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Living Your Purpose with Adam Milstein

Success is defined in different aspects of life. Success does not necessarily mean financial freedom. Sometimes it means having something fulfilling and noble to do in life; living your purpose. Only a few people get the chance to live their purpose in life. One of this people is Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein is the managing partner at the Hager Pacific Properties. He is also a nationally recognized humanitarian who is committed to protecting the Jewish culture. Milstein believes that all Jewish should know what their culture expect from them. There also needs custodians to continue passing their cultural practices and beliefs.

For this purpose, they began the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. The organization does a lot of activities to reach their goals. For example, they have 15000 Jewish families who they supply with free copies of the Jewish culture written in Hebrews on a monthly basis.

Milstein also understands that the financial resources and the materials may not be enough to help protect the culture of the Jewish. They, therefore, ensure that they actively participate when they are events or planned programs. Being part of the sessions is incredibly meaningful.

Teachings can have more meaning when they are taught to target age groups. This gives a chance to concentrate and focus on the critical aspects affecting specific groups based on their stages of life. Adam Milstein understands this and hence offers any support to the people offering such services.

The other factor that Adam Milstein does is collaborate with other philanthropic groups who share his goal. This helps in attaining more and having significant results.

Adam Milstein is also great in his investment activities. He says that he stays focused and persists until he gets the desired results. He says that he doesn’t let anyone hinder him from accomplishing his goals. He explains that although he delegates duties, he does a lot by himself. When he delegates duties and realizes that the assigned person is not doing the work, he does the task himself.

As for Adam Milstein, he does not have a specific routine that he follows; it is mixing his job with the humanitarian work that fulfills him.

Louis Chenevert’s Contribution to United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is a successful Canadian born businessman. He was born in 1958 in Montreal. He is an alumnus of HEC Montreal where he acquired BA in Production Management in 1979. He is the former C.E.O and chairman of United Technologies Corporation positions he acquired in 2008 and 2010 respectively. Before he became the C.E.O, he was the president and C.O.O of the same company since 2006.

Before joining united technology Corporation, Louis Chenevert had worked in various companies such as Pratt & Whitney and at General Motors where he served as Production General Manager for 14 years among other companies. He is currently chairman of the advisory board of HEC Montreal’s and the board member for the Friends of HEC.

According to Louis Chenevert, the idea for United Technologies came from having the passion for delivering high-quality products that suits the changing needs of the customers. He claims that teamwork and exceptional readership is what brought success to UTC. Good leadership is all it takes to achieve company’s objectives. A leader who pushes who agendas, optimistic and who provides all the operational requirements for the company received a rewarding final product.

Louis Chenevert believes that surrounding himself with the right people is what has helped him grow. Critical thinking and confronting challenges has also accelerated his success. According to him, encouraging teamwork and rewarding the hard-working employees are some of the things that bring success to any company.

Louis Chenevert strategy for making the employees work in a centralized place where they could share ideas and work towards achieving the company’s objective is what made UTC survive the hard economic times when other companies were outsourcing cheap labor that would produce low-quality products.

One of the significant contributions of Louis Chenevert was the acquisition of Goodrich Corporation. This move was meant to increase the market share of UTC and to diversify their products which would fully fulfill the customer’s needs. He also facilitated the development of GTF which is efficient, environmentally friendly and relatively cheap making UTC be among the best jet engine assembling companies in the world.

A Review And Perspective On The AvaTrade Broker

The AvaTrade platform is what provides security as investors consider the odds.

Part of the agency’s service is news updates that keep you trading with accuracy.

Spectators never expected it, but the USD gained life in the latter of trading week beginning Monday, April 16, 2018. AvaTrade’s update for April 19, 2018 brings new data to focus as the broker enables investor to rally with the U.S. Dollar. The agency’s news covers the Euro, the Canadian dollar, the British pound and the USD.

Updates were made as of 10:00 a.m. on Thursday when currencies fought against the dollar but in an unsuccessful display that gives USD investors a quick opportunity to maximize AvaTrade‘s financial tools. The market has seen a correction that can be found within the Avatrade trading review console.

The agency also works to provide professional news updates with fairness.

Why AvaTrade Gets A Thumbs Up In Our Review

This might be an opportunity to learn the foreign exchange if you’re curious about reading some AvaTrade review.

The forex market operates roughly 5 trillion U.S. dollars worth of currencies, and this is a major component to the market’s size. Your next step requires registration as Avatrade is a regulated investment broker that offers traders security on their deposits and accurate news on how you can enter the market to make your trades.

You may feel that price data isn’t accurate or that reading charts and graphs aren’t profitable. Avatrade professionals reap millions yearly on their financial portfolios. It’s because AvaTrade is regulated and safe. Its data is helpful in determining the major changes in the market. Understanding the minute changes of currency brings clarity.

AvaTrade prices clarity for all investment professionals and within legal boundaries.

Prices And Sure Returns In Our Review

Security is a major factor to entering the forex market.

The security of AvaTrade is supported by a few regulating bodies that offer the firm’s traders a bit of ease and relaxation. Investing during a time-sensitive trade brings tremendous stresses and should be minimized. You can minimize those stresses by trading through the security of a regulated agency.

