Richard Dwayne Blair Provides Excellence in Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair helps his clients navigate the murky waters of personal finance with his expertise in retirement planning and wealth management. There is an intimidation factor when it comes to investing and it’s better done with a specialist on your side. Blair has the knowledge to help ordinary people accomplish their financial goals.

Wealth Solutions was founded by Blair in 1994 and it was born out of inspiration. He had a strong desire to help local citizens with expert financial planning. The chance to help his neighbors whether they are individuals, owners of small businesses, or families gives him a particular satisfaction. The Austin, Tx. area and its surroundings have greatly benefited as a result.

The framework that Richard Dwayne Blair has developed for his financial planning is called the Three Pillars. This is a comprehensive program that he has perfected over time and his deep credentials enable him to meet all contingencies. He crafts a single plan while taking into consideration retirement needs and growing one’s wealth.

A financial roadmap is a great place to start and this is the First Pillar. Blair helps his clients determine their route by assessing their risk tolerance, goals, and growth opportunities. Building a lasting relationship with his clients is also a prominent part of this first phase. He gains a better understanding of their situation and together they establish clear expectations.

A key concept in building wealth is learning how to harness the power of the markets. Long-term investing provides tremendous potential for one’s portfolio and this is the Second Pillar. Blair helps his clients create a custom plan that is tailored to their liquidity needs and goals. He is an active manager and helps position his clients correctly according to market conditions.

Careful and regular monitoring of his clients’ portfolios ensure that both parties stay on the same page. With the Third Pillar, he compares their holdings to model portfolios, historical data and their own expectations.

Richard Dwayne Blair has followed in the footsteps of the teachers in his family. He enjoys teaching sound financial planning to his clients and helping them in their quest for economic freedom.


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