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Daniel Taub Criticizes the Geneva Deal as Endangering the Region

Daniel Taub is an Israeli foreign expert, intellect, and former Ambassador of the country in the U.K. He is known for accurate appraising of ground realities, especially in the Middle East region. In late 2013, he made a scathing attack on the Geneva deal that was considered as an accord between Iran and western countries.

Taub found a number of flaws in the nuclear deal that could potentially destabilize not only the region but can even create safety concerns for western countries in the later years. He said that the deal was not stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons or no steps to mitigate the threats created by the country. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

However, he expressed his thoughts that the new developments and threats by Shia-led Iran might create an opportunity to join hands between Sunni countries in the region and Israel. The radical axis controlled by Tehran has spread Gaza, Beirut, Damascus, and more, and it created threats to other countries in the region as well.

Daniel Taub confirmed that these countries should have started looking for deeper relationships considering the common fundamental strategic concerns that are aligned with their interests. He also added that the changed circumstances in the region gave new choices in relationships which were not thinkable before.

Taub also added that a number of elements in the Middle East region would make countries to collaborate with Israel, especially the parts who wanted prosperity and found to be forward-looking. He continued that a sizable number of people started thinking about the possibility of some sort of relationship.

Daniel Taub found that the deal has not strained the relationship of Israel with its western allies, and that was a good sign for him. While global powers were too optimistic about the deal with Iran, Israel did not think that way and warned that the deal was directing in the wrong direction.

Taub added that Israel is worried about the deal as it did not provide anything that was needed. There was nothing dismantled, and everything remained in place by posing clear threats of Iran acquiring the nuclear weapon. Israel is concerned by the fact that Iran would inch towards nuclear weapon at the end of the six-month period set in the Geneva accord. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

After signing the deal, the next day, both Iran and the negotiators gave different interpretations for the accord, and it showed where the deal was heading, Daniel Taub said. He confirmed that the deal created wide anger in Israel as it contained many flaws.

Ara Chackerian’s TMS Health Solutions Is Breaking Into Serious Depression Treatment

Within the realm of investment and business startups, we find a few exemplary examples of individuals referred to as ‘angel investors’ which essentially means that the person in question has shown themselves to have conducted themselves with an exceptional level of virtue and honor throughout their business decisions.

One of the most notable today is Ara Chackerian, an angel investor who focuses his attention on medical and healthcare startups. Currently he is the managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, as well as being the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions and also sits on the board.

TMS Health Solutions is a special kind of healthcare company, focusing on development and implementation of transcranial magnetic stimulation for patients suffering from treatment resistant depression.

Before he co-founded TMS Health Solutions, Ara has always focused his efforts on investment and entrepreneurial endeavors. The bulk of his investment and startup experience has been in the services and healthcare industries.

For over two decades now, Ara Chackerian has been investing and starting up various healthcare companies such as Embion/Provider Links, PipelineRX and now TMS Health Solutions. He also serves as a dedicated board member on various early-stage healthcare companies in and around San Francisco.

He is also a dedicated member of several environmental causes, most of which are involved in the reforesting of areas that have been hit hard by the lumber industries, such as Limonapa, SA, which is a sustainable Teak plantation based in Nicaragua.

The idea for TMS Health Solutions came when Ara and his business partner had established a range of early-stage healthcare all over northern California. A long time provider-partner gave them a suggestion in the way of examining the outpatient psychiatric space of business and healthcare.

They were directed particularly to a new device based treatment, transcranial magnetic stimulation. After thorough investigation, it became abundantly clear that TMS Health Solutions could become the third corner in mental health treatments, along with talk therapy and medication.

It was swiftly found that the combination of the transcranial magnetic stimulation along with traditional medication and talk therapy was an exceedingly effective treatment for serious depression. This has made TMS Health Solutions one of Ara Chackerian’s best endeavors. You can visit his Facebook page.

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Jed McCaleb Speaks on Several Exciting New Technology Advancements

Jed McCaleb spends the majority of his time thinking of ways to improve the overall human condition through the implementation of advanced technology. In the early days of the dot-com era, Jed McCaleb generated worldwide acclaim by developing one of the earliest peer-to-peer file-sharing networks, eDonkey. While his mission remains the same, he recently developed a new company, Stellar, that he feels will change the way in which currency is moved from place to place, touching populations that have historically been severely underserved. It was while learning about the ins-and-outs outs of cryptocurrency, in particular, Bitcoin, that Mr. McCaleb had the idea to utilize its underlying idea to create a platform that would allow the currency to be transferred to the billions of unbanked people in the world today, at cheaper rates than traditional institutions have offered. Several businesses and non-profit organizations, including South Africa’s Praekelt Foundation, have already begun infusing into their economic infrastructure.

