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Living Your Purpose with Adam Milstein

Success is defined in different aspects of life. Success does not necessarily mean financial freedom. Sometimes it means having something fulfilling and noble to do in life; living your purpose. Only a few people get the chance to live their purpose in life. One of this people is Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein is the managing partner at the Hager Pacific Properties. He is also a nationally recognized humanitarian who is committed to protecting the Jewish culture. Milstein believes that all Jewish should know what their culture expect from them. There also needs custodians to continue passing their cultural practices and beliefs.

For this purpose, they began the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. The organization does a lot of activities to reach their goals. For example, they have 15000 Jewish families who they supply with free copies of the Jewish culture written in Hebrews on a monthly basis.

Milstein also understands that the financial resources and the materials may not be enough to help protect the culture of the Jewish. They, therefore, ensure that they actively participate when they are events or planned programs. Being part of the sessions is incredibly meaningful.

Teachings can have more meaning when they are taught to target age groups. This gives a chance to concentrate and focus on the critical aspects affecting specific groups based on their stages of life. Adam Milstein understands this and hence offers any support to the people offering such services.

The other factor that Adam Milstein does is collaborate with other philanthropic groups who share his goal. This helps in attaining more and having significant results.

Adam Milstein is also great in his investment activities. He says that he stays focused and persists until he gets the desired results. He says that he doesn’t let anyone hinder him from accomplishing his goals. He explains that although he delegates duties, he does a lot by himself. When he delegates duties and realizes that the assigned person is not doing the work, he does the task himself.

As for Adam Milstein, he does not have a specific routine that he follows; it is mixing his job with the humanitarian work that fulfills him.

Healthcare Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian Writes About Tree Planting Efforts In China

Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian has made his money in the healthcare industry. He operates ASC Capital Holdings, LLC as its managing partner. He is a venture capitalist who invests in startup healthcare companies. One of the companies he co-founded in TMS Health Solutions which now has several clinics around the Bay Area. His is a member of this company’s board and has served in other boardrooms as well such as Mint Medical Education and PipelineRX.

In addition to TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian has founded other businesses as well. Among these are BMC Diagnostics which has become one of the nation’s top diagnostic imaging services. He also developed PipelineRx which provides telepharmacy services to patients across the United States. He is also an angel investor who has provided capital to many other healthcare startups in the greater San Francisco area. You can visit his page for more.


Ara Chackerian has been an environmentalist all of his life. He has supported a number of nonprofits seeking to improve the environment and he owns a teak farm in Nicaragua. This teak farm is very sustainable and the additional benefit is that the teak is great at soaking up carbon dioxide out of the air. This teak is used to build flooring and furniture which is naturally non-toxic. He also follows other development in regards to the environment, such as the story in China he has covered on his blog.

He wrote recently that in China the government assigned 60,000 troops to the planting of trees. Ara Chackerian says that industrial pollution is a huge problem in many parts of China, especially in the northeastern part of the country. They have many inefficient factories and combined with huge populations the air is often extremely thick with pollution.

One measure they are pursuing, Ara Chackerian wrote, was to plant trees. In just the past five years they have planted about 338,000 square miles of trees. They are going to up the pace over the next five years which will help with the air pollution. As planting trees involve a lot of manual labor, soldiers from their army will be transferred to tree planting duties.



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Luiz Carlos Cappi’s Unique Path To President Of Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been cited in Forbes magazine best chief executive officers in Brazil. Luiz Carlos Cappi chased a degree in philosophy by Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciencias e Letras de Sao Paulo and postgraduate studies at par in social psychology in the faculty of sociology and politics at Fundação Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo, along with a master’s degree in philosophy that outfitted him with abilities to conduct the lender. In 2015 Luiz Carlos Cappi’s pursuit of direction in the banking industry came to fruition. Read more about Trabuco at

On assuming power, Luiz Carlos Cappi started the long journey of earning Bradesco the biggest bank again. To date, Bradesco Seguros contributes about 30 percent of the lender’s total profits, because of Luiz Carlos Cappi. Luiz Carlos Cappi appointment supposed that he’s the fourth president of Bradesco, that enjoys over 70 years of operations.

In 1998, he was again elected as the managing director of Banco Bradesco and a year afterward, he had been assigned to the post of Executive Vice President. Trabuco was assign of the Bank’s Marketing for 2 years until during 1992; he had been assigned as the President and CEO of Bradesco Vida e Providência, a privately-owned company focused on a retirement. Octavio de Lazari Junior is a part of the executive board in the Bradesco Bank.



