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Vijay Eswaran Shares Mediative Ideas in a Popular Book

Vijay Eswaran has become one of the most well noted authors when it comes to helping people that want to discover how they can improve their lives. He believes that meditation is the key to any type of lifestyle improvement.  Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

He believes that this may be the thing that takes people into a better area in their lives if they have never considered what it takes to build better relationships.

Eswaran is the author of a book called “In the Sphere of Silence.” This is where he gives people ideals about how they should pursue their goals through getting a clear focus on what they are trying to do. He believes that the only way that people can truly accomplish anything is by taking time to write down their goals. This gives them a solid state of mind about what they are trying to accomplish.  Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

They are no longer simply pipe dreaming because they have what they are trying to accomplish in writing. Once it is in writing it is going to be easier for people to take time to meditate and actually focus on a game plan to getting something done.

People that look at what Vijay Eswaran has done can be confident that he knows what he is talking about because he has done it so many times before. He has become one of the richest men in Asia, and there’s no coincidence about this.

He is a direct marketing leader of the QI Group, and he is also an accomplished author. He has written many books but “In the Sphere of Silence” may be one of his most important books on the concept of meditating. This is where he has been able to conceptualize just what it means to have a meditative mind when it comes to career and building better relationships with family members.

Vijay Eswaran is a man that knows how important it can be to take time and just remain silent when it comes to things that are going on in your life. He truly realizes what it takes to build a better life.

All You Need to Know About Michael Lacey

Born in 1959, Michael Lacey is a renowned American mathematician. He is the current president of North America Zone and a director at Solvay Chemicals Inc. At Solvay Chemicals, he is responsible for implementing and developing the company’s strategic growth plan.

Before he moved to North America, Michael Lacey served as the Executive vice president and Chemical Financial Officer for Solvay. Under his stewardship, the company made an annual turnover of $3 billion. He later joined Conexia as a team leader and oversaw the development of a global integrated enterprise resource planning system to be used by all operating companies.

Michael Lacey holds an undergraduate degree from University of New York. Under the guidance of Walter Phillip, he graduated with a PhD from the University of Illinois, where his thesis was mainly focused on probability.

Today, his work has been adopted in numerous areas including harmonic analysis and probability. He later held his first postdoctoral roles at Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina. It is during his time at North Carolina that he and Phillip produced their proof of central limit theorem.

Between 1989 and 1996, Michael Lacey joined Indiana University and held an administrative role. He was acknowledged for his work and honored with a National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellowship. While working at the fellowship, he began to study on bilinear Hilbert transformation, which he later solved in 1996 along with Christoph Thiele. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

He later joined Georgia Institute of Technology as a professor of Mathematics in 1996. Since then, his work and research has been recognized by several accolades such as the Simons and Guggenheim Foundations.

During his tenure, he was appointed as the director of training grants that have supported several graduates, undergraduates and post doctorates. He also provided advice to his undergraduate students along with mentoring more than a dozen post doctorates.

Staying Strong with Osteo Relief Institute

For those that suffer from osteoarthritis, it can mean they have to make changes to their daily routine. This often means changing one’s diet and getting proper exercise, as well as considering choosing a different vocation. Also important is what kind of medical support you have, and additional support is recommended. For those that find it difficult to make these transitions on their own, one organization is reaching out to help those in need. That organization is called Osteo Relief Institute.

Osteo Relief Institute is an organization of clinics dedicated to providing assistance and relief to those that suffer from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, as well as providing pain management. With offices all around the country, Osteo Relief Institute specializes in both providing non-surgical treatment options, and useful information to help their patients adjust to their condition. Follow Osteo Relief Institute on

Their headquarters, located in New Jersey, Osteo Relief Institute was established in June of 2012. With a team of trained professionals, they utilize cutting edge technology and methods to provide the best pain relief possible to their patients. All of their equipment and methods have been approved by the FDA. They have made it their primary objective to help their patients avoid having surgery if possible.

Should the time come when you need medical attention, having a good doctor is imperative to having good health. Osteo Relief Institute recognizes this, and employs the most skilled and knowledgeable professionals they can find. Their patients are treated as if they are close relatives or friends to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. All locations are separately owned and have great expertise in caring for their patients.

Learn more:

As we all age and get older, we can become susceptible to illness and disease if we do not take care of ourselves, and even if we do, things can still happen. It can be difficult sometimes, but by taking the proper actions and precautions, we can all live longer, healthier lives, with a greater quality of life. Institutions like Osteo Relief Institute make it their goal to help others achieve this quality of life. Visit Health Grades to know more about Osteo Relief Institute.

The Importance Of Ecommerce Personalization In Regards To Product Efficiency And Profitability

Two new Artificial Intelligence, or AI features for visual searches have been launched by eBay. This ecommerce personalization allows users to use social media images for their searches. The platform images are shared with the eBay app, and product listings are generated for similar images. eBay’s work to improve their visual search capabilities and search functionality has been extensive. With more than one billion listings for products, ecommerce personalization was necessary for consumers to find their desired products.

The AI technology has improved categorization, product display and product search features. The visual search effectively eliminates language barriers when consumers search for products. Ecommerce personalization has created a superior search experience online since customer searches are now personalized. As an early user of this feature, consumers may leave retailers who do not have the visual search available to shop at eBay. Retail has not yet widely adopted the visual search despite the benefits. The technology has only been implemented by eight percent of retailers, and according to reports, 68 percent do not plan to implement the technology. This may provide eBay with a competitive edge against their competition while increasing their revenue.

Most retailers are currently using technology to combine the convenience of an online portal with the benefits of a personalized feeling similar to in-store shopping. This is powered by AI, and provides consumers with recommended products using language or images. Ecommerce personalization can add value to retailers who have implemented this strategy. Retailers have experienced sales increases from six to ten percent faster than retailers not employing the new AI technology. According to Accenture, this may boost the retail and wholesale industries profits by 59 percent by 2035.

According to a detailed AI ecommerce report written by one of the research analysts at BI Intelligence, offering a personalized shopping experience is of great value to retail. Case studies have been used to document the advantages gained by retailers employing ecommerce personalization. This application includes personalizing tailored product recommendations, online interfaces, provides useful and immediate customer service, and increases the relevance of search results for consumers. There may be challenges for retailers once they have implemented the AI technology, but they can be overcome without much difficulty. This includes inflexible and outdated storage systems and organizational barriers. This can prevent the efficient execution of personalization strategies. Overall, the benefits received by a retail business implementing AI and ecommerce personalization outweigh any negatives.

Education System with a difference-Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education now celebrates their ten years in existence since they opened their doors in a church in San Jose, California. The ten years have been a success to the education facility as well as the communities they serve. Even though they count it as a success, the education institution mentioned that they are still learning how to conduct themselves in the sector. Listed below are ten things that Rocketship has learned since their inception.

  1. Honor the power of parents: the facility provides elementary education, and they have had the responsibility to make the parents accountable, as they create leadership programs which help the parents to have their voices on political issues, help the public education to prosper as well as holding other leaders accountable.
  2. Create more demand to change the system: the institution is founded on proving elementary education, and their partners, as well as parents, have encouraged them to build a k-12 system which is tempting to the facility. The main purpose of Rocketship is to create a difference as they transform the public education system.
  3. Personalized learning starts at home: during the establishment of the institution, it craped a lot of public attention due to their system of education. They have remained loyal to supporting technology as well as student agency.

Rocketship Education was established in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith. In 2007 the education facility launched their first school in San Jose California. The school gained a lot of praise which may be the reason why it expanded tremendously and opened six other institutions in San Jose region. In 2013 the management of the group changed with John Danner leaving the organization and Preston being appointed the Chief Executive Officer of the Education Center.

Rocketship Education is an elementary education facility which is founded on a strong mission which is catalyzed transformative change in low-income society through a maintainable and ascendable public school model that is responsible for the student’s accomplishment. The vision of the education group is to eradicate the achievement gap in life. Their values are as strong as their mission and vision. Rocketship was created with values which are superiority, genuineness, firmness, invention, as well as the community.

Whitney Wolfe, Founder of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is a successful American entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Bumble, which was founded back in 2014. Bumble is a social and dating application which enables interested partners to communicate to each other. The application allows women to be in control; it enables them to start a conversation with the males they are attracted to, unlike traditional dating apps. Bumble had reached more than 15 million sole conversations and over 80 million matches by December 2015. Bumble major shares are owned by the European dating company Badoo. The Bumble headquarters are located in Austin, Texas. Bumble had 11 million registered users by January 2017. Bumble has recently brought new perspectives, Erin and Sara who are said to have a mocking depiction of Hollywood on Barely Famous.

