Child Prodigy Turned Successful Entrepreneur William Saito Warns of Internet Security Threat

As the world continues to modernize it is essential to remember the importance of internet security. Online marketplaces, shopping websites, and apps are all a major source of e-commerce. Consumers input their financial details and trust that their private data is secure.


After several major cyber attacks that left consumer data exposed internet security became an after-thought. William Saito, a renowned Japanese-American tech businessman, believes this can only lead to disaster. He feels like security should be a primary detail rather than a hurried affair. This is in the protection of not only retailer’s consumer information but also extremely private government data.


To prevent even bigger data hacks and breaches, William Saito recommends a serious makeover for cybersecurity. He feels that the private and public sector’s need to join together in an effort to combat security issues preventatively. Saito called on the World Economic Forum to lead the effort.


William Saito was born in California and quickly showed his acumen for technology in elementary school. He continued to become a skilled software programmer even creating his own company, which he would later sell to Microsoft, while in high school. Saito later moved to Tokyo where he began a successful career as an entrepreneur.

An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur ¬†was written by William Saito. He shared his life story in the book. It is a true tale of a child prodigy turned brilliant entrepreneur. Saito’s autobiography offers an unparalleled look into his life.


The internet is an essential part of the global economy. Even the most common of tasks like shopping and paying bills is performed countless times a day online. There is a significant cybersecurity threat that was identified by William Saito. This famous Japanese-American tech businessman has ample experience working in the computer science field since elementary school when he began software programming. William Saito continued to become a successful entrepreneur and author in Japan with a focus on cybersecurity.

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