The Frontera Fund Works to Defend Poor, Minority and Foreign People

The rights of all people are important. Every life has value and people from different races matter. Poor people with little money, few resources and little opportunities are worth something.

Minority people with non-traditional views about their society are not valued by the majority. Foreign people who come to this country are often ostracized, criticized and condemned by citizens of the nation where they are relocating.

The Frontera Fund is a philanthropic support source for organizations that work to end human, migrant and Civil Rights violations. This organization has been around since 2007. Its founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin created the fund in response to the wrongful imprisonment that they received by a corrupt law officer.

These two men understand how far some racists or xenophobic individuals and organizations are willing to go to destroy a group of people. So, they knew that they had to fight against this kind of injustice.

The two men were eventually released from jail and went to court. They won a settlement from the state of Arizona worth millions and the Frontera Fund was born. Now, it works to defend the poor, minorities and foreign people from various violations to their rights.

Organizations who rely on the Frontera Fund use it a source to help the weak members of society to become empowered. The many benefits that are provided through the use of the fund cannot be denied. People who have their rights violated now have a chance to get the help they need from organizations that are supported by this philanthropic source.

The Frontera Fund knows that organizations need help. They know that these organizations are really working hard to make life better for marginalized people.

While the Frontera Fund does not directly benefit people it directly helps them to get the assistance they need from organizations willing to fight for their rights. Poor, minority and foreign peoples no longer need to live a defeated life. The Frontera Fund will help them to get the justice that they deserve.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


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