Rocketship Education Has Changed The Lives Of The Children In San Jose And Made College Possible

According to an article by the Atlantic, San Jose was once the place to step onto the pathway leading to the American Dream. The reason for this statement was in 2014 a study showed children who came into the world in the beginning of the 1980’s had an excellent chance to succeed. Even the kids from impoverished families living in San Jose had as good a chance as children from the more progressive countries.

Unfortunately times have changed and placed the San Jose children in a tough spot. The prices for housing have increased tremendously, both the poor and the rich have segregated, and the middle class jobs have vanished. This course can be changed with excellent public education. There is a way for the children in San Jose to escape from poverty. Rocketship Education represents the beginning of this desperately needed change.

Rocketship Education are public charter schools and they are not trying to make a profit. They combine the organizations within the community, the teachers, and the parents to put the kids learning English and San Jose’s impoverished children on the road that leads to college and a bright future. This had led to 25 Rocketship Education schools making positive changes in the low income communities since the first school opened their doors in 2007. The students grades in math and reading have exceeded expectations get better every year.

Some of the districts have created partnerships with the charter schools because they want the students to learn and be ready for college. Businesses in the area have joined in and there is a fund to give critical support to local education for $100 million. Netflix is responsible for this amazing fund and the opportunities it represents. Facebook has helped build a new learning platform personalized for these exceptional children.

There is a whole new movement in San Jose and it has the power to help the children. People are working together, learning together, and making their region strong again. San Jose is starting to transform back into a place that represents hope and opportunity again. This is happening because Rocketship Education cared and made the effort.

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