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Sanjay Shah: A great Businessman and a Greater Father

Sanjay Shah has shown that he has a great sense of what makes a business work. He has worked for various banks and have developed a desire for his own company. Among the advantages that he has seen for working for his own company is that he gets more freedom when it comes to where he works and the hours that he gets to work for his own company. When he started Solo Capital, he has experienced a different type of work that he could enjoy. One of the things that he has not liked about working for another company was the commute and the tedious hours in the office.

While Sanjay Shah has shown a great work ethic for his own job, he is also a much greater father and philanthropist in that he is willing to fund solutions to various issues such as medical conditions. For one thing, he has always been a charitable person. Finding out that his son was autistic has influenced his efforts. Now he runs a charity called Autism Rocks which collects donations in order to send over to a research facility for autism research. He uses various methods in order to fund autism research. Among the methods is running a concert for charity.

This is perhaps one of his greatest achievements. He is able to get famous artists to perform for funding. The purpose for autism research funding is so that medical experts can come up with more effective treatments for the developmental condition. Right now, his son is in behavioral therapy so that his development can be boosted and he can learn how to function with autism. Sanjay Shah has proven to be very generous and responsible. He is also a good example of a man who knows how to handle tragedies.

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Dick DeVos and His Extraordinary Dedication to Charity

A Man who Donates Time and Money

Dick DeVos has made numerous contributions to charity and has created so many campaigns that have been successful. DeVos is one philanthropists who has donated his time, full attention, as well as his money. He has dedicated himself to numerous organizations through the self-founded, Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. These include:

* artistic
* religious
* civic
* educational improvement

He is a highly successful individual with an outstanding reputation. He is indeed in the position to make highly remarkable contributions to both local and regional organizations. It has been revealed that DeVos and his family have actually given approximately one billion dollars to charities and causes. This has been over the course of their careers and lives. This dollar amount does not include the political donations that have been made.

Dick is a businessman who holds a degree in business administration. He has continuously furthered his education. He attended Northwood University and then continued with classes at the Harvard University Business School. His many skills have allowed him to donate his valuable time to philanthropy. His overall success in his business career has enabled him to donate sums of money. One of his most noteworthy and largest contributions came in the year 2010. He opened West Michigan Aviation Academy. This was the first public charter school. This included the incentive of a school that would not exclude students due to financial issues. Dick is a pilot himself and wanted to share his passion for flight with others less fortunate.

Dick DeVos is a Man with Character

Dick DeVos does welcome anyone to be humble, work hard, volunteer, and smile. He clearly has shown that he is a man of high character strength. He has shown this through his lifelong actions. He is one individual who is committed to creating positive changes. He is a billionaire with a big heart. He and had been the President of Amway operations. This is a family involved endeavor. He was the president from 1993 until 2002. This is an individual who is community-minded and has a fine reputation.

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Human Rights and Music

Thor is a name often remembered to be a Norse god – the god of thunder, to be specific. When the last name Halvorssen is added, no one knows who he is. It should be a house hold name. It isn’t. Thor Halvorssen is the founder and CEO of Human Rights Foundation. He knows what it is like to feel the impacts of badly kept and promised human rights. His mother was gunned down at a peaceful protest in Venezuela in 2004. In 1993, his father was falsely put into prison and brutally beaten by police in Venezuela.

Before he founded the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen worked with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Between 1999 and 2004, he served as the executive director and CEO for the same. He managed to see his father freed from prison after Amnesty International and other figures for the fight for equal human rights took on the case to get him released.

Part of the work of the Human Rights Foundation is to expose countries that are abusing the rights of the people in their country. One such country on the list is Angola. Nicki Minaj is now in hot water with the foundation because of what she has decided to do. December 19th, 2015 is her Christmas concert in Angola.

The Human Rights Foundation is not happy. Minaj is going ahead with her concert, despite a letter from the Foundation noting what Angola has done wrong. The dos Santos family currently runs the country, and they have a list of offenses as far as the Human Rights Foundation is concerned. The family has a long history of harassing, imprisoning, and killing politicians, activists, and journalists who oppose the family’s ideas.

In addition, they have exploited the country’s diamonds and oil funds. The Human Rights Foundation has put forth a suggestion to Minaj – cancel her concert in the country. They note that the money she would receive would be from the diamonds and oil that they’ve exploited. As of early December, she had not changed plans and decided to go through with the concert.

Majeed Ekbal: Businessman and Philanthropist

Since the Nepal earthquake devastation, there has been humanitarian reliefs in support of those effected by this catastrophe. The creator of this Go Fund Me campaign, Majeed Ekbal, is an example of someone who is devoted to helping others. This article about how he is gathering others to help those affected by the Nepal earthquake is a testimony to his kindness.

Before addressing the Go Fund Me campaign for those devastated by the Nepal earthquake, it is important to have some familiarity to the Chicago real estate agent, Majeed Ekbal. Since 2011, he has devoted himself to humanitarian efforts, which include working with people locally and nationally. Before he devoted himself to humanitarian causes, he was part a digital marketing agent, where he worked as a consultant. Before he was a consultant, he worked in Chicago as a VP Business Developer.

Expresso Inc, which Ekbal owns, will shop for the customers, or even go as far as picking up and dropping off the customer’s keys, which is mentioned in one article. As the article mentions, Ekbal is a savvy business owner, knowing how to cater to individuals who have refined tastes. Ekbal’s most recent business idea shows how innovative he is as well as successful, in finding business strategies that help the individual. His business idea with Expresso Inc. is to expand his virtual service to other cities, allowing customers to shop for nearly everything online.

The Go Fund Me campaign, begun by Ekbal, shows how he more than a businessman with a goal for money. He is an individual that cares about communities locally and nationally. He also cares about his friends that live in Nepal, which is stated in the article. With a goal of 1 million dollars raised through donations, it shows that Ekbal has a desire to give a major contribution to those who need relief.