They chose Octavio de Lazari Junior to take the place of Luiz Carlos Trabuco according to His term will begin on March 12, 2018. Since the Bradesco Bank ready for the transfer of power, they picked Luiz Carlos Cappi who’s worked in the bank since he was 18 decades of age in 1969 as a bank teller to conduct the bank until the choice is made. The Bradesco Bank is headed by Luiz Carlos Cappi.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Of Bradesco Bank. To date, Mr. Luiz Carlos Cappi’s successor will be announced prior to Carnival and there are a lot of strong competitors based on Nevertheless it was announced that Mr. Octavio de Lazari Junior would be his replacement. An appearance through Luiz Carlos’ history at Bradesco demonstrates that he has been effective at every place he’s been appointed to the right from being a clerk to a president. Visit to know more.

Make Tasks Manageable With A Written To-Do List…Yes, YOU!!

Write It Down!

Having a mountainous pile of work that needs to be completed is exactly what a To-Do list is NOT. The monotonous record-player repeating how many things that are incomplete, tasks that are not going to complete themselves. These important jobs need to be done, I know. However one detail at a time is going to be accomplished much more effectively if you manage your heap of stressors with a comprehensive list of duties rather than “just knowing” what you have to do. When a mental list is compiled, it just keeps hammering away at the fact that the tasks are not done, instead of a plan-of-action.

Manage Your Time

Set aside time in the morning to write down all of the tasks that need attention. If it is an overwhelming list that you cannot complete in one day, then separate the list and focus on one days tasks. Write down exactly the things you want to complete today, and place it on a time clock. So for instance, 10:00 am- Run errands. 11:00 am- Finish Presentation for fundraiser. This way, just like a supervisor giving you set instructions, you are holding yourself responsible for the things you wish to accomplish. Keeping a cohesive list of your day keeps the tasks in focus instead of the fact that they are incomplete.

Keep It Doable

Breaking larger undertakings into smaller subcategories make the overwhelming seem much more possible. Broken into manageable priorities allows the feeling of ‘a job well done’ to be achieved several times, thus giving yourself a mental ‘pat on the back’ and recharging. Before you know it the larger issue is resolved.

Recognize Your Priorities

Prioritizing jobs into chronological order according to which is most urgent down to least important shows which of those mental stressors were dancing around at the same level as those crucial needs. If you have those important jobs written down at the top, and the lesser at the bottom, it gives you plenty of perspective. Writing down jobs in a To-Do List is important to because it can be a mumble jumble of worries and nothing will effectively be done; At least not in a manageable way.


End Citizens United Backs Candidates that Believe in True Democracy

End Citizens United is fighting hard to represent the fight against campaign finance abuses by getting candidates elected who believe in rejecting dark money and redirecting it away from Washington D.C. End Citizens United was created in 2015 to fight the Supreme Court decision that gave corporations free speech and unleashed billions of dollars almost exclusively funding republican candidates. What’s most remarkable about the Supreme Court decision is that it gave the reigns to the rich and basically denied the value of the individual’s vote. Now, corporations can influence the typical individual’s vote by bombarding them with false or misleading advertising, so they believe certain candidates are inept and ill-suited to run for office. Corporations have coffers burgeoning with money, so they can pour dollar after dollar behind their candidate of choice and the individual is unaware of the forces influencing their vote.

End Citizens United (ECU) specifically endorses pro-reform candidates and so far for the 2018 elections has raised at least $35 million through grass roots fund raising with donations from 400,000 Americans of as little as $14 each. While the dark money may be far greater, it doesn’t have the combination of good candidates, ideas worth fighting for and hard working door-to-door campaign workers. End Citizens United has and is currently backing several hard working candidates that believe strongly in campaign finance reform. One such candidate is Beto O’Rourke, the Texas Representative of the 16th congressional district who is running against Ted Cruz for Senator this year. Ted Cruz is known for his big money backers and his positive standing with the NRA.

Beto O’Rourke wants to reduce the power big money currently exercises in our democracy and he’s one of the congressional members who voted for the amendment Democracy for All, which effectively reverses the Citizens United decision. Randy Bryce is seeking to take over Paul Ryan’s senate seat in Wisconsin, Jacky Rosen is running against Dean Heller in Nevada’s senate race, Elissa Slotkin, a former CIA agent is running against incumbent Representative Mike Bishop. Brendan Kelly is running for congress in Illinois and Andy Kim is vying to represent New Jersey. All are being backed by the ECU because of their contribution to the fight to return politics to control by the people.

