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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Innovation in Healthcare

Innovation is a critical component of improving the healthcare industry in the future. There are many people who struggle to afford quality healthcare. One of the biggest issues with the industry is that the cost of care continues to rise. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are spending a lot of money on new technology to help people fight cancer. For many people, a cancer diagnosis is something that they feel is insurmountable. Over the next few years, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have committed to spending millions of dollars to develop new healthcare treatment options.

Collaboration in Healthcare

Another vital aspect of innovation is collaborating with other companies. There are many companies that want to improve their treatment options for clients. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is working on a collaboration plan with healthcare companies across various industries.In the years ahead, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America will try to improve the survival rate for various types of cancer. One of the best ways to improve the survival rate is to increase early detection options. No matter what type of cancer you have, your chances of survival are much higher if you catch it at an early stage.

Lifestyle Changes

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are also focused on educating clients on how to improve their overall lifestyle to optimize health. If you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, you have a much lower risk of developing any type of cancer. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are a great example of the impact that can be made in this industry. With new treatment technology, treatment options should become more affordable in the years ahead for patients.

Newest Startup is a Personal One for Eric Lefkofsky

Chicago entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and co-founder of companies including Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, Uptake Technologies, Inner Workings and Mediaocean. These companies deal with print promotion, procurement, retail and analytics.

Eric Lefkofsky, who has a law degree from the University of Michigan, also established a private Lefkofsky Family Foundation to help people in the Chicago community. In addition, he serves as a trustee for the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago as well as The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago.

Eric Lefkofsky net worth is estimated by Forbes to be approximately $1.7 billion. His latest venture, however, now at age 47 is personal. His world was shaken when his wife, Liz, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite his personal success and wealth, when confronted with a cancer diagnosis, Lefkofsky’s world was thrown into a whirlwind of tests, doctors, technicians and medical jargon. When confronted with dealing with cancer on a more personal level, he founded Tempus. Tempus takes data from patients and their physicians and helps turn it into individual treatment protocols for patients afflicted with cancer. A labor of love, Lefkovsky invested millions of his own money into this venture to learn more:  click here.

Based in Chicago, Tempus allows doctors more access to data surprising unavailable to them before now. With a centralized database, doctors have access to tumor markers, genes and other information about patients that can help predict outcomes and ultimately, the success of patients’ treatment protocols.

Tempus presently working with at least 12 health care facilities and hospitals including Northwestern and the Mayo Clinic. Patients are sent to Tempus by oncologists who sequence their tumors into data bases and enter their molecular information and clinical data. Together this information gives physicians a clearer picture of the patients cancers and can treat them accordingly.

Tempus is a medical tech company, but a tech company nonetheless, something Lefkovsky has experience in. It will take years to actually tell if Tempus will save lives, but as data is added, more and more information is available to doctors in the facilities who register with them.