LimeCrime Cosmetics

LimeCrime is a vegan cosmetics company that is known for its bright colors and original products. One LimeCrime’s newest products, Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers, were released in November of 2016. This new kind of lip product isn’t what you’d typically find. Filled with holographic glitter, these space-age looking glosses can be worn by themselves or on top of another lipstick or lip gloss.

Teonna Flipping, and office manager at tried on Diamond Crushers in the shade “trip”. She says that the formula doesn’t feel sticky, but stays on for a while. Putting it on with another lip gloss, Flipping says it adds an easy pop of glam to any makeup look.

Five more Instyle employees tried out the glosses, each one layering them with a different lip product, ranging from chapstick to higher end glosses. laShauna Williams, a senior credits editor, tried the shade “strip”, and paired it with another LimeCrime product- a bubblegum pink lipstick in the shade “true love”. Williams said that she loved the cooling feeling the Diamond Crusher gave her lips when she applied it.

Because the Diamond Crushers are so sparkly and holographic, they go nicely with a nude lipstick. The color will show up better on a beige or light pink lippie than it will on plain lips, so pairing it with something like LimeCrime’s matte Velvetines in the shade Marshmallow would create a cool look. Using a more translucent Diamond Crusher (like the shade Over the Rainbow) with a dark lipstick (like LimeCrime’s Raven Matte) will really make the holographic element pop.

Of course, every great lip look has an eyeshadow look to go along. Using a sparkly shadow like LimeCrime’s Diamond Dews would pair well with the shimmer from the Diamond Crushers. If you’re worried that two sets of sparkles may be too much, you could always opt to go with a nude base lipstick, and then pair it with a nude eyeshadow look. The Bubblegum pocket candy pallet would go well with any Diamond Crusher.

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