Saad Saad Creates Inventions to Help Children

Since he’s a pediatric surgeon, Saad Saad knows the importance of trying to help other people with the issues they face. He also knows there are positive opportunities people can use to continue getting more from different situations. As long as Saad Saad continued coming up with inventions for his patients, he could keep making sure they had someone who knew what he was doing. The people he worked with were important to him because they were just children and that’s why he did what he could to make things better for all of them.


Even though Saad Saad’s patients are not adults, they’re still valuable to him. He wants to make sure he can actually help them and give them a chance at a better life no matter what ailments they’re suffering from. He believes he can fix it. As a surgeon, he has the necessary tools to give attention to the things other people are dealing with. He also feels like he can show children they have a chance at a better life because of the work he does. It’s his goal to keep helping people and keep giving kids the chances they need for a better life. Even when Saad Saad started, he felt good about the help he gave.


Saad Saad started working as a pediatric surgeon because he wanted to make an impact. He knew the career would continue getting harder. He also knew how grueling the work was, but he chose to do all of it because he wanted to show people they had someone who was in their corner. He felt good about the opportunities he gave to people and wasn’t afraid to give back in different instances. Everything he did was important and he felt good about it because he was actually helping children.


Not all surgeons work as hard as Saad Saad. He worked harder than most by focusing on how he could help his patients. He tried different techniques and wasn’t afraid to truly get in to the hard part of helping them. It wasn’t always easy to make inventions and come up with ideas to give the patients things that would actually help them. Despite the difficulties, Saad Saad never stopped working for his patients. He continues helping them and giving them all the positive opportunities they can use in their own lives. As a surgeon, he is excellent at focusing on patients. Learn more:


The Gradual Revolution in OSI Industries

For a business to survive in the market, performance must be of the top notch. This is the knowledge that most upcoming investors lack. OSI Industries is one of the well-performing businesses that were at one point very unstable. Initially, the business served as a meat-selling point for the community. When the business was sprouting, it was commonly known as Otto & Sons. The good name of Otto & Sons attracted many business partners like Ray Kroc. Ray contracted the young enterprises to supply meat to his restaurant. Through this contract, the business gained a great reputation that created confidence for most of the customers.

Eventually, the small business had accumulated a lot of wealth that assisted a great deal. In most businesses customer relations is key. This was not different from what was happening in the Otto & Sons. To ensure an extensive coverage of customers, the management decided to open a new branch in West Chicago. The main intention of this was to ensure that orders get to McDonald in time. Later, the business acquired a new name. It was rebranded to OSI Industries. Opening up of other subdivisions such as Utah and Germany was a way of fulfilling the customer’s needs. The goodwill of OSI Industries has been trending in many countries.

Various departments require skilled personnel who can comfortably handle the managerial duties. The end result of this need is employment. OSI Industries has actually created jobs for many in the society. For a long period of time, the organization has specialized in fish, beef, snack foods as well as dough. Apart from profitability the leadership also ensures that commodities are safe, secure and of correct quantity before getting to the end consumers. When it comes to food production the team is unbeaten

OSI Industries has also given its customers the rare opportunity to enjoy sausages, pizza, and hamburger. For a business to survive among competitors some strategies are key. A business ought to ensure that customers of all levels are catered for and that the product is consistent in the market. OSI has prevailed mainly because of its well-calculated strategies.

Anil Chaturvedi: Managing Director, Hinduja Bank

Anil Chaturvedi, the current Hinduja Bank Managing Director, is a seasoned banker who has registered tremendous success in his career path. Having been in the industry for four decades, he has not only proven his expertise in the private banking sector, but also in the fields of commercial banking and investment banking.

In 1971, Chaturvedi enrolled at Meerut University, India where he graduated with Bachelor of Arts, Honors in Economics. He then proceeded to Delhi University’s School of Economics and received M.B.A, Financial Management. After that, he joined the corporate world and served in various prestigious positions.

In 1987, Chaturvedi was hired as the Development and Planning Manager for the State Bank of India. Even though he served there for barely three years, he spearheaded the financial institution to a commendable success path. He led his team into the strategic planning and the ultimate implementation of strategies for marketing. Furthermore, just within four years of the successful implementation of this strategic plan, a new business of over $500 million was born, leading to Chaturvedi receiving an award of honor as the man of the year.

