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End Citizens United Fundraises for House Races in California.

Change is coming to Washington D.C. and it isn’t all for the better. Washington D.C. has been beset by dark money and special interests over the better part of the past decade and it is due in large part to the Supreme Court ruling surrounding Citizens United, a conservative propaganda group. Citizens United is known for taking the argument before the Supreme Court that corporations should be considered people, and that corporations should be allowed to donate freely to political campaigns. This was a transparent attempt by Citizens United to help strip away the voting power of the American people, thus putting more power into the hands of millionaires and billionaires. End Citizens United is a political action committee that has cropped up with the sole intention of reversing the End Citizens United decision. In 2018, it looks like End Citizens United will have a real chance to make a difference.

The 2018 Congressional Elections may end up being the most important elections to roll through the United States of America in a lifetime. The election of Donald Trump, with potential help from Russian interference, has changed the entire complexion of the United States government. As a result, there is an unhinged attack on the value and power of American democracy that only a reshaping of Congress can change. End Citizens United has made it their business to prop up legislators who are willing to fight for and champion campaign finance reform. In order to help these candidates, End Citizens United will be targeting potentially vulnerable House seats held by Republicans throughout California. Of these seats, End Citizens United is targeting Mimi Walters (Irvine), Rohrabacher (Costa Mesa), Darrell Issa (Vista) as well as Duncan Hunter (Alpine). According to a public watch list, consisting of 20 names, these four Republican names are all considered to be the most easily unseated.

End Citizens United has made it their business to use grassroots funding methods and cooperation with the American public as the tool by which change is foisted upon the American government. End Citizens United raised nearly $25 million through the 2016 election campaigns in order to prop up progressive legislators and it looks like they will once again be able to raise some serious money. According to the Federal Exchange Commissions, End Citizens United had raised $11 million through the beginning of November in 2016. End Citizens United is targeting $20 to $30 million in total funding in order to make a difference.

When politicians can be bought by millionaire and billionaire corporations, the will of the American voter is set aside. By overturning Citizens United, Americans can rest easier knowing that their will is actually being heard by their elected representatives at the highest rungs of the American government.

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