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Sanjay Shah: A great Businessman and a Greater Father

Sanjay Shah has shown that he has a great sense of what makes a business work. He has worked for various banks and have developed a desire for his own company. Among the advantages that he has seen for working for his own company is that he gets more freedom when it comes to where he works and the hours that he gets to work for his own company. When he started Solo Capital, he has experienced a different type of work that he could enjoy. One of the things that he has not liked about working for another company was the commute and the tedious hours in the office.

While Sanjay Shah has shown a great work ethic for his own job, he is also a much greater father and philanthropist in that he is willing to fund solutions to various issues such as medical conditions. For one thing, he has always been a charitable person. Finding out that his son was autistic has influenced his efforts. Now he runs a charity called Autism Rocks which collects donations in order to send over to a research facility for autism research. He uses various methods in order to fund autism research. Among the methods is running a concert for charity.

This is perhaps one of his greatest achievements. He is able to get famous artists to perform for funding. The purpose for autism research funding is so that medical experts can come up with more effective treatments for the developmental condition. Right now, his son is in behavioral therapy so that his development can be boosted and he can learn how to function with autism. Sanjay Shah has proven to be very generous and responsible. He is also a good example of a man who knows how to handle tragedies.

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Champion iFunding Chief Executive William Skelley Gains Notoriety Among Real Estate Industry’s Elite

Earlier this year “Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders” welcomed iFunding chief executive and founder, William Skelley as an associate. The next-generation entrepreneur commands a champion real estate platform focused on crowdfunding. The January 27th event held earlier this year at the renowned Columbus Citizens Foundation in New York saw the likes of elite executives. The chief organizer of the invitation-only dinner event, Madison Realty Capital managing director, Michael Stoler celebrates the industry’s top strategists. For those familiar with his work, he’s the powerful mind behind “The Stoked Report: NY’s Business Report.” Merrill Lynch, Kushner Companies Carlyle Group, BOA (Bank of America) CIT and Cushman and Wakefield top executives were in attendance.

Stoler also invited iFunding founder Skelley to join him on his show this Spring. It’ll explore today’s evolving commercial real estate market. The panel lineup includes industry leaders such as Regional Capital Group, president, and founder, a former iFunding sponsor, Mr. Paul Braungert. Shelley was among the earliest real estate managers to explore crowdfunding. His company, iFunding is the chief financier of some 40+ projects worldwide. Skelley’s iFunding real estate franchise thrives as a premier specialist of preferred equity transactions and debt consolidation.

Recently, iFunding restructured its leadership with Daniel Drew as the new head and vice president of real estate. Drew’s duties will center on the business development and expansion side of the operation. Additionally, he’ll explore opportunities to optimize the platform while improving institutionalized and investor products. His career in commercial real estate spans over a decade. Secondary market transactions, sales/trading, structured finance, and origination are his key areas of specialization. The former Notre Dame University graduate holds a Business degree (BS). Before iFunding, Drew held numerous designations at Deutsche Bank Berkshire Mortgage, GE Capital, Cantor Fitzgerald (director) and Carlton Group.

Formerly, Skelley headed Rose Park Advisors as principal where he led the firm’s investor relations and business development arm. Dr. Clayton Christensen, a decorated HBS (Harvard Business School) professor founded the consultancy. Its main specialization focused on different aspects of disruptive innovation. At GE Healthcare and Olympus Corporation, Skelley spearheaded several upstarts as a business development consultant. Skelley himself is a former HBS graduate and attended Hobart College as well. Another noted accomplishment of his is Pallas Global, an investment banking group focused on real estate development launched by Skelley in 2005. The bilingual business developer, venture capitalist, and fundraiser also chair the New York-based real estate investment boutique, iFunding.

QNET’s Role In Empowering Girls and Women

I believe that today modern women desire to earn good income and while at it balance family life with their career. A good number of women seek to be their own boss and this is through starting and running their own businesses. QNET an Asian Company prides itself in developing young women who are entrepreneurs. USAID states that, for any society to thrive and grow, girls and women ought to have access to quality healthcare, technology and education. QNET in promoting the empowerment of women, allows women to be part of their team as direct sellers. Through this, their earnings are maximized and are flexible to work as per their individual schedules.