Upon quitting the State bank of India, Chaturvedi joined ANZ Grindlays Bank, New York as the Vice-President and the Senior Representative for the United States Operations. As the head of the bank’s operations, he was charged with the responsibility of developing products, compliance and regulatory concerns, development of leadership skills, marketing, and creation of the bank’s profitable models.

His most recent job before joining Hinduja Bank in Switzerland was that of being the International Managing Director, Merrill Lynch. He served here for eight years from 1993. While at Merrill Lynch, Chaturvedi featured among the topmost advisors for this wealth management company.

To date, Chaturvedi has been a celebrated employee of Hinduja Bank. He has successfully developed a corporate advisory business responsible for facilitating cross-border strategic alliances between Europe, Asia, India, and USA corporate. Alongside this, he has been responsible for credit syndication, restructuring and sale of distressed assets, and raising of capital from the international organizations and institutional investors.

Neurocore Has The Techniques Neccessary To Help The Brain Focus

Neurocore was established by Dr. Royer in 2004. The organization has been focusing on helping both adults and children with sleep, concentration and attention deficit disorders for nearly a decade. Neurocore has expanded and has locations throughout both Florida and Michigan. Neurocore provides a service referred to as brain function optimization. The needs of numerous individuals can be met with this service regardless of the status of their mental health. This potential is providing assistance for individuals in numerous fields such as sports. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Most people already understand the concept of reward based training. People and animals will respond when the results are positive. Most do not understand their changes in moods for no apparent reason. Neurocore understands this is due to the dependency of the brain on the production of mood altering chemicals. This changes the physical performance and mental state. The human brain will question anything that cannot be seen and accept what can. This is especially true with the subconscious. A good example is an athlete either in the zone or unable to keep their head in the game.

This concept is about mental preparation. When an athlete shows a poor performance, it is because instead of their brain being focused and calm it is in panic mode. This state of mind will lead to a continually poor performance. Dr. Royer provides an intense training program to teach the brain to remain in the zone by relaxing the conscious mind. This enables the subconscious memory to take control. When the brain is in overdrive, hormones and adrenaline are produced regardless of if they are required. This is often caused when athletes become stressed during competition. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Neurocore offers a truly innovative biofeedback program. The participant watches a movie and their electrical activity is monitored and fed to the software in control of the DVD player. If the software discerns the brain is calm, the movie will continue to play. If the mind starts focusing on too many different areas, the movie will stop. This provides the brain with more than 2,000 reinforcements in thirty minutes. The brain learns how to recover and focus at the highest level possible.


Dr. Mark McKenna Launches New OVME Brand

Dr. Mark McKenna has taken the Atlanta area by storm this year with his brand of innovative cosmetic surgery offerings. The doctor and entrepreneur recently opened a Buckhead office of his OVME brand, specializing in the latest trends in medical aesthetics. These minimally invasive procedures boast the most cutting-edge technology with the goal of making patients feel good about themselves both physically and mentally.

As a former real estate entrepreneur, Dr. Mark McKenna has experience in both the business and medical fields. His latest venture, ShapeMed, was recently sold to Lifetime Fitness. Dr. Mark McKenna launched ShapeMed after the effects of Hurricane Katrina caused great loss in his real estate empire. The ShapeMed chain of offices was designed to offer various cosmetic treatments including laser hair removal and Botox. Dr. Mark Mckenna was able to use his experience in both real estate and the ShapeMed venture to cultivate the workings of his new enterprise OVME.

The goal of Dr. Mark McKenna’s OVME is to make medical aesthetics more accessible to everyone. Likened to an UBER service, clients can use OVME’s app to connect with a wide network of OVME’s freelance practitioners. Not only can customers visit the Buckhead physical location, but they can also request house calls on demand.

Dr. Mark McKenna is excited to show his Atlanta customer base all of the innovative ways that OVME can improve their lives while doing it with a safe and minimally invasive approach. In addition to a full range of Botox treatments and dermal fillers, OVME will also offer a myriad of body and health benefits including hair loss treatment offerings, testosterone replacement therapy, and new solutions to weight loss management.

Customers of OVME will receive personalized service that looks at the long-term care of the individual. OVME is pronounced “of me”, perfectly describing the approach the company will take to providing unique and personalized service for each individual.