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Larkin and Lacey

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin attended the University of Arizona but eventually dropped out. However, before they left, they would start a campus paper that would grow leaps and bounds. In fact, this humble paper would eventually become known as Village Voice Media–comprised of over 17 publications. One of which was the Pheonix New Times.

The New Times tracked the goings on of Maricopa County. And its frequent star was Sheriff Joe Arpaio–known as the toughest Sheriff in America. The New Times would often site things that earned Arpaio this title, such as the pink underwear he would make his prisoners wear or the rotten fruit and balogna he would make them eat.

However, the publications about Arpaio took on even darker tones when it discussed women who were chained to their beds while giving birth or the prisoners who were savagely beaten if they did not follow instructions.

And sometimes, the paper would mention the suicides that took place during the Sheriff’s 24-year reign as well as the wrongful deaths that happened.

The more they saw, the more Larkin and Lacey worked to expose the corruption of Arpaio. And apparently, they weren’t the only ones who were fed up with his behavior. In the case of Melendres v. Arpaio, there was a class action suit filed against the Sheriff.

In it, many Latinos claimed to have been racially profiled. It claimed that Arpaio had sent citizens whom he had deputized out to round them up and find out who was in the country illegally. Eventually, in 2013, the plaintiffs received a settlement of $70 million dollars.

Though Arpaio didn’t receive time for his criminal acts he did receive some for being in contempt of court after disobeying an order from the judge. But still, he would never serve any of his supposed 6-month sentence, because he was eventually pardoned by Donald Trump. Some feel that Arpaio intentionally rallied for Trump’s presidential candidacy so that he would show him favor in this regard.

2013 was a busy year for the courts with cases that concerned Arpaio, because this is also the year that Larkin and Lacey received their $3.75 million settlement for improper arrest.

The Sheriff wanted to prosecute the New Times investigative reporter for publishing his address on the internet in an article that exposed his misappropriation of jail funds. However, on the day of the trial Larkin and Lacey published an article expressing the injustice. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

The two were promptly arrested by Arpaio’s citizen posse and taken into custody. The Sheriff claimed that by publishing the details of the subpoena in their recently released article, they had violated its terms and were guilty of revealing grand jury secrets. Within in no time, the news spread around the country.

And it was picked up by major publications. When the public found out there was an outcry and the two were released.

Larkin and Lacey currently run the Front Page Confidential website, where they discuss the matter of free speech. They eventually sold Village Voice Media. Also, they used the settlement money to fund organizations who support migrant-rights throughout Arizona.

The Frontera Fund Works to Defend Poor, Minority and Foreign People

The rights of all people are important. Every life has value and people from different races matter. Poor people with little money, few resources and little opportunities are worth something.

Minority people with non-traditional views about their society are not valued by the majority. Foreign people who come to this country are often ostracized, criticized and condemned by citizens of the nation where they are relocating.

The Frontera Fund is a philanthropic support source for organizations that work to end human, migrant and Civil Rights violations. This organization has been around since 2007. Its founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin created the fund in response to the wrongful imprisonment that they received by a corrupt law officer.

These two men understand how far some racists or xenophobic individuals and organizations are willing to go to destroy a group of people. So, they knew that they had to fight against this kind of injustice.

The two men were eventually released from jail and went to court. They won a settlement from the state of Arizona worth millions and the Frontera Fund was born. Now, it works to defend the poor, minorities and foreign people from various violations to their rights.

Organizations who rely on the Frontera Fund use it a source to help the weak members of society to become empowered. The many benefits that are provided through the use of the fund cannot be denied. People who have their rights violated now have a chance to get the help they need from organizations that are supported by this philanthropic source.

The Frontera Fund knows that organizations need help. They know that these organizations are really working hard to make life better for marginalized people.

While the Frontera Fund does not directly benefit people it directly helps them to get the assistance they need from organizations willing to fight for their rights. Poor, minority and foreign peoples no longer need to live a defeated life. The Frontera Fund will help them to get the justice that they deserve.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


Thor Halvorssen the Human Rights Advocate

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights supporter and film maker. Depicted by the New York Times as “a champion of the powerless and underdog, he started pushing for human rights as a teenager in 1989 in London by coordinating for opposition to South African politically-sanctioned racial segregation. Halvorssen’s experience is Norwegian and Venezuelan. He got to be distinctly included full-time in the advancement of due process and individual rights after his dad became a political detainee in Venezuela. More so, he established the New York-based Human Rights Foundation after his mom was shot amid a political protest in 2004. HRF is given to freeing political detainees and to promoting democracy and tolerance in Latin America. Since its establishing, HRF has secured the freedom of seven conscience detainees, offered Truth Commissions with evidence, provided amicus briefs in key international human rights cases, and additionally published two books on state responsibilities and human rights.

Mr. Halvorssen is the CEO and founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, a yearly worldwide social affair. He was born in Venezuelan in 1976 and he is a history and political science graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he was also offered the award for securing student speech. Mr. Halvorssen is the CEO and founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum a yearly world gathering and also heads FIRE (Foundation of Individual Rights in Education) a U.S. freedoms association. The organizer and CEO for human rights establishment, a universal group created in 2004 that was to champion the meaning of Human Rights. He established the group subsequent to stepping down as the leader for Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

Thor Halvorssen is an all around prestigious Human rights advocate with his primary commitment focus being in supporting the public rights and interests, pushing for privileges of people and advocating for common freedoms.Furthermore, Mr. Halvorssen has additionally been alluded as the Children’s Peace Movement supporter, a team situated in C-Czech republic that encourages relations amongst kids and young people in Poland, Canada, Norway and Slovakia. His affection for human rights freedom is great and in 2001 he stated that freedom of speech, opinion and expression is free and indispensable and has the deepest sense to a growing society.