QNET is a Hong Kong company that is a leader in e-commerce. It involves itself in selling products including, luxury goods, home care, personal care and fashion accessories. The company has spread its wings in more than a 100 countries. I believe that by QNET treating its employees in a very caring manner there is a positive outcome as employees ensure there is a stable working environment.

QNETTERS in Rize, Turkey can’t wait to ROCK!

Posted by QNET (Official) on Monday, March 14, 2016

I applaud QNET for efforts, perseverance and excellence in the industry that has led to it winning three prestigious awards. It also participates in a number of humanitarian activities. It has partnered with organizations such as Lions Club International that promotes the helping of humanity. Through a donation to Shirdi Sai Hospital, QNET has ensured that the cost of dialysis for kidney patients is subsidized. QNET also grants sports sponsorship and it recently entered into a partnership with Manchester City Football Club through which it became its official direct selling partner.

I believe through its use of technology and proprietary e-commerce, QNET offers the best products for the right business. From my point of view QNET is a company that can be trusted for any needs that a customer may have. Through its website,  the company gives any prospective clients reasons as to why they are a reliable company. This is due to their various industry memberships that promote accountability and the corporate recognition it has received over the years that boost their credibility.

For any kind of media inquiries that one may have QNET India has provided an email address where one can contact them. This allows them to have constant communication with their clients and customers.

QNET’s corporate commitment coupled with its core values enhances the Company’s growth as they are propelled to ensure they give what they have pledged.

International Talk Fusion Knows that Videos are the Best Communication Online

Internet researchers predict by the year 2017 that 90 percent of all communication on the Web will be done with videos. If this is true, Talk Fusion will be at the heart of it all. Talk Fusion is an international video communication company founded by Bob Reina in 2007.

Mr. Reina is an aggressive entrepreneur with over 20 years in the business who built an impressive team of internet gurus to provide his customers with the best video experiences. He included dream Interpreters, video and graphic professionals, and tech magicians who make your video communication an amazing experience.

To create Talk Fusion, Bob used his mastermind to overcome his situation. In 2004, Mr. Reina wanted to send a video on email, but couldn’t find any company that did that. Thinking he could do it himself, he called is tech-genius friend who developed the technology to send videos through email. Together, in 2007, they launched the basic format for their video communication company, and video email spread rapidly throughout the world.

Today, video emailing is just one of the features that bring people together with Talk Fusion. They now offer a collection of video programs including live video chat, video solutions for e-conferences, email video and a program of analyzes that reports directly back to the user.

Improving the lives of the users on Talk Fusion is one of the main goals for Mr. Reina. He remembers so well his frustration when there was no tech for videos. With an international clientele, Talk Fusion is able to connect individuals or groups across the globe through the cutting-edge technology that Mr. Reina has made available.

Video messages or interactive video conferencing is much more detailed and inviting than transmitting content and a photo. Take your business or social status to the next level with excellent video communication. To try Talk Fusion for yourself, go to our website at Once you experience how easy, yet effective video communication is, you won’t go back to what you were doing before.

Understanding the Importance of Investment Banking With CEO Martin Lustgarten

What is Investment Banking?

Banking is a wide area that incorporates many aspects. Investment banking is one of the many branches of banking. It is an area that helps in the creation of capital in the market for other companies and even governments. The firms dealing with investment banking are investment banks.

Why Investment Banks?

Investment banks play a key role in the market because of the following reasons:
1. They help their clients in the underwriting of new debt as well as equity securities. Their clients in this case include all types of corporations. This is the major role that they play in the market.
2. They also help in the trading of securities.
3. They aid in mergers and acquisitions of companies.
4. The firms facilitate reorganizations and broker trades in both the local and international market. They do this for institutional and private investors.
5. They also advise investors on the best practices on the stock issue and placement in stock markets.

The Importance of Investment Bankers

The concept of investment banking seems to be a novel thing to many individuals. It is one area of banking that is often misunderstood. As such many people fail to understand how important it is and therefore do not take it seriously.

