Malcolm CasSelle: New Advancements in Gaming

Malcolm CasSelle recently launched the Worldwide Asset eXchange, also known as WAX. He created this new platform as an answer to the rising number of fraudulent transactions within virtual worlds. According to Malcolm CasSelle, the ecosystem of a virtual trading market is complex, and there is a huge number of marketplaces inside the games that are considered as localized and fragmented. Each market has its language, security issues, and payment procedures, and it becomes a headache for those who wanted to transact quickly. For Malcolm CasSelle, the only solution to this problem is the creation of a unified system that is equipped with the blockchain technology. WAX is the first of its kind because Malcolm CasSelle designed the platform to support WAX fully. Because of the new platform that he developed, many players around the world has increased confidence in the security of each transaction. Malcolm CasSelle wanted to share his creation with the rest of the gaming world, and he uploaded some information about WAX that made hardcore players intrigued.


When using WAX, players will be given a chance to transform their gaming assets into tokens that has unique information embedded in each item. It would allow the players to buy and sell virtual items without leaving their screens, and according to most players, it helps them to multitask, and the reviews are mainly positive. Another advantage of using WAX is the widget that comes with it that enables the player to get flawless transactions without the doubt of any fraudulent payments. Another issue that WAX has finally resolved was the problem that comes with geographic fragmenting. With blockchain, it was finally prevented, and more people now have freedom in trading and using their tokens in-game.

According to Malcolm CasSelle, another advantage of using WAX is the choice of the players not to use any middleman. For older transactions, a middleman is required to push the transaction through. However, it became different when WAX came. Players have noticed a great and secured gaming area after the introduction of these measures. Malcolm CasSelle is hoping that these advancements would carry on for a longer period.

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