Avatrade supports its traders when the weekend comes and pushes investors to consider their strategy with or against the USD. Investors are still unsure about where it all will go, but the recent spurt in news is being shared through the trust you have in AvaTrade.

The Humble Beginnings of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani’s modest beginnings started in the shop of his father who owned a shop where he sold a variety of goods including imported ones from China. At that time, Hussain Sajwani was quite fortunate to be given a scholarship where he was permitted to study in the United States and earn his degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering from the Washington University.

He kick-off his professional career when he got employed with the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries in 1981. After spending two years in the finance department of the said company, he founded his own catering business that serves a large number of customers such as Bechtel and the United States Military. To date his catering venture, now known as Global Logistics Services, is still in business and doing quite well by serving an approximate 150,000 meals per day.

After being successful with his very first business, Hussain Sajwani was able to see a good opportunity in the real estate market of Dubai, and he opened DAMAC Properties in 2002. Currently, DAMAC is one of the largest realty developers in the Middle East Region. Due to its phenomenal growth, Ajani’s company has been publicly traded and was registered in 2015 with the Financial Market of Dubai.

Having entered the high-end luxury development projects, DAMAC was able to work with prominent names in the building and development markets where they built the ultra-modern Paramount Resorts and Hotels by entering a partnership with Paramount Pictures; the luxury villas that were designed by Bugatti, including the luxury apartments whose interiors were conceptualized by Fendi and Versace the famous fashion houses from Italy, and the golf course that Tiger Woods created that is now being managed by the Trump Organization.

According to an interview given by Hussain Sajwani about President Donald Trump, he said that they are friends to often take time to meet whether on their own turf or abroad.

DAMAC owner and its Chairman, Hussain Sajwani, formed the Hussain Sajwani-DAMAC Foundation to offer support for the empowerment of a happier community through skills and learning development vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


Joel Friant and the development of his Original Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is a businessman who got his start in the real estate business. He has since used his business knowledge to educate others and train them to be successful. He has also developed the popular product the Original Habanero Shaker.

Starting his as a home remodeler and real estate salesmen, Joel took his good business sense and opened a restaurant. He decided to try a concept that had never been done before in the United States and opened a fast food restaurant that served Thai cuisine.

After a while, Joel decided to go back to the real estate business and he was soon declared the number one salesperson in the real estate office at which he worked. He rode this success and open his own real estate office and began offering mortgage loans.

In 2008 after the financial crisis, Joel began to take notice of the different factors that determine success. He studied the different things that both successful and unsuccessful people did when operating their business and developed new methods and concepts of success, including the Income Thermostat.

He began to hold seminars and publish articles to spread his knowledge to others. People listened and soon found themselves becoming successful.

Recently Joel has begun to implement cryptocurrencies into his models for success. He teaches people how to take advantage of the recent rise of cryptocurrency values and to use this new found wealth to fund their own business ventures.

Joel also continues to sell his Original Habanero Shaker. He got the idea for the product while he was running his Thai restaurant. He noticed the popularity of the habanero pepper as a topping and decided to find a way to make the spicy ingredient more simple to use.

Bu experimenting with different methods, Joel discovered the perfect way to dry and flake habanero peppers while maintaining their spice and flavor. His original recipe can still be experienced today with the Original Habanero Shaker.

Eric Pulier Successfully Uses Technology to Make Lives Easier and Positively Impact on People Around Him

Eric Pulier is a successful individual, with numerous titles to his name. He is an entrepreneur, columnist, author, technologist, public speaker, and an active philanthropist. He attended the well-known Harvard University where he majored in English and American literature, graduating with a distinction.




Eric Pulier’s brilliance started showing from an early age. He was doing computer programming at fourth grade and opened a database venture in high school. While at Harvard University, Eric was a columnist and an editor for Harvard Crimson. His first company was named People Doing Things, founded in 1994. The company focused on how technology can be used to improve everyday issues, such as education and healthcare. It later merged with US Interactive in 1998. Since then, Eric has not relented in creating more ventures that have been of help to many.


He has founded, co-founded and funded a number of start-ups mostly in technology, media, and capital funds. These companies include Digital Evolution, Media Platform, US Interactive, Akana, ServiceMesh, Desktone, and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council among others. vAtomic Systems is the latest out of his sleeves. The firm focuses on building and improving a new technology named virtual atoms. This technology works in protecting private data saved in the cloud. Eric Pulier’s capabilities are nationally recognized. In 1997, the Presidential Inaugural Committee hired him for his outstanding skills to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition, which was named The Bridge to the 21st Century. His publications include Understanding Enterprise SOA, which he co-authored with Hugh Taylor and The Enterprise Industrial Complex.




Eric Pulier has largely invested in the communities. Some of his most remarkable philanthropic startups include XPrize. He built this platform to award teens and youths who outdid themselves to reach to the top. These awards would work as a motivation to people who were rarely recognized. Eric Pulier has a passion for children with special needs. He has over the years donated money and his technological skills in creating platforms that help those children. Pulier played an integral role in establishing a camp dubbed the Painted Turtle for chronically ill children. He has also worked with Starbright World in creating an interaction media platform for children suffering from chronic diseases.