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A Guide To Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Sameer Jejuikar, M.D., is a revolutionary in a field of work that thrives off the advancements in technology. On the other hand, this man is a board-certified plastic surgeon who works at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. This particular facility is state-of-the-art, and it’s one of the more popular medical-aesthetic centers in the city of Dallas. Jejurikar has been practicing in this industry for more than 20 years. “Every plastic surgeon works extremely hard from the time they began their training to the time they end their careers,” said Jejurikar. This extraordinary plastic surgeon is thrilled about where this sector of business is going. His skin care line is loaded with state-of-the-art products, and these products are of medical-grade.

This is non-surgical skin rejuvenation at its finest. The products come in the form of an exfoliator, a daily moisturizer and contouring crème. Customers will definitely see a huge improvement in wrinkle reduction as the skin will be rehydrated to full capacity. Other benefits included are less appearance of dark circles, less puffiness around the eyes and much better radiance. Jujurikar is a beloved surgeon in the city of Dallas thanks to his cool bedside manner. He truly has an interest in making his clients’ dreams come true. He has invested years of time as well as invested years of his very own money to become the man that he is today.

In addition to working at the popular Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, this phenomenal plastic surgeon provides cosmetic work at other medical facilities, including Pine Creek Medical Center, Dallas Medical Center and Baylor Medical Center. It seems as if this man can’t do any wrong, especially when it comes to this particular subject. The future of cosmetic surgery is looking very stable, and Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is at the forefront of it all.


Felipe Montoro Jens Talks About The Reasons For Public Works Projects Being Frozen

Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry (CNI) conducted a study about paralyzed public works projects. Looking the study over, infrastructure projects expert Felipe Montoro Jens said that what stood out to him was that of the 2,796 projects that are frozen 517 of them, or 18.5 percent, are those related to infrastructure. As the taxpayers pay for these projects that means they have R $ 10.7 billion tied up in uncompleted projects that aren’t doing anyone any good.

Basic sanitation projects are the ones most affected by this phenomena, Felipe Montoro Jens says. This is followed up by highways, ports, railways, airports, waterway, and urban mobility work. He says that even simpler projects like building daycare centers or hospitals get abandoned midway through their being built. He says that smaller businesses take on these projects and, with an economic crisis going on, they can’t pay the bills and so shutdown mid-project. More about of Felipe at

There are a number of ways to correct this issue in the future. the CNI’s study said that six measures should be put in place. Among these are carrying out better micro-planning, giving teams more resources to complete projects, and write up more balanced contracts. However, Felipe Montero Jens says that a big issue is that his country doesn’t seem to ever be able to really learn from surveys and all of the monetary losses that occur.

Felipe Montero Jens says that there is some hope, though, that the country can learn from its mistakes. He says that the CNI study was just one of 43 documents about public works projects being abandoned. All 43 of these documents were handed over to every candidate that is in the running for the President of Brazil. Elections are being held in October and it is hoped that the new President will seriously address this issue.

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The evolution of the Fortress Investment Group

In 2017 Softbank came calling at Fortress Investment Group, the bank was interested in acquiring them and made an offer of 3.3 billion dollars. This meant that once shareholders accepted the offer, the group would be de-listed from the New York stock exchange and become a private company once again having listed on the stock market in 2007. The offer was approved giving the bank full ownership but still leaving a lot of the group’s leadership in the hands of its founding partners.

The Fortress investment group has assets under management that tally up to 43.6 billion dollars. They have over the years diversified their operations into something that has enabled them to have a very diverse portfolio as far as investments are concerned. The group has a number of funds that direct these investments namely

Fortress Credit Opportunities Funds

This fund was established to focus on opportunistic investments. These types of investments were largely in the undervalued asset category as well as the Distressed asset sector.

Drawbridge Special Opportunities Funds.

Commonly referred with Fortress Investment Group as the DBSO was established to focus on the global investments the company undertook. This fund is one of the most highly diversified and has been able to penetrate a number of areas that include loans, assets, corporate securities as well as overseeing distressed assets. The ability to be highly versatile is one of the reasons it has been highly successful.

Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Funds.

As the name suggests, this is a fund that is essentially dedicated to all types of opportunities in real estate. The group ensures that it continuously invests in the area as it has proved to be one of the most lucrative, especially after the 2008 crash.

Fortress Japan Income Fund

Created specifically to cater to the Japanese market this fund has grown exponentially. It is expected to continue doing so after Softbank acquired Fortress and the bank already having sufficient knowledge of its home market it could hasten its growth.

Fortress Secured Lending Fund

This is a purely private equity fund. Its structure is one that focuses on senior loans which are in most cases secured by “safe” portfolios.

Fortress ABI Fund

This is simply an asset-based fund. The fund was established to cater to asset-backed securities mainly.

The Fortress Investment Group, however, has a range of other products that have helped drive its growth the Permanent investment vehicles have been essential to this end.