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The expansion of economic is continuing with deepening and healthcare have started thriving on the influx of venture capital with influence output. The healthcare innovators who are like Ara Chackerian, seeing the rise of meteoric startups is not something surprising. There are no strangers who will startups on imaging of the medical side of healthcare. The new players have been recognized by Ara Chackerian who are driving the value and innovation of medicine. The inventors have been remaining anxious and have continued underwriting about the startups. Many startups have been able to remain in enviable cash position while some of the venture capitalists are getting concerns about their investments because they are not resulting in mergers and acquisitions or maybe the initial public offerings.


In many years ago, Ara Chackerian had realized that innovations in healthcare are similar to digital imaging, robotics, AI, and the like that there was a potential to improve the patient’s outcomes and then streamline the medicine business. He wooed to investors and told them that innovation has been able to raise the overall sustainability and success in the healthcare sector. In fact, the digital keeping of records which is data computing and the advanced diagnostics have become mature technologies that healthcare firms have employed and rose because due to startups the innovative edge. When there are good ideas, they will require greater investments. Part operator, part marketer, Ara Chackerian has been understanding that successful startups for healthcare will depend on the entrepreneurs’ talent to innovate, be able to sell the innovation and then deliver some investors returns.  You can visit for more.



Ara Chackerian lives in San Francisco. He is a philanthropist and entrepreneur. He has been having success in his career of many years and most of his work is taking action in the healthcare technology field. He has been able to found a number of companies that are highly successful and the companies are specializing in different types of the diagnostic imaging services. For more details visit Crunchbase.


He currently working with a long-time partner where they are trying to spread the awareness of mental health treatment which is referred as transcranial magnetic stimulation. He is the founder of the Nicaragua-based teak farm, it offers the community with jobs and its practices are environmental-friendly.




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