Although investment banking seem to be complex to some individuals, the presence of investment bankers saves a lot of hassle. These experts have the required professional knowledge in investment banking and always give the best advice to their clients who consider venturing into investment banking. There are individuals who are dedicated to help their clients as far as investment banking is concerned. One such individuals is Martin who knows exactly what you have to do to be successful in investment banking.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin is the CEO of a firm dealing with investment banking called Lustgarten, Martin. He is also the founder of the firm which is based in Miami, Florida. He is a successful businessman as well as an investment banker. His firm is among the leading investment banking firms of all time across the United States. The firm has successfully procured some deals which have turned out to be some of the biggest in Florida.

People love working with Martin Lustgarten because he understands the importance of treating his clients in the right way. He constantly keeps in touch with his clients through his active social media accounts. He gets to discuss important issues with all people including his clients and his coworkers. He is a nice person first and a professional investment banker second.

Dick DeVos and His Extraordinary Dedication to Charity

A Man who Donates Time and Money

Dick DeVos has made numerous contributions to charity and has created so many campaigns that have been successful. DeVos is one philanthropists who has donated his time, full attention, as well as his money. He has dedicated himself to numerous organizations through the self-founded, Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. These include:

* artistic
* religious
* civic
* educational improvement

He is a highly successful individual with an outstanding reputation. He is indeed in the position to make highly remarkable contributions to both local and regional organizations. It has been revealed that DeVos and his family have actually given approximately one billion dollars to charities and causes. This has been over the course of their careers and lives. This dollar amount does not include the political donations that have been made.

Dick is a businessman who holds a degree in business administration. He has continuously furthered his education. He attended Northwood University and then continued with classes at the Harvard University Business School. His many skills have allowed him to donate his valuable time to philanthropy. His overall success in his business career has enabled him to donate sums of money. One of his most noteworthy and largest contributions came in the year 2010. He opened West Michigan Aviation Academy. This was the first public charter school. This included the incentive of a school that would not exclude students due to financial issues. Dick is a pilot himself and wanted to share his passion for flight with others less fortunate.

Dick DeVos is a Man with Character

Dick DeVos does welcome anyone to be humble, work hard, volunteer, and smile. He clearly has shown that he is a man of high character strength. He has shown this through his lifelong actions. He is one individual who is committed to creating positive changes. He is a billionaire with a big heart. He and had been the President of Amway operations. This is a family involved endeavor. He was the president from 1993 until 2002. This is an individual who is community-minded and has a fine reputation.

Learn more about Dick’s family foundation by visiting the following link:

Investing Tips for Those Short on Cash

We all want to succeed in life and have a big house, and this entails envisioning the future and finding the means necessary to prepare for retirement. While it is feasible for some people to set aside money from each paycheck to invest, others may find it more difficult to consider the future while accommodating for the present. If you live paycheck to paycheck and feel investing just isn’t possible for you, there are some tips you should consider that could provide valuable answers to this all too common dilemma.
Invest in Your Employer’s Plan

If your employer offers a retirement plan such as a 401(k), it’s in your best interest to invest even as a middle class investor, because you often get free money as many employers will match all or a portion of your contribution. Furthermore, you will be able to pick from a list of low-cost mutual funds, making it relatively easy to create a diverse and viable portfolio.
Automatic Savings Fund

Let’s face it. Sometimes personal funds are so limited that it’s difficult to set even a small amount aside. However, what may seem to be insignificant at the time adds up over the course of several weeks, months, and years. Let’s say you can only realistically afford to set aside ten dollars per month, or about 30 cents per day. Speak with your bank about having this amount automatically transferred to a savings account. This way, you won’t have to think about it, and, over the course of a year, you will have saved $120. You can start investing the money in stocks and bonds once you accumulate it.
Learning From the Best

Investing can be confusing, and many simply feel they don’t possess adequate knowledge to navigate the confusing world of investing. Whether you feel overwhelmed or are new to investing, it can be helpful to seek advice from serial entrepreneurs like Brad Reifler. He is the founder and chief executive of Forefront Capital since May 2009, and he makes it his mission to pass on his tried and tested investment techniques to others. His firm specializes in the advisement of portfolio management and other investing functions with anyone from distributors to individual investors.  Wikipedia has even more info about Brad.
Learn to Control

When money’s tight, it’s important to think critically about ways you can free up extra cash. For example, if you smoke, use your will power to quit. This can save you hundreds every year that you can invest. By knowing yourself and taking maximum control over your compulsions, you can find money you may have never considered.
The Future is Bright

Money problems should never impact your ability to envision a bright and hopeful future. If you fear you’ll have to work well into your 70’s just to get by, you are living a life of far less quality than you deserve. It’s never too late to get started preparing for your future. By implementing these tips now, you can begin building the nest egg you need to live comfortably in your golden years.

Prospecting 2016 From Last Year’s Market

The stock market has reached its peak at the end of the year with investors taking strong note on how it has ended. The last year started on quite promising optimizing. The year made a different with a mini crash experienced in the August and September. The last quarter of the 2015 year showed some positive recovery, but many investors were skeptical it was a sign of good news.

The stock markets hugely rely on the price of oil. The simple reason is that oil drives the industries that are pillars of the economy. As the equity markets showed some positive recovery, the price of petroleum was moving in opposite direction. The new fear shifted from the stock recovery to oil factor. Nevertheless, experts predict a silver lining for New Year capital gains.

As more investors retreat from investing in rather unsafe companies, the demand for performing companies will rise. This demand is set to revolutionize the market in a new way should it perform well. The need for investments in the stock market will reverse the normal operations provided the market performs positively.

The investor confidence from the recovery of the stock market from the mini-crash of the year never restored investor’s confidence. There were unseen uncertainties in the market and the financial period ended without full potential. The effect of the oil prices and the impact of stock trade on the market are projected to have a significant impact on the other economies of the world. The analysts also project that chance are market will not recover fully in 2016 and may take the path taken in last year.

From the stock markets, the investment industry is also anticipating a successful 2016 with numerous opportunities. The chances are the industry is exploring alternative investments like technology and health care. Mr. James Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. The company is headquartered in Dallas since its inception in 1994. Jim has diversified the firm’s investment portfolio with the aim to attract more investors in the primary industry. Highland company is the leading investor in the healthcare sector and also top in alternative investments.

Jim is a graduate of the University of Virginia. He is a chartered accountant and financial analyst. Since his graduation from college, Jim has worked in many leadership and management position building his experience in the last three decades.

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Sanjay Shah Looking to Rise Money for Autism

Sanjay Shah understands how other parents feel when their children struggle with autism. That is because he is the father of an autistic son. It is a daily struggle and he has learned how to deal with it. He loves his son the way he is and, Sanjay also says he wouldn’t change a thing about his son. However, he understands many parents would like their children to be without autism and wish they had more information about the disease and situation. That is exactly why he has created the Go Fund Me account titled Autism Rocks. But what exactly is this all about and what is the money going to go towards? It is all going to go to help both fight autism and to do whatever is possible to make life easier for both those struggling with autism but also their families as well.

Sanjay Shah has a way of rubbing elbows with important individuals. This is especially the case when it comes to musicians. He found himself talking with Snoop Dogg about an idea he had. He wanted to put on musical performances with private audiences. All of these audiences would be able to specially purchase tickets and the ticket money would all go directly back towards autism research and to help families who are just now starting to learn about the struggles their child will be going through.

There have been all sorts of musicians who have donated their time in order to perform in front of private parties where all of the money goes towards Autism Rocks. Some of these musicians include Snoop Dogg and Prince, just to name a few (there have been nearly a dozen different concerts so far, which is why Sanjay is looking to raise more money. It does take some money to rent out the facility and to set the stage, even though the musician is putting on their own show for free. It is the goal of Sanjay in order to do whatever he can to raise money for autism awareness. This way, other parents of children with autism can receive more for it. Check out Sanjay’s Twitter page for more news and updates like this one.