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Felipe Montoro Jens Talks About The Reasons For Public Works Projects Being Frozen

Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry (CNI) conducted a study about paralyzed public works projects. Looking the study over, infrastructure projects expert Felipe Montoro Jens said that what stood out to him was that of the 2,796 projects that are frozen 517 of them, or 18.5 percent, are those related to infrastructure. As the taxpayers pay for these projects that means they have R $ 10.7 billion tied up in uncompleted projects that aren’t doing anyone any good.

Basic sanitation projects are the ones most affected by this phenomena, Felipe Montoro Jens says. This is followed up by highways, ports, railways, airports, waterway, and urban mobility work. He says that even simpler projects like building daycare centers or hospitals get abandoned midway through their being built. He says that smaller businesses take on these projects and, with an economic crisis going on, they can’t pay the bills and so shutdown mid-project. More about of Felipe at

There are a number of ways to correct this issue in the future. the CNI’s study said that six measures should be put in place. Among these are carrying out better micro-planning, giving teams more resources to complete projects, and write up more balanced contracts. However, Felipe Montero Jens says that a big issue is that his country doesn’t seem to ever be able to really learn from surveys and all of the monetary losses that occur.

Felipe Montero Jens says that there is some hope, though, that the country can learn from its mistakes. He says that the CNI study was just one of 43 documents about public works projects being abandoned. All 43 of these documents were handed over to every candidate that is in the running for the President of Brazil. Elections are being held in October and it is hoped that the new President will seriously address this issue.

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Banco BMG Revolutionary Financial Services Lure Investors To Brazil

BMG (Banco de Minas Gerais S.A. is an eighty-something-year-old bank established in 1930. It’s a premier Brazil-based bank born into the infamous Guimarães family. It’s kept ahead since inception and has generated substantial revenue. As a global brand of the banking industry, BMG has capped impressive sales, profits and governs a robust workforce. Initially, it focused on wholesale and consumer lending. In 1999, the bank piloted an expansion to include services such as retirement/pension plans, real estate investing, credit card payrolling and car financing.

Amazingly, BMG has retained long-term alliance with investors and partners as a specialized creditor of financial products. A sampling included used car financing, payroll credit-card service, BMG Realiza (personalized home-equity investments), BMG-Empresas and more. Banco Itaú BMG Consignado S.A., a subsidiary of the same bank handles payroll loan financing. BMG controls an estimated forty percent of the voting capital and shares. With an extensive knowledge of financial market trends, BMG is an exemplary leader. It’s renowned for its revolutionary technology, tradition, and impressive leadership.

The bank has a reputation for securing and managing high-profile credit portfolios. It’s adopted corporate governance policies and practices. With dependable board members, that take a particular interest in keeping BMG transparent and ethical, it continues to strive. It uses high-level security and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) initiative to protect investors’ interest. The renowned Guimarães family are particularly admired for their unmatched credibility of offering first-rate commercial banking solutions to the corporate network and individuals.

Marcio Alaor, appointed as BMG’s director of operations and vice president plays a core role in strengthening the bank’s corporate presence. Brazilian investors, consumers, and business interest all admire the sophisticated financial services BMG extends. He’s put emphasis on diversifying the bank’s investment and funding practices. This has encouraged substantial savings for BMG in recent years. With the bank’s employees in mind, Mr. Alaor has invested in improving resources to maximize productivity.

With bank agents/correspondents nationwide, BMG controls a large market share. It’s partnership extends to 1, 044 bank Representatives and 30, 000 payroll agents. It recorded an estimated R$352 million in net profit for the first quarter of 2010. In comparison to the previous financial year, BMG recorded substantial growth. Additionally, it reported an impressive sales ledger of 3, 098 POS (Points Of Sale). BMG has an extensive client population of over 4 million and the numbers to grow. The CEO of BMG, Ricardo Guimarães has established himself among the best Brazilian executives. In 2010, Banco BMG received the “best banking group” award. BMG Bank is actively involved in improving support efforts throughout Brazil.

Brazil Provides an Abundance of Qualified Lawyers

Brazil Offers Many Law Schools
Brazil is well-known for providing numerous law schools that produce qualified and skilled lawyers. It has been claimed the this is a country that actually has the most law schools anywhere in the world. It has been said by some that the Brazilian legal system can be somewhat confusing. There are many laws that must be abided by. A qualified lawyer can help to alleviate the confusion that may surround these laws. It has been stated that there are over 181.00 laws within the legal system itself.

Some Interesting Facts and Laws
Every country has a set of standards and laws that their citizens must follow. Each and every county is highly unique and different. Brazil does have some specific and clear laws in place. The following are some interesting laws that appear to be factual for this country. These are only a few samples of the set laws that are in place already. These include:
* smoking in Brazil in not lawful to do so in public. This is a law that came into effect in the year 2014. This was put into place for the protection of passive smokers. This is a law that has designated smoking in certain locations.

* The selling of e-cigarettes is not allowed in Brazil because the National Health Surveillance has not found scientific data that has fully proven the safety of the e-cigarette.

* There is a law that states that gambling in Brazil is not allowed. It is a prohibited practice. The online gambling on the internet is not included within the territory of Brazil. Internet gambling is not regulated. It is not lawful to partake in physical gambling in Brazil territory

* There are numerous states in Brazil that enforce a law regarding wearing helmets and other items that cover a persons face inside a premise. The purpose for this helmet law is to lower the number of robberies. This is a law that ensures that the face of all individuals will be clearly seen by the security tapes. Many states in Brazil forbid individuals to wear a helmet inside of premises
These are a sample of some of the laws in Brazil. These are just a few interesting facts and a few laws that many areas of Brazil have set in place.

The Lawyer who Started Small
Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer from Brazil who started out small. He began his law services in a small room. He managed to grow his small room into one of the largest offices in Brazil. This is a lawyer who is well-known for his advocacy. He is an honest man who has served multinational and Brazilian groups. This includes many politicians. He has continued to grow and earn a fine reputation through his service to many.