Throughout his career, Jed McCaleb has created a stellar track record which he attributes to his staunch organizational skills, as well as his ability to remain focused on the big picture. On a typical day, Mr. McCaleb breaks his time down into, what he calls, “focus mode” and “reactive mode,” which involve him spending time building the product that he is working on and responding to emails associated with the business aspects of that product. He often exercises his habit of sticking to the essential points of the short-term goal, neglecting aspects that are not imperative to the process.

As Jed McCaleb is always on a path of forward-thought, he keeps a close watch on exciting developing technologies. At the top of the list is artificial intelligence, which he admits, can be both exciting and scary, due to many directions that it can be taken. His budding interest in artificial intelligence led him to become directly involved with the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, where he acts as, both, donor and advisor to the cause. In his estimation, the impact that will be felt with the further development of artificial intelligence is one that has not been seen since the onset of the agricultural revolution.

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Make a Personal Statement with Siteline Cabinetry Custom Designs

The news in interior design is that homeowners prefer unique decor and furnishings. Make a personal statement with Siteline Cabinetry custom designs. This reputable cabinet maker can give homeowners the precise cut, style and customized features that are picked during the design process. The homeowners are the VIP cabinet designers with this remarkable cabinet company. Siteline Cabinetry only sells its astonishingly beautiful products through their personally handpicked authorized dealers. The dealers have all be trained in the execution of custom cabinetry design processes, and they are there as a valued support person to make the entire designing process seem easy and hassle free.

Rather than remodeling their entire kitchen areas, many homeowners have figured out that adding gorgeous cabinets can definitely transform a room. By selecting the appropriate cabinet features and details, homeowners can make their kitchen space exude the right amount of timeless atmosphere that remains warm and inviting. All Siteline Cabinetry customers have 270 intriguing cabinet style choices that can add just the artistic touch that the room needs to become truly spectacular. Any of these design styles have character, unseen before beauty and personal charm factor too. Homeowners also acquire totally individualized storage spaces to display or hide room necessities.

Instead of procrastinating about adding new cabinets, sit down with a friendly local dealer first. This Siteline Cabinetry representative is there to provide details and give information on what these stunning cabinets can offer each homeowner. Top real estate agents and many home builders have come to love the ease of ordering outstanding custom cabinets for their buildings. The company only needs just 4-5 weeks of lead time in typical cases. When completed, Siteline Cabinetry authorized dealers ensure that each cabinet ordered is professionally installed by cabinet installation experts with little disturbance or overall mess.

At the tremendously low offered prices, everyone wanting new customized cabinets can usually afford them by purchasing through Siteline Cabinetry. Look through the wonderful options in paint, stain and finish types and colors. Homeowners can pick traditional styles, casual cottage designs, homey country selections and slick contemporary types from Siteline Cabinetry.

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Joel Friant and the development of his Original Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is a businessman who got his start in the real estate business. He has since used his business knowledge to educate others and train them to be successful. He has also developed the popular product the Original Habanero Shaker.

Starting his as a home remodeler and real estate salesmen, Joel took his good business sense and opened a restaurant. He decided to try a concept that had never been done before in the United States and opened a fast food restaurant that served Thai cuisine.

After a while, Joel decided to go back to the real estate business and he was soon declared the number one salesperson in the real estate office at which he worked. He rode this success and open his own real estate office and began offering mortgage loans.

In 2008 after the financial crisis, Joel began to take notice of the different factors that determine success. He studied the different things that both successful and unsuccessful people did when operating their business and developed new methods and concepts of success, including the Income Thermostat.

He began to hold seminars and publish articles to spread his knowledge to others. People listened and soon found themselves becoming successful.

Recently Joel has begun to implement cryptocurrencies into his models for success. He teaches people how to take advantage of the recent rise of cryptocurrency values and to use this new found wealth to fund their own business ventures.

Joel also continues to sell his Original Habanero Shaker. He got the idea for the product while he was running his Thai restaurant. He noticed the popularity of the habanero pepper as a topping and decided to find a way to make the spicy ingredient more simple to use.

Bu experimenting with different methods, Joel discovered the perfect way to dry and flake habanero peppers while maintaining their spice and flavor. His original recipe can still be experienced today with the Original Habanero Shaker.

Get Secure and Safe Trading: AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade articulates some of the best practices when it comes to website security as well as safety in an online platform. They have created high quality methods that not only establish a secure environment but help to prepare users and arm them with vital information.

One of the ways that AvaTrade is a secure and reliable platform is based on their ongoing information and tutorial based resources. The availability of instructor information as well as tutorials that are engaging and helpful can make some of the best outcomes in terms of security.

Another way that AvaTrade review creates a quality environment for change is through the use of ongoing updates to their software and systems. Not only is it easy to establish high quality results but they make some of the most effective changes with regards to supporting financial trades. Their easy to use platform allows for streamlined service that includes trades based in more than two hundred different kinds of instruments. The list of available modes of payment are also flexible.

The reliability and trustworthiness of an institution is very important when dealing with intangible goods and services. This is especially true when handling investments as well as funding on a large scale level. Overall AvaTrade has cultivated lasting benefits in multiple areas of commerce with their precise attention to detail and resilient techniques.

Some of the priorities that have guided infrastructure design for AvaTrade include high quality security updates as well as ongoing customer support. With people available who speak multiple languages, as well as support that takes place twenty four hours, AvaTrade has a lot to offer users interested in a personalized experience at large. The benefits of AvaTrade are significant due to the complex and multidimensional way that they provide support to users of all skill levels. They make it easy to get involved with the trading process with an initial deposit that is only one hundred dollars.

They also prepare users for the world of online trading by providing them with valuable resources as well as cutting edge designs for software that are the best for users who are looking for the best experience.

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The Oxford Club Shares Four of their Core Investment Strategies

The Oxford Club, a private global network of investors and entrepreneurs, provides its members with proven strategies and principles created to surpass the average returns in multiple asset classes.

They give their members advice about bonds, commodities, options, mutual funds and exchange funds, cryptocurrencies, and base metals, and precious metals.

The Oxford Club’s recommendations are based on thorough research by their expert strategists and research teams on investment opportunities with the least amount of risk and highest potential for significant returns.

The four primary methods that the Oxford Club include the following:

1. Balancing Your Investment Portfolio

It’s common knowledge that diversification is vital to long-term success because it lowers risk in your portfolio. However, most investors don’t realize that this means more than just investing in multiple different stocks. It’s essential to not only invest in several stocks but also invest in many sectors and risk levels to reduce overall risk. Your portfolio allocation should contain common and preferred stocks, cyclical stocks, speculative stocks, and Blue Chip stocks to establish a balanced portfolio. Moreover, the Oxford Club strategy also requires diversifying your asset classes, so you do not have your entire wealth in just equities. Your portfolio should also include bond options, commodities, alternative investments, mutual funds, and exchange trading funds.

2. Always make sure you have an exit strategy

It’s vital to know not only when to buy but also when to sell. This guarantees that your profits and principal are always shielded.

3. Investment Size is Important

Position sizing is vital to success. To decide how much should be invested in a stock or asset class the Oxford Club uses a position-sizing formula.

4. Keep Your Investment Costs Low

To keep your investment costs low, you should reduce your expenses by avoiding traditional back-end and front-end load fees and surrender penalties. Furthermore, the Oxford Club shows members how they can cut down on their expenses and thus keep more of their profits by sharing ways to build a portfolio that minimizes what the IRS can tax.

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Choosing A Reliable Financial Institution

If you are looking for a reputable or reliable bank, check out Nexbank – one of the leading financial institutions in the nation. Many people rave about the top notch service and affordable rates offered by this renowned bank.

Nexbank SSB supports the Dallas Women’s Foundation and is the sponsor of its 32nd Annual Luncheon. Nexbank gave $100,000 to the foundation and will support it in advancing women’s economic leadership and security.

Nexbank is a regional bank with great reviews and has been around for decades. Based in Dallas, Texas, this reputable bank provides mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services to address the the needs of customers and clients.

When it comes to selecting a bank for your financial planning or money management needs, it’s imperative to go with one that has an established history of rendering excellent services to clients and customers.

Although there are many banks, credit unions and other financial institutions offering a variety of services to clients and customers, Nexbank is a clear choice for anyone who wants to have a pleasant banking experience.

Nexbank is dedicated to helping customers get the most out of their money. This renowned bank offers different types of banking services and financial products designed to meet a wide variety of needs.

Often, low income residents need financial support, and that is where having experts on mortgage and financial planning can be of tremendous help. Nexbank takes the time to find out the needs of its community and striving to meet those needs, by providing a safe capital foundation, raising funds for education, or through getting involved in real estate transactions or deals.

Nexbank has a team of qualified financial advisors, money management experts and investment professionals. These experts are available and ready to advise and guide you in making the right decision for your situation.

