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Securus Technologies Is Making Next Week Joyful

Securus Technologies new video displays the heart they have to all humanity. Observing this jailed father speak to his son face to face makes my heart melt. The son is seen jumping up and down with joy. This joy does not come from presents. This joy comes from the boy being able to talk to his jailed father face to face. The boy virtually walks his father through the home, and he is able to show him all the presents under the tree. The father is happy to watch his son open his presents in complete joy.


Securus Technologies has created a system where children and family members can easily speak with their incarcerated loved ones. This video chat system is equipped with the top of the line hardware and software. However, it is very easy to use. The child or family member can easily create an online account with Securus Technologies. The account can be accessed anytime, and it comes with the hardware needed to connect with the jailed family member. Best of all, creating an online account is completely free. Those incarcerated are also able to create a free account. Using this service is as easy as making a traditional jail phone call.


Securus Technologies is doing a lot more than just making products for those incarcerated. This company has also created many products to help law enforcement officials within all communities. Such products include systems like their detective programming application. This application has been created to be used by both detectives and prison employees. This application easily keeps track of prison visitors visiting more than one person on a weekly basis. This application will report if the visitor(s) have been convicted of a crime in the best. Even better, this application will report if these individuals being visited were all responsible for the same or a similar crime.


The prisons that have already accepted this technology believe it is saving lives. This application has accounted for more charges against hundreds of inmates. It has also been responsible for the arrest of hundreds of prison visitors. Lives are believed to be being saved because more and more dangerous people are being pulled off the street. Several months from now, Securus Technologies believes majority of United States prisons will have access to this application. Securus Technologies believes this will cause communities to have a lower crime rate in a quick amount of time.

Securus Making Video Visitation Best It’s Ever Been

Can you imagine how video visitation for inmates could get even better? Well, look here to find out how Securus Technologies is making video visitation the best it’s ever been. Securus has promised to deliver THREADS 3.1 for some time, and now, serving over 1 million inmates in North America, they have done so. Read more about the company:

I love how the way THREADS 3.1 includes HTML 5 and has been streamlined to include a new user interface works. It’s the perfect solution to any investigative or security question or problem, and Securus has been in the market and now boasts a new leadership committee that can make everything with these products only improve more vividly and rapidly.

This way as explained by PR Newswire experts, analytical data can be made to function speedier for users, and the officers whom Securus services will greatly appreciate the increase in speed. And also, Securus Technologies is now linked in using the data and programming they’ve gotten here with to create platinum-level technology for inmates. You can’t go wrong with this type of security and communications, and you’re sure to appreciate what you use.

There’s also a free upgrade for existing customers, and you will be sure to notice the difference with Securus America’s new technology-based communication solution, as they continue to connect what matters, servicing the populations that they do.

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