How Fabletics is Leveraging the Crowd to Fabulous Heights

Kate Hudson’s involvement with Fabletics brand was after being approached by Don Ressler for a partnership to help market the brand among women who were looking for good and stylish athletics wear. She is an award winning actress and is best known for her role as penny in the movie almost famous. Even though she has no business background, Hudson has been greatly involved in the development and growth of the brand by being involved in the cloths design and styles, she has market knowledge of what is and will sell, and what wouldn’t. Her strong connection online with users of Fabletics clothing has also helped push sales since the company has gotten reviewed on how to improve quality without pricing themselves out of the market.


Fabletics and Crowd leveraging


Mob mentality is a bad thing, it is discouraged if you are into trading stocks, or a policeman, or a losing politician, the only person who needs mob mentality is an e-commerce business. The modern consumer shops online, thus spend more time reading reviews by other consumers on the same product they are interested in buying. This means that if the product review by the rest of the online gang is negative, chances are that the potential customer will walk away, consumer reviews is the online version of word of mouth marketing. Ensuring you get positive reviews and use it to continuously generate feedback to the same online gang is what is called leveraging the crowd, the crowd becomes the boss on matters what to sell, their preferred design etc. this is what Fabletics and Kate Hudson have used to grow the athletics wear brand.


Marketing strategy


Fabletics marketing strategy, which is review -centric has seen the company grow by over 200% to record revenue of $235m and get over 1m paying online customers, who are styled as members of the brand, and the numbers keep growing. The brand incorporates reviews in helping the come up with new clothing styles, this has helped them retain customers while strengthening the brand loyalty, which has had an effect of increased repeat purchases and eventually, record sales. This is what has set them apart from the other business in the market. They leverage the crowd, with Kate Hudson being Chief review feedback receiver and information disseminator to the company’s designers and stylists.


Importance of reviews


Trust: According to a Brightlocal research, 84% of online consumers trust reviews the same way you’d trust a referral by someone personally known and close to you.

Frequency: Half of those mentioned in the research engaged in online searches with 54% of them being regular review readers when doing these searches, another 60% of them did not buy products from businesses that had negative reviews.

Newest trend: Including a place for customer review is now almost a must have for any online business, with a 70% rise in companies that have adopted these reviews, 65% of online shoppers who visit a company’s website do so just to look at product reviews and not prices.

It goes without saying that any e-commerce business that wants to grow must now start leveraging the online crowd, the marketing power now lies with the people.

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