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The Truth About Success and How Susan McGalla Defies All Odds

When it comes to business and life in general, only a select few people are going to succeed. At the same time, some of the people that are born in lower positions are not going to have a chance at all. Among the people who are born at a disadvantage are women. For one thing, women are often kept out of many areas in the workforce. Therefore, they are less likely to succeed. Fortunately, there are women that defy the odds and make it to the top so that other women can follow in their footsteps. One such woman is Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla is one of the women that showed women the way that they can be successful. However, she has struggled just like all of the other women. The one factor that has worked in her favor is her mindset. She has maintained a positive attitude that has enabled her to move forward with her goals. She has used her energy and her mental capabilities to come up with solutions and ideas for her company to use. She has also shown a lot of creativity in marketing and reaching customers. This is one of the factors that have impressed her superiors and has gained her positions in leadership.

One of the most important truths about success is that it starts a lot earlier than one would believe. Some people believe that success starts when they make a ton of money. However, when people get started working towards something that they enjoy or believe in, that is when success starts. Susan McGalla has seen success as a journey and is therefore presenting that mentality to other women so that they will be able to move forward towards the life they want. One good thing for women is that the world is progressing in their favor.

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