The Chainsmokers Takes Fans Insider of Their Creative Process

Chainsmokers have managed to become one of the most popular groups around. They have managed to gain this type of popularity because they are known for producing one hit after another. This duo has managed to captivate the audience that is into the EDM music. They have also managed to gain a bit of crossover appeal by sometimes adding low base driven elements to their sound.

For their latest video, “Somebody” they made it possible for people to see what goes on in the production process. A lot of producers that are up-and-coming want to make a name for themselves so they are interested in what is happening in the world of super producers like the Chainsmokers.

This duo does not fit what typically looks like a rockstar Duo, but they have mastered the art of looping beats and creating a dance worthy sound that resonates with the millennial generation. This duo also happens to have great songwriting talent as well. This stellar songwriting ability has allowed them to gain access to other singers, mostly females, that are featured on their tracks. This allows them to gain an audience that may not necessarily have known about The Chainsmokers. When they produced tracks for others they had the ability to take their sound and give it to other artists that have already established themselves. This is how The Chainsmokers became big in the industry in the beginning.

They essentially found a way to market themselves with a a lot of different artists, and this gave them the ability to gain mainstream success.

More people are checking out The Chainsmokers because this group is now making more music for themselves. They are still producing for others, but they take great pride in building their own careers as musicians themselves. This is why they are taking their fans behind the scenes. This is why they are dissecting and giving people a front row seat into the start to finish production process for their music. It makes the fans feel closer to this duo, and this gives them a chance to tell their story.

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