Milan Kordestani, shaping the future of farming

If you are a reader of the Huffington post blogs, then there is no doubt that the name Milan Kordestani rings a bell. Nevertheless, if you’ve never bothered to dig in for more info about him, then you’ll be taken back at how young he is, yet he sounds like the ultimate voice of reason in all his posts. What’s even more surprising it the accomplishments that the young writer boasts. Milan Kordestani likes to write on various matters most of which revolve around agriculture, health and even at times he dares venture into the murky waters of politics by writing about the topic.

Even though he is a regular writer for the Huffington post that is not the interesting fact about his life. What’s striking about this eighteen-year-old is that he is a farmer and is the fuel behind Milan farms which he created in 2015, just before his graduation. Even though the farm has been around for quite a short period, his exceptional leadership skills have seen it expand to three farms specializing in the production of high-quality organic products such as eggs, poultry, saffron, and mint. Today Milan farm is the primary distributor of eggs and the said products in different markets such as Colorado. The success, however, has not been on a silver platter but thanks to the unique methods applied by Milan Kordestani and his staff. For instance, Milan farm is the first farm in the region to grow saffron hydroponically. Additionally, Milan Kordestani advocates for transparency between farmers and consumers which explains why most people trust his farm to provide them with products.

More about Young Milan Kordestani

Milan was born in Stanford where he enrolled for elementary school. However his stay here was cut short after his parents divorced forcing him to move to England in 2009, but after one year, Milan moved back to his birthplace where he continued with his studies till he graduated.

Besides farming, Milan Kordestani loves horses and is a professional equestrian. His love for horses though did not come out of the blues. It began when he was at the age of ten years after he fell off a horse during a trail ride. Even though such an incident would have scared the hell out of a ten-year-old, Milan was not scared; instead, this sparked off a long lasting relationship between him and horses. Today he has participated and taken top positions in numerous horse races such as the World championship horse show races and many others.

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