An Eye Opener About The End Citizens United

In 2010, the decision of the supreme court of the United States completely changed the landscape of the election in the country. Moreover, it also established a sound based idea based on “corporations are people” and also opened a door for investors. Special interest and also massive amounts of money has also been allowed in the elections. Today, no accountability nor transparency is held on anyone too. It is also evident that many billionaires and corporations are also hardly trying to balance political power to work in their favor. However, it doesn’t just stop there.

It is now a perfect time for the grassroots fight back. In 2015, the End Citizens United which is a political action committee was founded on the grassroots by donors. End Citizens United are dedicated to countering disasters effected on citizen and aim at reforming the campaign system financially. End Citizen United want to show the elected candidates, voters, and the press that a great force is being used to fight back against the brazenness of heavy investors who try to buy the elections. This organization will act as a key to building such a broad coalition which will work towards bringing reforms and urging the lawmakers to take action too.

The mission of End Citizens United is to end the Big Money politics. After realizing the unending system of the rigged election system, electing a reform committee that will champion the passing of measures on the state ballot and enhance national conversation. End Citizen United will work with some corporations so that they can stop the undisclosed amounts in politics.

To accomplish their mission, they started by electing a pro-reform number of candidates. The organization will also raise the issue of money politics as a national priority. When the company works with useful ballot measure campaigns for them to pass the pro-reform laws. Using the grassroots, members will demonstrate the issue of political power and the Big Money politics.

The End Citizen United which was officially launched in 2015 had raised more than $4 million through donations. The organization is also aiming at raising a total of $25 million through as stated by the director, Richard Carbo. Their ultimate goal is to make reforms so that they can reverse the decision asserted by the Supreme Court which gave a super rise to the dark money politics wave. So far, at least 32,500 people had signed for the End Citizens petition, and the number is likely to increase in the coming days. Recently, the organization endorsed 11 democratic candidates. While there have been many organizations which have tried to bring about electoral reforms, there was a challenge in the airing of the issues. The backing of candidates who are in support of the reforms is targeted hugely to bring out significant changes in elections and management of campaigns.

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