Make Tasks Manageable With A Written To-Do List…Yes, YOU!!

Write It Down!

Having a mountainous pile of work that needs to be completed is exactly what a To-Do list is NOT. The monotonous record-player repeating how many things that are incomplete, tasks that are not going to complete themselves. These important jobs need to be done, I know. However one detail at a time is going to be accomplished much more effectively if you manage your heap of stressors with a comprehensive list of duties rather than “just knowing” what you have to do. When a mental list is compiled, it just keeps hammering away at the fact that the tasks are not done, instead of a plan-of-action.

Manage Your Time

Set aside time in the morning to write down all of the tasks that need attention. If it is an overwhelming list that you cannot complete in one day, then separate the list and focus on one days tasks. Write down exactly the things you want to complete today, and place it on a time clock. So for instance, 10:00 am- Run errands. 11:00 am- Finish Presentation for fundraiser. This way, just like a supervisor giving you set instructions, you are holding yourself responsible for the things you wish to accomplish. Keeping a cohesive list of your day keeps the tasks in focus instead of the fact that they are incomplete.

Keep It Doable

Breaking larger undertakings into smaller subcategories make the overwhelming seem much more possible. Broken into manageable priorities allows the feeling of ‘a job well done’ to be achieved several times, thus giving yourself a mental ‘pat on the back’ and recharging. Before you know it the larger issue is resolved.

Recognize Your Priorities

Prioritizing jobs into chronological order according to which is most urgent down to least important shows which of those mental stressors were dancing around at the same level as those crucial needs. If you have those important jobs written down at the top, and the lesser at the bottom, it gives you plenty of perspective. Writing down jobs in a To-Do List is important to because it can be a mumble jumble of worries and nothing will effectively be done; At least not in a manageable way.


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