Neurocore Offers Treatment for Mental Health Wellness

Depression happens to be one of the most common illness in the nation. It affects nearly seven percent of the nation’s population. Depression can affect anyone, any age, and often without an apparent cause. Unfortunately, 67 percent of those affected by depression will never seek help. Many people suffering from depression are unaware of their condition.

Neurocore’s brain performance places focus on, first, identifying the cause of a person’s depression. By analyzing each individual’s brain information, Neurocore can develop a training program tailored to an individual’s needs. Mental disorders treated include ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, migraines, sleep, and stress.

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After patients receive their brain diagnostic assessment they are ready to begin neurofeedback brain performance training. The process takes into account the ability of the brain to adapt and change. This is also called neuroplasticity. Patients also learn the meaning and benefits of deep breathing. The brain learns how to stop spiking and heart functions can improve as well. The treatment process accomplishes this with drug-free and non-invasive methods. The reality is that many people who receive treatment experience a full remission. Follow Neurocore on

Those that do not seek help are likely afraid of the stigma that surrounds mental health challenges or concerns. The truth is that mental health difficulties do not indicate mental weakness. As such, the public could benefit greatly by learning more about the causes and remedies used to help treat depression and other mental health conditions. Mental health conditions are treatable. The critical component is helping sufferers to find the clinical help they need.

Neurocore helps patients through the use of advanced EEG technology, heart rate variability, auditory continuous performance testing, and a behavioral checklist. Lifestyle changes should also accompany treatment for depression as the condition can keep people from living the life they want. Again, the key to healing is to seek help for one’s self or a loved one.


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