Boraie Development LLC Explores Another City for Potential Gems

Atlantic City was once a hot spot for vacation and tourism. Over the last 10 years, they have seen a considerable decline in visits and residents. Boraie Development LLC, a company responsible for the revitalization of much of New York, have fixed their eyes set now on the reconstruction of this once treasured Atlantic City.

Looking out from his 8 story office building, Omar Boraie father of Boraie Development LLC, saw the run-down condition of the neighborhood of New Brunswick in his city. While many others could not see his vision, or even understand after an explanation from Mr.Boraie, he knew what must be done. Through his company Boraie Development LLC, rather than let the continual demise take place from lack of care, the company stepped into to restore the neighborhood. They bought up the property, one abandoned crumbling building at a time. Until they finally purchased over 20 buildings presenting a plan to the city. The rest is history.

Wthe Boraie Development LLC finally finishing majoring in construction by the year 2007 they created something truly magnificent. Boraie Developments first project was constructing office spaces for businesses to work. The first unit was created in the 90s, a total of 250,000 square feet of office space. Then a second unit was finished in 2003. Once the office spaces were complete the next step were residential spaces. After the 25 story now the tallest building in New Brunswick, residential building was constructed in 2007, within two months the newly constructed units were all sold out. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

According to WSJ, Boraie Development has a rich history of finding gems in the rough. Atlantic City is truly in need of having a polish. Boraie Development knows that the people of this era know what they want. They like amenities, convenience, and an upscale downtown feel. Boraie Development is planning to construct 250 apartment units within Atlantic City by this summer. This will be the first development within the city in the last 25 years. The construction will provide aside from new modern apartment homes, full-scale amenities, pools, gym facilities, and a lounge for residents to congregate and socialize with one another. This residential facility will hopefully serve the town as more residents will invest their finances into the community as they make Atlantic City their home.

The promising and excellent work of Boraie Development will provide attractive outlets for people of all ages within Atlantic City.


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  1. That is what developers always do, they are always on the look out for places to explore and I think that Boraie is no different from others. As a Realtor uk he has demonstrated great vision in the industry and that is seen with some of the works that he has done and the fact that most of his ideas has been translated into reality is very good for him.

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