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EOS Lip Balm: Lip Balm From The Heavens

Since its inception, EOS lip balm has redefined the lip balm industry. Also known as Evolution of Smooth, the lip balm company is known for their egg-shaped lip balm infused with natural ingredients. Also, EOS lip balm is a cultural Phenomenon ma among young adults. In particular, young women gravitate towards this product. With that being said, EOS lip balm has operations in several countries. In addition to natural ingredients, EOS lip balm products are pleasant smelling. This can be attributed to their botanical extract. Aside from being a safer alternative, EOS products contain vitamin E.

Unlike their competitors that use harsh ingredients such as petroleum, EOS uses the finest ingredient to heal and revitalize skin. In addition, the products are safe for the environment. The company’s commitments to eliminating carbon footprints are also noteworthy. Another reason why EOS lip balm ( is a superior product is due to the variety of lip balms they offer. In fact, EOS lip balm comes in several flavors. To name a few, EOS lip balm comes in blueberry acai, lemon drop, sweet mint and so forth.

In addition, EOS lip balm has an appealing price point. With a suggested retail price of $3.29, it is hard not to purchase their products. Very few lip balm companies offer such a high-quality product at the price point offered by EOS lip balm. Also, EOS lip balm contains significantly more lip balm than its competitors.

Another key advantage the company has is availability. All of the major retailers carry the EOS lip balm brand. This includes Walmart, Walgreens, and so forth. It is also available on their company website. This makes their products easily accessible to their customers. Also, if customers are not satisfied with the product, they have the ability to return it within 21 days of purchase. To view what EOS has to offer, visit their Facebook product page.

Fast Company Recap About EOS Lip Balm

There is a rage over lip products due to a company called EOS, standing for Evolution of Smooth. Only a few years ago did this name come into play, but they are already bigger than ever. EOS is rated just number two in best selling lip balm on eBay. Their products are all natural, hypoallergenic, gluten free and contain vitamins and oils that are nourishing and naturally conditioning. In an article about the company, it was explained how exactly EOS came to be so successful. Facebook research led to the conclusion that lip balm was a product overwhelmingly used by women over men. In sensory panels, where users can describe their experiences, it was found that women constantly lost their tube of Chap Stick in the bottom of their purse and wished for something in a shape that would be easier to find. Therefore the products were created to focus on the consumers, with the end result a palm sized ball. The thought that ran through the company’s mind was to make product that would stand the test of time, they weren’t creating something to create a fad but a successful product that women would love. The five senses are a big part in EOS lip balm products. The first starts with the packaging, feeling good in the hands when picked up. Then, there are different colors of orbs (the actual lip balm container), different smells to each lip balms, there are even flavors to go with the different smells and a satisfying click when done. This is a company that didn’t want to create just another commodity but a product that each user would have an emotional connection with. Women like to use products that make them feel good and look good and at EOS this is exactly what the goal is.

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How EOS Is Revolutionizing The Lip Balm Industry

When it comes to changing a genre or industry, success is the number one attribute. Whatever the industry, sector, division, etc., the product has to be hot and in-demand. This is the case with lip balm products. Fast Company reveals the new king of the hill is (EOS) Evolution of Smooth. This brand maybe ranked second in sells, which is a great achievement in itself, but the brands growth is expected to continue throughout the future. As of today, Evolution of Smooth sales over $1 Million units on a weekly consistent basis. This is no fluke either and many alternatives come into play which helped boost sales.

Some of the most prominent and famous individuals are strong users of the product. Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, and even Miley Cyrus have been spotted with this oddly egg shaped containers in hand. Of course when a celebrity uses a product, their fans will do the exact same thing. It’s not all about celebrity appeal which makes this product a huge success. Evolution of Smooth uses some of the finest natural ingredients that provides the lips with natural healing effects. Unlike other brands which uses chemical additives or watered down natural ingredients, EOS lip balm has set the bar pretty high in an already saturated market where duplicating is frowned upon.

