Ara Chackerian’s TMS Health Solutions Is Breaking Into Serious Depression Treatment

Within the realm of investment and business startups, we find a few exemplary examples of individuals referred to as ‘angel investors’ which essentially means that the person in question has shown themselves to have conducted themselves with an exceptional level of virtue and honor throughout their business decisions.

One of the most notable today is Ara Chackerian, an angel investor who focuses his attention on medical and healthcare startups. Currently he is the managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, as well as being the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions and also sits on the board.

TMS Health Solutions is a special kind of healthcare company, focusing on development and implementation of transcranial magnetic stimulation for patients suffering from treatment resistant depression.

Before he co-founded TMS Health Solutions, Ara has always focused his efforts on investment and entrepreneurial endeavors. The bulk of his investment and startup experience has been in the services and healthcare industries.

For over two decades now, Ara Chackerian has been investing and starting up various healthcare companies such as Embion/Provider Links, PipelineRX and now TMS Health Solutions. He also serves as a dedicated board member on various early-stage healthcare companies in and around San Francisco.

He is also a dedicated member of several environmental causes, most of which are involved in the reforesting of areas that have been hit hard by the lumber industries, such as Limonapa, SA, which is a sustainable Teak plantation based in Nicaragua.

The idea for TMS Health Solutions came when Ara and his business partner had established a range of early-stage healthcare all over northern California. A long time provider-partner gave them a suggestion in the way of examining the outpatient psychiatric space of business and healthcare.

They were directed particularly to a new device based treatment, transcranial magnetic stimulation. After thorough investigation, it became abundantly clear that TMS Health Solutions could become the third corner in mental health treatments, along with talk therapy and medication.

It was swiftly found that the combination of the transcranial magnetic stimulation along with traditional medication and talk therapy was an exceedingly effective treatment for serious depression. This has made TMS Health Solutions one of Ara Chackerian’s best endeavors. You can visit his Facebook page.

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