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OSI Group’s Innovation, Ingenuity & Dedication

Meat markets and custom-food providers have come and gone over the years. For the top food providers in the world today, being as versatile as possible can go a long way. OSI Group is the prototypical food provider because it has set the benchmark for success. This Aurora-based company has set the industry on fire thanks to its versatility. On the other hand, its development, its sourcing, its processing and its management services are being provided on a daily basis. This company can handle the entire logistical process from start to finish. Food processing, food packaging and food cooking techniques display the company’s commitment to producing the very best of products. This food provider is great for those who are seeking employment. If you’re someone who’s into being in a fast-paced and challenging environment, this company should be a top consideration.

Most people in this field of work often refer to the company as OSI Industries. This was the company’s name prior to 2004, and in its infant stage, OSI was known as Otto & Sons. Despite the name changes, this company has always produced great products as well as produced great services. Its employee-base has reached over the 20,000 mark as of today, and it will certainly continue to grow based on its projected growth. Foods, foods and more foods is the name of the game. Since the company has established itself as a wholesale-meat processor, its clients have a long list of products to choose from, including beef patties, pot roast, bacon bits, poultry products, turkey products, steak, chicken fried steak, chicken nuggets, cooked sausage links, pepperoni and other meat products.

OSI Group also has an abundance of high-tech facilities. Most of the facilities’ equipment is technologically advanced. This short article can’t explain in totality of how great OSI truly is, but hopefully you’ll get a better inclination of what it has to offer.


Larkin and Lacey

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin attended the University of Arizona but eventually dropped out. However, before they left, they would start a campus paper that would grow leaps and bounds. In fact, this humble paper would eventually become known as Village Voice Media–comprised of over 17 publications. One of which was the Pheonix New Times.

The New Times tracked the goings on of Maricopa County. And its frequent star was Sheriff Joe Arpaio–known as the toughest Sheriff in America. The New Times would often site things that earned Arpaio this title, such as the pink underwear he would make his prisoners wear or the rotten fruit and balogna he would make them eat.

However, the publications about Arpaio took on even darker tones when it discussed women who were chained to their beds while giving birth or the prisoners who were savagely beaten if they did not follow instructions.

And sometimes, the paper would mention the suicides that took place during the Sheriff’s 24-year reign as well as the wrongful deaths that happened.

The more they saw, the more Larkin and Lacey worked to expose the corruption of Arpaio. And apparently, they weren’t the only ones who were fed up with his behavior. In the case of Melendres v. Arpaio, there was a class action suit filed against the Sheriff.

In it, many Latinos claimed to have been racially profiled. It claimed that Arpaio had sent citizens whom he had deputized out to round them up and find out who was in the country illegally. Eventually, in 2013, the plaintiffs received a settlement of $70 million dollars.

Though Arpaio didn’t receive time for his criminal acts he did receive some for being in contempt of court after disobeying an order from the judge. But still, he would never serve any of his supposed 6-month sentence, because he was eventually pardoned by Donald Trump. Some feel that Arpaio intentionally rallied for Trump’s presidential candidacy so that he would show him favor in this regard.

2013 was a busy year for the courts with cases that concerned Arpaio, because this is also the year that Larkin and Lacey received their $3.75 million settlement for improper arrest.

The Sheriff wanted to prosecute the New Times investigative reporter for publishing his address on the internet in an article that exposed his misappropriation of jail funds. However, on the day of the trial Larkin and Lacey published an article expressing the injustice. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

The two were promptly arrested by Arpaio’s citizen posse and taken into custody. The Sheriff claimed that by publishing the details of the subpoena in their recently released article, they had violated its terms and were guilty of revealing grand jury secrets. Within in no time, the news spread around the country.

And it was picked up by major publications. When the public found out there was an outcry and the two were released.

Larkin and Lacey currently run the Front Page Confidential website, where they discuss the matter of free speech. They eventually sold Village Voice Media. Also, they used the settlement money to fund organizations who support migrant-rights throughout Arizona.

Daniel Taub Warns about Iran Nuclear Deal

The Isreali ambassador to the UK Mr. Dabiel Taub has expressed concern about the deal signed on Sunday between Tehran and the world powers. He said that the deal would do little to prevent Iran from making a nuclear weapon in the near future.

As a result, he floated the idea of forming alliances between Israel and its antagonist neighbors in a bid to counter the perceived threat being posed by Iran. While speaking to the Independent, Taub asserted that Israel was offended by the signing of the dealing and it views it as dangerous not only to Israel but to the entire world.

“Israel is deeply concerned about the Geneva deal signed on Sunday, we feel that it was not the best thing to do and that is why we have to do something about it. My country is going to initiate efforts of seeking alliances with our neighbors who share the same views with us concerning Iran’s nuclear program” said Taub.

When asked if he was being realistic about Isarel forming an alliance with its neighbors considering the thorny issues between Israel and Palestine, Taub was quick to mention that he believes there are still elements in the Arab world who still view Israel as a formidable partner when it comes to dealing with Iran’s nuclear program.

Besides, Israel last week sent a bunch of security officials to New York to meet with a team from Donald Trump’s side. The two teams are set to discuss a range of issues among them the Israel-Palestinian conflict and Iran’s nuclear program.

This move is also being seen as Israel’s effort to seek support from its traditional allies. Donald Trump is being seen as a close ally of Israel and that is probably why Israel is taking that advantage to engage the U.S in stopping Iran’s nuclear program.

The News about the Geneva accord signed last week did was not received well in Israel. Most Israelis expressed anger terming the deal as a ticking time-bomb. One cabinet minister, Bennett Naftali said that the Geneva accord was a major threat to the security of the Middle East Region. “The deal signed on Sunday is a retrogressive move for the security efforts that we already have in place.