If you want to get access to top notch services and high quality financial products, you need to get in touch with the professionals at Nexbank. You will learn more about the various money management and banking services they offer.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Soon To Be Bradesco Chairman

The second biggest bank in Brazil, Bradesco, is getting a new chairman this coming March. Its current chairman is relinquishing his post for a much younger banker who is also the current CEO of the bank. The bank has been true to its culture of getting talents from inside its pool rather than tapping people from outside.

As a consequence, a new CEO has to be appointed as well. It appears that there are seven executives in the bank who are being considered as replacement. His name will be announced soon as there is a scheduled shareholders meeting one week before his name would be announced.

The current chairman, Lazaro Brandao, is already 91 years old. At this age, he is considered one of the oldest bankers in the world. This could be the reason for the infusion of a younger talent to the bank’s chairmanship post. Brandao has been with Bradesco for the past 75 years having started at a low rank of bank clerk in 1943 when he was only 16 years old. His diligence, dedication and talent in management were his tools in getting to the topmost rank of the bank. Before becoming chairman, he also served as its CEO for 18 years starting in 1981.

Brandao has encouraged the management style of promoting people from inside the company instead of getting outside talents. His next in line is Luiz Carlos Trabuco, 67, who is also the current CEO of the bank. Trabuco has been serving Bradesco for 15 years in different executive positions. He will still be serving as its CEO while trying to fill the seat of Brandao as incoming chairman.

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Trabuco also served as the bank’s marketing director before being appointed as its president in 1992. It was only last year that the bank amended its bylaws increasing the maximum age for its president from 65 years old to 67. This must have allowed Trabuco to stay as CEO considering his present age. But the current development necessitated another executive to fill up his post. The oldest age of the men who are being considered to replace him is not more than 60 years old. Therefore the next president will have a long time to enjoy his post.

According to, the names of the men who are being considered as the next CEO, their respective ages and their current positions are as follows:

Octavio de Lazari, 54, Bradesco’s second youngest executives on the candidate’s list and is responsible for the bank’s lender’s insurance unit
André Rodrigues Cano, 59, the oldest of the men being considered who is in charge of the human resources department of Bradesco
Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, 58, in charge of the bank’s lending and treasury department
Marcelo de Araujo Noronha, 52, the youngest among the candidates and is the head over Bradesco’s corporate and investment banking
Josué Augusto Pancini, 57, who is the present head of branch network and overseer of its high income segment of the bank
Mauricio Machado de Minas, 58, currently the man in charge of the bank’s IT department
Alexandre da Silva Gluher, 57, whose present position is chief risk officer of Bradesco

According to Brandao, it is his own personal reasons that led him to relinquish his post as chairman of Bradesco. He, however, will not completely abandon the bank that he has served for 75 long years. Reports say that he will still be taking charge of the holding companies of the bank when he quits as chairman. Meanwhile, as no new CEO has been named yet, Trabuco will be filling up his post and will also be serving as president of the bank at the same time.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,prisao-dos-irmaos-batista-nao-impactam-risco-da-jbs,70001996105

Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Tells Women to Pursue Their True Passion

Lime Crime is a pretty cool brand of makeup. Unlike most brands, it has a signature style that has inspired an almost cult-like following of women around the world. Founder, Doe Deere, created the brand in 2008 after she had trouble finding the types of bright, bold colors of makeup she desired for her own beauty regimen. She initially came out with a luxurious line of lipsticks that came in shades from bright red to a deep, ocean blue. When she launched Lime Crime she expected the brand to have a small, niche following. However, she was surprised when the company skyrocketed into an international success. It turns out that women everywhere were looking for the same bold shades.


Women who use Lime Crime see it as far more than simply makeup. It is a way to express themselves and they use it to paint their faces in the way that they feel. Doe Deere has always done the same. She uses makeup to express her mood and the way she feels. She is also known for her bold shades of hair color that vary weekly from purple to orange, to pink, to platinum blonde.


Doe Deere has never followed the common path. She is originally from Russia and moved to New York City when she was young to pursue her dreams of becoming a musician. She lived life as a musician for a while and met her husband in the process. She then went on to work in the corporate fashion world and saw a great deal of success in that industry before founding Lime Crime. She has always been an entrepreneur and founded her first business when she was just thirteen years old, selling temporary tattoos to the other kids at her school.


She was recently highlighted in an article by Guest of a Guest, where she gave advice to women who also wanted to become a successful entrepreneur. The article was very interesting and she gave advice that really resonated. The best takeaway was her advice to find the thing that you truly love and pursue in fearlessly. She believes that all of us have a true passion inside of us and that many times we shy away from it because it seems to hard or unfeasible. She said we need to ignore the voices telling us we can’t do something and pursue our dreams with strong passion and belief that we can accomplish anything. Learn more: