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Sanjay Shah Looking to Rise Money for Autism

Sanjay Shah understands how other parents feel when their children struggle with autism. That is because he is the father of an autistic son. It is a daily struggle and he has learned how to deal with it. He loves his son the way he is and, Sanjay also says he wouldn’t change a thing about his son. However, he understands many parents would like their children to be without autism and wish they had more information about the disease and situation. That is exactly why he has created the Go Fund Me account titled Autism Rocks. But what exactly is this all about and what is the money going to go towards? It is all going to go to help both fight autism and to do whatever is possible to make life easier for both those struggling with autism but also their families as well.

Sanjay Shah has a way of rubbing elbows with important individuals. This is especially the case when it comes to musicians. He found himself talking with Snoop Dogg about an idea he had. He wanted to put on musical performances with private audiences. All of these audiences would be able to specially purchase tickets and the ticket money would all go directly back towards autism research and to help families who are just now starting to learn about the struggles their child will be going through.

There have been all sorts of musicians who have donated their time in order to perform in front of private parties where all of the money goes towards Autism Rocks. Some of these musicians include Snoop Dogg and Prince, just to name a few (there have been nearly a dozen different concerts so far, which is why Sanjay is looking to raise more money. It does take some money to rent out the facility and to set the stage, even though the musician is putting on their own show for free. It is the goal of Sanjay in order to do whatever he can to raise money for autism awareness. This way, other parents of children with autism can receive more for it. Check out Sanjay’s Twitter page for more news and updates like this one.