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Crystal Hunt’s Road to Success

Born in Clearwater, Florida on February 5, 1985, and just 2 years after Crystal Hunt began participating in pageants with a talent for acting.17 years later Crystal was discovered by an agent in New York at the Actors Workshop. Right then and there she would be known as Lizzie Spaulding on CBS’s hit series, Guiding Light. For four years she worked vigorously on the set and in return Hunt was nominated for two Emmy Awards in 2005. One for the Daytime Emmy Award and the second for Soap Opera Digest Award. Later that year she made her first debut in a motion picture film. Starring with Zac Efron she would play the role of Jill Overton in The Derby Stallion. She continued to extend her film career 2 years later in Sydney White with Amanda Bynes in a modern day version of the fairy tale, Snow White. Crystal would then return to television in 2009 as Stacy Morasco, a duplicitous stripper on One Life to Live, where she would spend the next three years. In 2013, she went back to film, but this time, to star in a suspense/thriller movie known as NYC Underground. This movie was focused on four teens who got involved in a drug deal that took a turn for the worst. Some of her costars were Evan Ross, Arielle Kebbel, and Dania Ramirez.

In Dylan Baker’s debut film, 23 Blast, Crystal would play a short role as Molly, Travis’ love before the fatal football injury. Inspired by a true story, this motion picture was released in October 2014. The following year, she would work on and off the set to inspire a new primetime drama, Queens of Drama. IMDb tells us Hunt is also joined by producer and actress Donna Mills and four-time award winning actress Vanessa Marcil. This show aired in April of last year. Last but not least, while devoting most of her time filming Queens of Drama, Crystal would begin dividing her time between Los Angeles and Georgia to develop the sequel, Mike XXL. This movie was released early July of last year.  To see Crystal’s full body of work, check out her photography website.

How Doe Deere Became a Household Name in the World of Makeup

Doe Deere is a brilliant entrepreneur in the world of beauty and fashion with a powerful legacy and reputation for being one of the first companies in a long time to innovate the world of beauty while simultaneously leveraging the secrets of the world of fashion. Doe began her venture into the world of fashion, makeup and beauty in her humble Russian Federation where she would eventually move to America at 18 years old to study art, fashion, beauty and design at the Art Institute of New York. It was at the Art Institute where she would delve extensively into the world of fashion, experimenting with new looks that would enable her to embark on creating a new genre of makeup that had never been created before. Beginning her venture into the world of fashion, promoting her own line of attire in the early years of eBay, where she would eventually create one of the first truly popular underground fashion brands made exclusive to shoppers on the web. She would eventually come into our own, building her own website in the early days of the web that would allow her to sell thousands of dollars in clothing, jewelry and accessories, which would eventually allow her to foot the bill at the extremely expensive, extremely prestigious Art Institute.

When she was just a 16 years old, insecure high school student in her native land of Russia, she had always felt homely and unattractive. T When she attended her prom in the late 90s, she noticed that all the other girls wore traditional fashion garments with extremely traditional makeup that will prove to be almost useless to help them distinguish themselves from other girls. It was because of his foresight that Doe Deere would choose to wear bright lime green makeup to her prom, which created a buzz amongst its attendees. She noticed how much attention and admiration she received from each guy that attended her prom, finally acknowledging the beauty that Doe Deere possessed. The effect she had would eventually propel her to start her own makeup line, though she didn’t know it yet.

In college, she eventually began to experiment with an assortment of makeup pigments and hues, eventually creating her custom line of cosmetics that would only employ the highest quality ingredients and only the sexiest, brightest and most exotic of pigments.

When Doe Deere released her Lime Crime cosmetics line onto the marketplace, she didn’t expect to have such a warm and overwhelming response. Doe Deere discovered that people from all over the world felt exactly as she did and knew that the supply of highly exotic, rave-inspired makeup was practically invisible next to the huge demand that cosmetics of this type would eventually spawn, which is the reason for the huge success that Lime Crime cosmetics enjoys today.

Lime Crime Cosmetics is sold in over 28 countries, including London, Hong Kong and France and has become a must-have for Lolita-inspired ravers and partygoers because of its bold mission to make even the prettiest girls prettier and more exotic than they are naturally.


Entrepreneur Susan McGalla Encourages Young Women to Take on Leadership Roles

Susan McGalla is an American entrepreneur and executive consultant. McGalla is an expert consultant to clients on retail marketing, management, and operation.

McGalla graduated from the University of Mount Union in Ohio. She then began her career at the Joseph Horne Company. In 1994, she began working for American Eagle Outfitters.
McGalla held various positions with American Eagle Outfitters before ultimately becoming the president of the company. McGalla was also the Chief Merchandising Officer at American Eagle. She was responsible for revenues of over $3 billion dollars, oversaw four brands, and the online store. McGalla oversaw the launch of American Eagle’s Aerie and 77 kid’s brands. She left the company in 2009 to become a private adviser for the financial and retail sectors. Susan McGalla founded P3 consulting, and is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Since then Susan McGalla has become a consultant for both the finance and retail sectors. Having independence over her career is an extravagance that has come from years of difficult work, flexibility, and focus.

The inequality between the number of men and women who hold leadership roles in key businesses is considerable.
According to a 2012 report from executive firm Spencer Stuart, most of the top leadership roles continue to be overwhelmingly held by men. According to Spencer Stuart, women account for only around 17 percent of independent directors. Nine percent of large fortune 500 companies do not have any female directors. Only twenty-one of the Fortune 500 companies’ top executives are women (

She grew up with two older brothers, and her father coached football. She was not given any breaks just because she was a female. McGalla’s parents raised her to be confident, present good ideas, and work hard. She said that she was always taught that all people are equal, regardless of their gender. McGalla has always been equally comfortable with men and women. She has excelled in working with both. This confidence has influenced her accomplishments, says McGalla in an interview with PR Newswire (

McGalla has spoken to many audiences, including the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh about what it takes to be a business leader. She hopes that more women follow their dreams and pursue leadership roles in the future.