Evolution of Smooth has bumped the industry’s bread winner out of the conversation as “best lip balm product.” Chapstick is still successful, but not at the same degree as years of the past. Unfortunately Chapstick isn’t resonating with younger age groups and (EOS) does. Many of the sales actually comes from the Millennial demographic. By the year 2020, Evolution of Smooth will have “the game on lock” with it’s eclectic look, odd shape, and natural healing properties. If you want to try the brand, head over to the evolutionofsmooth website or your local Target, Walmart, or Lucky Vitamin stores.




Career Achievements Of Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg is a business man and the co-CEO of Just Fab. Adam Goldenberg started Gamers Alliance at the age of 15 years. This was his first company. He later sold the company to Intermix Media (MySpace parent company) in 1999. Adam left high school and went on to join Intermix to serve as the Vice-president of Strategic Planning. Adam became the Chief Operating Officer at the age of 20 years. This made him become the youngest COO of a company that was publicly traded. Adam met with Don Ressler who later became his business partner at Intermix. Don was also an entrepreneur and he had sold his company. The Endeavors of Don led him to produce more than $billion in sales. He had also raised $100 million and more in capita for many different internet companies.

Adam is a venture partner at CrossCut Ventures Management, LLC. He serves as its advisor. Adam Goldenberg was also the president of Brentwood Cosmetics, LLC. He has gained six years of experience in product development, product management, and internet marketing. Adam is the co-founder of Alena media, Inc. where he launched Hydroderm. Adam Goldenberg collaborated with Don Ressler to come up with brand ideas. Adam co-founded Intelligent Beauty with Don Ressler. They formed the Matrix Partners and later co-founded Just Fab. Just Fab is the mother company to fashion brands like Fabkids, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle. The company has employed over 2000 employees. It has made annual sales of $650 million since 2010.

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Adam says that the reason why JustFab has had tremendous growth is because the company is creating brands online and in categories of high growth. He says that the membership model is the most revolutionary thing about the business. Adam Goldenberg is motivated by working with people who are passionate and smart. He says that JustFab is committed to deliver the best to their customers and to offer products that exceed their expectations.

Adam says that being an entrepreneur has taught him about team empowerment and the great benefits of partnership. Adam says that Starting out in his business ventures was not easy. Determination and hard work have made him successful. Adam has been a good example that age does not matter when it comes to entrepreneurship and what you want. Adam started out at the age of 15. He has grown over the years to become a significant force behind the current fashion e-commerce. He has co-founded various businesses which have all generated significant profits.

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Developing A Brand Is Important For Lime Crime

The Lime Crime cosmetics brand has a growing following online as increasing numbers of people are looking to use the makeup developed by the Los Angeles based company headed by Doe Deere. In interviews Doe Deere has been explaining her Online persona as the “Queen of the Unicorns” and trying to bring inspiration to others through her role as one of the members of the list of top female entrepreneurs published by “Self-Made” magazine; the chance to pose on the cover of the magazine alongside many of her own business idols was an important step in Deere becoming an important part of the cosmetics industry that is slowly following the developments Lime Crime has brought to the industry.


Despite her role as one of the leaders of a new breed of cosmetics industry leaders, and the curator of the Lime Crime blog, Doe Deere has been at pains to explain she was not always successful in her own attempts at using makeup in her early adult life. Deere now understands the journey she embarked upon as a younger person began in 2006 with her seeking to create a series of looks that were more about making a statement about how she felt about her own life instead of simply looking good. The empowerment and confidence Doe Deere developed is something she hopes to pass on to others who she hopes will follow in her foot steps as a successful entrepreneur who continues to look to create the best opportunities for success in the future.

Success for Doe Deere and Lime Crime also appears to be about more than simply selling the largest number of products possible, but instead is about bringing fun and excitement back to the cosmetics industry. Doe Deere looks back to the early days of Lime Crime around its 2008 launch when social media followers would look to the company’s social media accounts to see the latest looks Deere and her fellow employees had created; this early form of social media marketing has continued for the company with more of a focus on how the customers and members of the Online community developed around the brand are currently using the latest products. The company has continued to develop new ways of making a connection with their followers who look forward to the latest developments in bold, colorful makeup developed for those with a sense of individuality they wish to express at all times.  Check out the Lime Crime Velvetines for yourself on here: