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Anil Chaturvedi: Managing Director, Hinduja Bank

Anil Chaturvedi, the current Hinduja Bank Managing Director, is a seasoned banker who has registered tremendous success in his career path. Having been in the industry for four decades, he has not only proven his expertise in the private banking sector, but also in the fields of commercial banking and investment banking.

In 1971, Chaturvedi enrolled at Meerut University, India where he graduated with Bachelor of Arts, Honors in Economics. He then proceeded to Delhi University’s School of Economics and received M.B.A, Financial Management. After that, he joined the corporate world and served in various prestigious positions.

In 1987, Chaturvedi was hired as the Development and Planning Manager for the State Bank of India. Even though he served there for barely three years, he spearheaded the financial institution to a commendable success path. He led his team into the strategic planning and the ultimate implementation of strategies for marketing. Furthermore, just within four years of the successful implementation of this strategic plan, a new business of over $500 million was born, leading to Chaturvedi receiving an award of honor as the man of the year.

Upon quitting the State bank of India, Chaturvedi joined ANZ Grindlays Bank, New York as the Vice-President and the Senior Representative for the United States Operations. As the head of the bank’s operations, he was charged with the responsibility of developing products, compliance and regulatory concerns, development of leadership skills, marketing, and creation of the bank’s profitable models.

His most recent job before joining Hinduja Bank in Switzerland was that of being the International Managing Director, Merrill Lynch. He served here for eight years from 1993. While at Merrill Lynch, Chaturvedi featured among the topmost advisors for this wealth management company.

To date, Chaturvedi has been a celebrated employee of Hinduja Bank. He has successfully developed a corporate advisory business responsible for facilitating cross-border strategic alliances between Europe, Asia, India, and USA corporate. Alongside this, he has been responsible for credit syndication, restructuring and sale of distressed assets, and raising of capital from the international organizations and institutional investors.

Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group

Paul Briger is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and the principal of the board of directors. Briger graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Ivy League’s Princeton University. He later furthered his studies and pursued a master’s in business administration from the same University. In the year 2002, he was appointed to a management committee and later on served as a member of the board of directors in the year 2006.

On August 2009, Briger was elected to the board of director’s co-chairman. He was handed the responsibility of a real estate and a credit manager at Fortress Company. For over fifteen years, Peter spent at Goldman Company before he was befitted as a member partner in the year 1996. Later, he became a member of Fortress Investment Group in the year 2002.

Peter Biger also served in various caliber charter schools. These schools were meant to usher students into success by being taken through a four-year competitive college on the board. Peter Briger is also a celebrated member of an advisory committee that was established in the year 2015 to empower entrepreneurship that was initiated by President Eisgruber Peter at Princeton University. According to a ranking conducted in the year 2007, of the 400 wealthiest Americans, Peter Briger was ranked the three hundred and seventeen wealthiest men. Then, Peter Briger was worth 1.5 billion dollars. Briger is 43-years-old, married and with four lovely children.

Peter Briger is an American citizen. Together with his family, they reside in New York, the northern regions of America. In the year 2013, an executive of Wells Fargo, one of the leading banks in the United States met the Fortress Investment Group. The two firms discussed how to create the first-ever regulated exchange of bitcoins around the globe. In the meeting, the two firms discussed how the Bitcoin technology is yet to become the fewer means of sending and receiving money all over the universe. They also saw the gap of an American based bitcoin regulated exchange. They concluded that Wells Fargo would partner with fortress to oversee the hole filled. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

However, a standing decision was never met as the two partner’s carried out the negotiations for an extended period. Wall Street got the opportunity to extend their process which later saw them grow and develop immensely. They formed the new technology. Even though the various attempts failed, Peter Briger confirmed that Wall Street venture into bitcoins had just started. Meet Pete Briger: A Titan in the Investment and Finance World

Louis Chenevert’s Contribution to United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is a successful Canadian born businessman. He was born in 1958 in Montreal. He is an alumnus of HEC Montreal where he acquired BA in Production Management in 1979. He is the former C.E.O and chairman of United Technologies Corporation positions he acquired in 2008 and 2010 respectively. Before he became the C.E.O, he was the president and C.O.O of the same company since 2006.

Before joining united technology Corporation, Louis Chenevert had worked in various companies such as Pratt & Whitney and at General Motors where he served as Production General Manager for 14 years among other companies. He is currently chairman of the advisory board of HEC Montreal’s and the board member for the Friends of HEC.

According to Louis Chenevert, the idea for United Technologies came from having the passion for delivering high-quality products that suits the changing needs of the customers. He claims that teamwork and exceptional readership is what brought success to UTC. Good leadership is all it takes to achieve company’s objectives. A leader who pushes who agendas, optimistic and who provides all the operational requirements for the company received a rewarding final product.

Louis Chenevert believes that surrounding himself with the right people is what has helped him grow. Critical thinking and confronting challenges has also accelerated his success. According to him, encouraging teamwork and rewarding the hard-working employees are some of the things that bring success to any company.

Louis Chenevert strategy for making the employees work in a centralized place where they could share ideas and work towards achieving the company’s objective is what made UTC survive the hard economic times when other companies were outsourcing cheap labor that would produce low-quality products.

One of the significant contributions of Louis Chenevert was the acquisition of Goodrich Corporation. This move was meant to increase the market share of UTC and to diversify their products which would fully fulfill the customer’s needs. He also facilitated the development of GTF which is efficient, environmentally friendly and relatively cheap making UTC be among the best jet engine assembling companies in the world.

Credit Restoration with Ricardo Tosto

The economy of Brazil is expanding in various ways. Many people are excited about the opportunities for the future. Ricardo Tosto is someone who helps people restore their credit after a financial disaster. Many people in Brazil want to borrow money for a new business idea. Due to bad business decisions in the past, these people struggle to get approved for these business loans.

Ricardo Tosto has had an excellent career as a lawyer. After graduating from Mackenzie with a law degree, he quickly went to work in the field. He advanced rapidly and specialized in commercial litigation. He enjoys helping people who have made financial mistakes in the past. Anyone who needs help with a legal issue should consider working with Ricardo Tosto.

Credit Restoration

Restoring credit is not a simple process. The banking system in Brazil functions much like the banking system in the United States. Banks do not want to lend money to people who have a low credit score without high-interest rate loans. Ricardo Tosto teaches people how to improve their credit score after making bad financial decisions. Some people follow his advice and quickly have success. For other people, it takes years to recover from a financial disaster.

Bankruptcy is one of the worst things a person can do for their credit score. Ricardo Tosto helps people with the bankruptcy process. Some people make such poor financial decisions that there is no way out for them.

Future Goals

Ricardo Tosto has numerous plans for his future. He is excited about his career growth, and he recently co-authored a book. He also writes articles for newspapers in his area. He enjoys helping customers with various legal issues on a daily basis.

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Eric Lefkofsky: A Champion of Cancer Patients

Tempus, a technology company based out of Chicago, announced that they have received $80 million in financial backing from various new and pre- existing investors. In total, the company, who is led by Groupon co- founder Eric Lefkofsky, has raised $210 million in funding since its inception back in 2015, but with the most recent bout of fundraising, the company is now valued at about $1.1 billion. If a company has a valuation above $1 billion, they are given a “unicorn” status, something very few Chicago companies can accomplish.

Tempus employs about 400 people, but that number is going up at a fast rate; approximately 30/ month. This pace is predicted to continue, due to the company using some of its funds to spread its reach.

The company is employing clinical data to find tendencies in the healing of cancer in general and gather subatomic data from patients going through treatment. “And in some cases,” Lefkofsky said, “the data collection can be as simple as digitizing a doctor’s handwritten patient notes so they are searchable and can be stored to expand on treatment options.”

Tempus holds relationships with entities and organizations in all aspects of the healthcare system, including doctors that are looking for a method to use data to more adequately help treat patients.

“I think the traction that we have had with everybody in the industry has been kind of amazing,” he stated. “We’re in the midst of one of the most significant paradigm shifts of our time.”

Some of the contributors to this funding were Revolution Growth and New Enterprise Associates, with new investors, Kinship Trust Company and advised funds by T. Rowe Price Associates.

Eric Lefkofsky was born on September 2, 1969 and is an American billionaire businessman who is the co- founder and CEO of Tempus. He was raised in a Jewish family in Southfield, Michigan. In 1987, he graduated from Southfield- Lathrup High School and afterwards attended the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors in 1991Afterwards he went to the University of Michigan Law School and attained his Juris Doctor in 1993.

Successful Business Owner Traits

Millions of people are interested in starting a company. Few people enjoy working for others. A successful business idea allows a person to increase their income. It also allows business owners to control their schedule.

Jose Hawilla is an entrepreneur who enjoys mentoring others. He has owned his own company for decades. When he started his first company, he made numerous mistakes. His first few companies would eventually go out of business. Due to his past errors, he can give quality advice to new business owners.

Getting Started

Starting a company is easier than ever before. Most people can start a business in just a few hours. Some people wrongly assume that customers will purchase products or services after a company gets started. However, marketing plays a crucial role in bringing in new customers.

Developing a marketing plan is one of the first tasks that a new business owner should complete. Jose Hawilla is not a marketing expert, and he has to get advice from other people working in his company for marketing campaigns. Online marketing is essential for business owners who want to improve their business rapidly.

Business Plan

Before starting a company, a business owner should create a thorough business plan. Few people take the time to develop a business plan.

Jose Hawilla mentors young business owners about developing a business plan. With his experience, Jose Hawilla can provide guidance about potential issues while running a company. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Jose Hawilla has lived in Brazil for his entire life. When he started his first company, the economy of Brazil was stagnant. The economy in Brazil is booming this year, and many economic experts believe that this growth will continue in the future. Jose Hawilla is excited about his plans for the coming years. You can search on Google to know more.

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Daniel Taub Criticizes the Geneva Deal as Endangering the Region

Daniel Taub is an Israeli foreign expert, intellect, and former Ambassador of the country in the U.K. He is known for accurate appraising of ground realities, especially in the Middle East region. In late 2013, he made a scathing attack on the Geneva deal that was considered as an accord between Iran and western countries.

Taub found a number of flaws in the nuclear deal that could potentially destabilize not only the region but can even create safety concerns for western countries in the later years. He said that the deal was not stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons or no steps to mitigate the threats created by the country. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

However, he expressed his thoughts that the new developments and threats by Shia-led Iran might create an opportunity to join hands between Sunni countries in the region and Israel. The radical axis controlled by Tehran has spread Gaza, Beirut, Damascus, and more, and it created threats to other countries in the region as well.

Daniel Taub confirmed that these countries should have started looking for deeper relationships considering the common fundamental strategic concerns that are aligned with their interests. He also added that the changed circumstances in the region gave new choices in relationships which were not thinkable before.

Taub also added that a number of elements in the Middle East region would make countries to collaborate with Israel, especially the parts who wanted prosperity and found to be forward-looking. He continued that a sizable number of people started thinking about the possibility of some sort of relationship.

Daniel Taub found that the deal has not strained the relationship of Israel with its western allies, and that was a good sign for him. While global powers were too optimistic about the deal with Iran, Israel did not think that way and warned that the deal was directing in the wrong direction.

Taub added that Israel is worried about the deal as it did not provide anything that was needed. There was nothing dismantled, and everything remained in place by posing clear threats of Iran acquiring the nuclear weapon. Israel is concerned by the fact that Iran would inch towards nuclear weapon at the end of the six-month period set in the Geneva accord. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

After signing the deal, the next day, both Iran and the negotiators gave different interpretations for the accord, and it showed where the deal was heading, Daniel Taub said. He confirmed that the deal created wide anger in Israel as it contained many flaws.

How Logan Stout uses his leadership Skills to Empower Youth.

Logan Stout is a well-known entrepreneur with an indomitable experience as a leader. He is an expert in team building as well as a motivational speaker living in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Logan assisted several companies he worked for, to generate billions of dollars of revenue through his outstanding leadership skills. Logan Stout toured various countries across the universe, conducting seminars and training to individuals and businesses. Enterprises and several entities sought him for being among keynote speakers in the world.

Logan Stout has various businesses that he oversees. His latest venture, IDLife LLC, was formed as a result of success principles he acquired while being an employee. IDLife majorly focuses on providing knowledge to individuals on health and wellness. The company ensures that the society gets nutritional products that are of high quality. Apart from being the founder of IDLife LLC, Logan Stout acts as the chief executive officer of the company. His leadership skills have enabled the enterprise to expand its operations in the market as well as incorporating partners, including recognized authors and fitness ambassadors. The group of associates Logan brought into the company include Troy Aikman and Darwin Deason. The firm’s outstanding performance has earned it a ranking among the 100 stable Top MLM companies in the universe besides earning an incredible reputation in the corporate world.