We must do everything possible to prevent Iran from creating a nuclear weapon” said Naftali. Other Israelis also disagreed with the Geneva accord and promised to find ways of countering it.

Successful Business Owner Traits

Millions of people are interested in starting a company. Few people enjoy working for others. A successful business idea allows a person to increase their income. It also allows business owners to control their schedule.

Jose Hawilla is an entrepreneur who enjoys mentoring others. He has owned his own company for decades. When he started his first company, he made numerous mistakes. His first few companies would eventually go out of business. Due to his past errors, he can give quality advice to new business owners.

Getting Started

Starting a company is easier than ever before. Most people can start a business in just a few hours. Some people wrongly assume that customers will purchase products or services after a company gets started. However, marketing plays a crucial role in bringing in new customers.

Developing a marketing plan is one of the first tasks that a new business owner should complete. Jose Hawilla is not a marketing expert, and he has to get advice from other people working in his company for marketing campaigns. Online marketing is essential for business owners who want to improve their business rapidly.

Business Plan

Before starting a company, a business owner should create a thorough business plan. Few people take the time to develop a business plan.

Jose Hawilla mentors young business owners about developing a business plan. With his experience, Jose Hawilla can provide guidance about potential issues while running a company. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Jose Hawilla has lived in Brazil for his entire life. When he started his first company, the economy of Brazil was stagnant. The economy in Brazil is booming this year, and many economic experts believe that this growth will continue in the future. Jose Hawilla is excited about his plans for the coming years. You can search on Google to know more.

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Barbara J Stokes is best described as a Jack of all trades. The mother of three is a project manager, biomedical engineer, physicist, contractor, leader and a selfless giver. She joined Mercer University in 1996, and during her stay at the university, she studied for a variety of subjects. She learned Technical communication, manufacturing, and management, thermodynamics among others. She was able to graduate in the year 2001 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. Barbara lives in Huntsville with her family. She likes to give back to the community, and she does so through several programs in her area. She volunteers her time, skill and knowledge to the Huntsville community. Read this article at

Barbara Stokes has worked with Boeing and Pisces Corporation. It is from there that she gained deep understanding and experience in contracting with the government. She is well aware and knowledgeable about Disaster Relief Construction Management. Her great leadership qualities enable her to put together a working team. She passes on her vast knowledge to them, and this makes it easier to accomplish the set goals.

With her years of experience, she came together with Scott Stokes, and they founded a contractor company dealing in relief construction called Green Structure Home (GSH) in 2008. Barbara Stokes became the Chief Executive Officer of GSH in 2011 and held the position up to date.


GSH performs the duty of planning, designing, building, and construction, developing, delivering, installing and inspection of structures. The structures are either mobile of modern and can either be residential or for commercial purposes. They make use of wood and steel to construct the environment-friendly structures. GSH boasts of building low maintenance and highly customizable structures. The structures can be modified to look like any other house and better using materials such as marble. The company prides in supplying quality and high standard products all over North America.

GSH is aimed at supporting the local business and increase the growth rate of employment through direct or indirect employment to the surrounding community. They also focus on helping disaster victims who are in dire need and help in the disaster recovery process. Hurricane victims have benefited from this program the most. The structures built can withstand adverse weather conditions, and hence more secure. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Equity First Has Triumphed In Helping Hundreds

More Uses with Stocks

For companies looking forward to securing a loan with lowest rates of qualification, then they need to consider a financing company called Equity First Holdings LLC. Started in 2002, Equity First Holdings was a pioneer of sorts in giving loans based on publicly traded stocks as collateral. By offering this type of unique lending method, Equity First has triumphed in helping hundreds of companies achieve economic success.

However, this type of loan service is not only offered to businesses; it is also available to individuals who are working towards financial independence. All transactions are tailored in a way that suits the customer’s needs. This business model proved to be popular in other countries as well, going by the global presence of the company. Today, Equity First has a presence in nine different countries, spread throughout the globe, and has grown to become one of the most successful capital lending corporations around the world.

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LimeCrime Cosmetics

LimeCrime is a vegan cosmetics company that is known for its bright colors and original products. One LimeCrime’s newest products, Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers, were released in November of 2016. This new kind of lip product isn’t what you’d typically find. Filled with holographic glitter, these space-age looking glosses can be worn by themselves or on top of another lipstick or lip gloss.

Teonna Flipping, and office manager at tried on Diamond Crushers in the shade “trip”. She says that the formula doesn’t feel sticky, but stays on for a while. Putting it on with another lip gloss, Flipping says it adds an easy pop of glam to any makeup look.

Five more Instyle employees tried out the glosses, each one layering them with a different lip product, ranging from chapstick to higher end glosses. laShauna Williams, a senior credits editor, tried the shade “strip”, and paired it with another LimeCrime product- a bubblegum pink lipstick in the shade “true love”. Williams said that she loved the cooling feeling the Diamond Crusher gave her lips when she applied it.

Because the Diamond Crushers are so sparkly and holographic, they go nicely with a nude lipstick. The color will show up better on a beige or light pink lippie than it will on plain lips, so pairing it with something like LimeCrime’s matte Velvetines in the shade Marshmallow would create a cool look. Using a more translucent Diamond Crusher (like the shade Over the Rainbow) with a dark lipstick (like LimeCrime’s Raven Matte) will really make the holographic element pop.

Of course, every great lip look has an eyeshadow look to go along. Using a sparkly shadow like LimeCrime’s Diamond Dews would pair well with the shimmer from the Diamond Crushers. If you’re worried that two sets of sparkles may be too much, you could always opt to go with a nude base lipstick, and then pair it with a nude eyeshadow look. The Bubblegum pocket candy pallet would go well with any Diamond Crusher.