Bumble has grown not only as a dating application but into an app that allows users find friends and swipe through network connections. In October 2016, Bumble launched Bumble BFF. Bumble BFF is an app that uses the same swiping and matching procedures as the Bumble but for finding friends instead of dating. The app is entirely used by girls to find girl pals. In October 2017, Bumble launched Bumble Bizz. Bumble Bizz is an application designed to assist users to swipe through networking, helping women have an experience in the professional world.

Whitney Wolfe was born to a Kelly a housewife and Michael, a property developer. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She studied International Studies at Southern Methodist University. She started a business at the age of 19 while she was still in college. The business dealt with the selling of bamboo tote bags that were of advantage to areas affected by the BP oil spill. Her partnership with Patrick Aufdenkamp, helped her to launch Help Us Project, a non-profit organization. The bags she used to sell were later identified by the national press; this was after celebs such as Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie, were photographed with them. Whitney Wolfe later moved to Southeast Asia after graduating to work with orphanages.

Whitney Wolf has already met her match. She got married to Michael Herd, a Texas oil heir and who is also in the restaurant business. The lavish ceremony took place at Villa Treville in Pastino, Italy along the Amalfi Coast in September 2017. Whitney and Michael did not meet in the dating app, Bumble. They both met back in 2013 while they were both on a Christmas vacation in Aspen.

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How Fabletics is Leveraging the Crowd to Fabulous Heights

Kate Hudson’s involvement with Fabletics brand was after being approached by Don Ressler for a partnership to help market the brand among women who were looking for good and stylish athletics wear. She is an award winning actress and is best known for her role as penny in the movie almost famous. Even though she has no business background, Hudson has been greatly involved in the development and growth of the brand by being involved in the cloths design and styles, she has market knowledge of what is and will sell, and what wouldn’t. Her strong connection online with users of Fabletics clothing has also helped push sales since the company has gotten reviewed on how to improve quality without pricing themselves out of the market.


Fabletics and Crowd leveraging


Mob mentality is a bad thing, it is discouraged if you are into trading stocks, or a policeman, or a losing politician, the only person who needs mob mentality is an e-commerce business. The modern consumer shops online, thus spend more time reading reviews by other consumers on the same product they are interested in buying. This means that if the product review by the rest of the online gang is negative, chances are that the potential customer will walk away, consumer reviews is the online version of word of mouth marketing. Ensuring you get positive reviews and use it to continuously generate feedback to the same online gang is what is called leveraging the crowd, the crowd becomes the boss on matters what to sell, their preferred design etc. this is what Fabletics and Kate Hudson have used to grow the athletics wear brand.


Marketing strategy


Fabletics marketing strategy, which is review -centric has seen the company grow by over 200% to record revenue of $235m and get over 1m paying online customers, who are styled as members of the brand, and the numbers keep growing. The brand incorporates reviews in helping the come up with new clothing styles, this has helped them retain customers while strengthening the brand loyalty, which has had an effect of increased repeat purchases and eventually, record sales. This is what has set them apart from the other business in the market. They leverage the crowd, with Kate Hudson being Chief review feedback receiver and information disseminator to the company’s designers and stylists.


Importance of reviews


Trust: According to a Brightlocal research, 84% of online consumers trust reviews the same way you’d trust a referral by someone personally known and close to you.

Frequency: Half of those mentioned in the research engaged in online searches with 54% of them being regular review readers when doing these searches, another 60% of them did not buy products from businesses that had negative reviews.

Newest trend: Including a place for customer review is now almost a must have for any online business, with a 70% rise in companies that have adopted these reviews, 65% of online shoppers who visit a company’s website do so just to look at product reviews and not prices.

It goes without saying that any e-commerce business that wants to grow must now start leveraging the online crowd, the marketing power now lies with the people.

Igor Cornelsen, the Brazilian stock market businessman

Igor Cornelsen has significantly added to the move all through the market of Brazil through his incredible learning that he offers to upset exactly how the bank works in united states totally.

The famous entrepreneur has a mess of involvement in neurological venture and reserve instead of stops to get new thoughts the territories. Brazil has inside the most recent years built up its offices and in addition extended its cash showcases through the reformers it has. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: and

The hard fiscal circumstances that the assembled states has been encountering before years took care of a complete on account of awesome reformers and monetary authorities like Igor. In addition, the eminent broker has constantly had an assurance towards offering the best administrations to his customers and through his extraordinary mastery, he incites guests to look for assistance from specialists before wandering into any organizations.

He feels that readied choices profoundly give to the achievement of a transmission as you precisely computes the fundamental dangers and also propels one of a kind approaches to deal with them.

Igor Cornelsen invested some energy working in a large number of associations where he dished up different employments including being really a senior consultant set for the service of financial aspects in Brazil, being genuinely a proprietor at Bainbridge inc among a considerable number of different capacities.

He elevates his clients to fundamentally observe and measure the premium levels of these most favored managing an account establishments and additionally close concentrate on their trade rates to guarantee that they don’t go through an extraordinary manage their trade or be hindered out circumstances of preserving their cash or endeavoring to get advances. Igor feels that venture is one route by which financial specialists related hazard their capital and demands that you have to inquire about on the best procedures in accordance with spending.

Plus, he likewise is persuaded that buys open one’s business to perils and without a nearby perception and right investigation of its conspicuous elements, one will presumably fall season on the giving up side.

Despite the fact that he demands that hazard is inevitable in accordance with wanders, he additionally demands that people ought to enhance the portfolio and in addition begin their venture procedures instantly to abstain from observing further changes available.

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Samuel Strauch On The Use Of Bitcoin As a Means Of Buying Real Estate Property

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency that is in use today. Currently, bitcoin is trading at over $7000. It is gaining acceptance as a means of trading all over the world. Various industries are also trying to embrace bitcoin as a means of buying and selling items. One of the industries that have accepted bitcoin as a means of exchange is the real estate industry. Investors in the industry have started accepting bitcoin as a way of buying g or selling real estate property. Bitcoin offers numerous advantages to the people who are using it for transactions. Transacting huge amount of money with bitcoin is possible. It is a fast way of sending and receiving money.

Miami real estate industry is one industry that has accepted bitcoin as a means of exchange. There are people of various origins in Mimi. Miami remains number one destinations for people who would like to buy prime real estate property. The diverse people who live in Miami make bitcoin to have a high probability of being accepted in the market.


One of the homeowners in Miami who has accepted to sell his property for bitcoins is Mike Komaransky. He put up his house in Coral Gables up for sale for $6.5 million and was ready to accept bitcoin as the means of exchange. He hoped that the eventual buyer could do it in bitcoin. Mike opines that bitcoin as a means of exchange carries less risk than the traditional means of payment.

Mike says that although he belongs to a small group of people who are ready to accept bitcoin as a way of trading, the number is expected to go up in the future. As bitcoin becomes widely accepted, real estate agents and investors are expected to get on board according to

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a player in the real estate industry in Miami. He is also the principal of real estate Company known as Metrik Real Estate. Samuel Strauch is a holder of business administration degree from the Hofstra University. He then joined the Harvard University and later Erasmus University.

Visit for more information about Samuel Strauch.

The Many Advantages of OSI Group

When it comes to supplying the world with top notch food products, few companies can outperform OSI Group. When it comes to the food industry, this company is the standard by which all other food suppliers are measured. Why? The answer is rather simple. OSI Group is at the pinnacle because it provides some of the best custom food products, and it has a full-proof supply chain of excellence. The company achieves its greatness from a number of reasons. It uses some of the most technologically advanced facilities, and it has over 20,000 employees. The magnitude here is simply astounding. To add a bit of insult to injury, OSI has state-of-the-art facilities in over 16 different countries.

The company was founded back in 1909 by a German immigrant. Otto Kolshowki, and his family actually owned and operated their Oak Park, Illinois, business. Back in those days, it was named Otto & Sons, and it provided the freshest of meats in the entire region. McDonald’s was actually one of its first prominent clients as Otto & Sons supplied it with high-quality meats. After the cryogenic food processing explosion, McDonald’s remained a close client of the company. The company changed locations as its business got bigger. West Chicago was the home of OSI Group’s first high-volume meat plant. In today’s time, OSI Group has plants all across the U.S. This would include the states of Utah, Wisconsin, Iowa and California. Its food services cover major brand names as well as private label brands.

Developing custom food products that meet the public’s requests is what this company does best. OSI, and its partners work together for producing precise products in poultry, beef, seafood, pork and baked goods. To better break it down for you, these foods can be pot roast, flatbread, beefsteaks, cooked sausage links, salami, pepperoni, tofu, turkey products, beans, salsa, steak, fruits, corn, cucumbers and fresh dough. With OSI Group, the sky is the limit or should I say that the limit is the sky. Expertise, experience, ethics and efficiency is on full-display here and in the brightest of colors.

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