The entrepreneur involves himself in charitable activities that inspire and empower aspiring leaders. He trains individuals by equipping them with quality leadership skills alongside working with John C. Maxwell, a renowned motivational speaker. Training and seminars have granted him an opportunity to visit over one hundred and ninety-six nations in the world. Logan Stout is also a best-selling author with several publications. His famous book is Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams.

The Renowned author established Dallas Patriots, which a baseball organization for youths. The group empowers young individuals who have skills and passion in baseball. Logan Stout being a chief executive officer hires professional trainers, which has made the firm to be among most significant associations. Televisions, radios, and live events host Logan Stout as well as leading publications.

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George Soros is Proof that We all Have the Responsibility of Helping the Oppressed, even When We are not Oppressed

Despite being one of the richest men on the planet, George Soros is not defined by his wealth. When he is gone, the world-renowned businessman will most likely be remembered for eagerness to help people than the amount he made. He is a walking success story having risen from relative obscurity to become arguably the best hedge fund manager of the 21st century. However, thanks to his passion for giving, he not only works through his Soros Fund Management Company but also through a collection of civil society and charitable groups under the umbrella of the Open Society Foundations.

First created in 1984, the Open Society Foundations have grown to become Soros’s primary instruments for creating positive political change. These foundations are mainly based in nations with oppressive regimes and are constantly engaged in attempts to increase democracy in their countries. The close to two-dozen foundations that the Open Society works with receive no more than a third of their finances from the Society, so as prevent co-dependence and conflicts of interest. Over the last two-and-a-half decades, the total funds given through the Open Society stand at approximately $12 billion, about of George Soros’s current net worth and more information click here.

George Soros has also been engaged in a lot of political activity in the United States, especially in the last 15 years. While America does not have the same challenges with Democratization as many of the other countries Soros works in, there are still many who are denied their civil liberties and subjected to oppression. At the national level, he has provided financial support to one side of the political divide on the last four occasions. With President George Bush seeking re-election in 2004, Soros gave political contributions to his challenger hoping to prevent him from retaking the presidency. Despite Bush winning the election, the experience left Soros wiser and he soon after decided to form the Democratic Alliance – a collection of big like-minded political donors and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

The last year has been a very busy one on the political and philanthropic front for George Soros. In late 2016, he was among those who strongly spoke against the possible election of Donald Trump as president. As a result, he donated about $25 million to various Democratic Party candidates with the aim of frustrating Trump’s ambitions. Additionally, shaken by the rise of anti-immigrant and anti-refugee hysteria in both the United States and Europe, and at one time having been a refugee, Soros committed $500 million to go towards various immigrant and refugee empowerment programs all around the world. Additionally, he has also put some $10 million towards fighting the rising cases of hate crimes in America over the last year and Follow him at

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Richard Mishaan Designs Different, Customized and Timeless

Richard Mishaan Design is a brand associated with quality, elegance, exclusiveness, and innovation in the interior design world. The design powerhouse specializes in commercial and residential interior décor. The culture of result orientation and excellence has earned Richard Mishaan Design several recommendations and referrals. The firm has consistently featured on the lists of top designers by Elle Décor for the past three years.The signature pieces by Richard Mishaan Designs are captivating and timeless despite the changes in the trends in interior design over time. The firm incorporates modern, classical or a mix of both in its creation. Richard Mishaan creatively fuses different themes and styles to develop exquisite and unique designs that outlast current trends.

Richard Mishaan’s history inspires his passion for design. Growing up in Cartagena, Columbia, the colorful cities and heritage-inspired designs fascinated him. After completing his studies at Columbia University, Richard interned for Philip Johnson, an established and renowned architect. In 1991, he launched his company the Richard Mishaan Design.Through the enterprise, Richard endeavors to actualize his clients’ preferences, attitudes, and ideas through design. He prioritizes personalization in all of the firm’s projects.

Richard Mishaan Design has a pool of experts that are committed to the organization’s vision and to offering the clients more than they expect. All of the past projects by Richard Mishaan Designs have a distinct style.Some of the projects by Richard Mishaan Designs include St. Regis Hotel’s presidential suite and estates in the Hamptons. Richard acquired a house in Cartagena listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO and transformed it to reflect its rich history and modernity. He is also an author of two books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern. The books showcase Richard Mishaan’s knowledge in the field, his inspirations, projects by the design house and ideas on how to tastefully transform spaces into themes.