.

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